Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun

Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~Chapter 61

Translator: NightNote

Editor: Totoro

Hunting Duty

“Here, lift this up.”


 Allen was helping the Head Chef to dismantle the White Deer in the garden.

 He had brought the White Deer home with him which caused a scene in the hall. But this was ordered by Thomas, the second son of Baron Granvelle, in the presence of everyone at dinner. So, no one could blame Allen.

 Yesterday, we dismantled it until late at night, but due to its enormous size, we reached our limit when we removed its internal organs and stripped off its fur. Today we would have to do more dismantling. The work wasn’t completed yet.

 Allen was strong, so the Head Chef asked the Butler to let him help dismantle the White Deer today instead of taking care of Cecile. His tone was like, “I’m borrowing him,” but that was his way of asking for help.

Head Chef also suggested me something. ”You should be a chef, not the Lady’s manservant. Shall I tell Sebas?”

 The Head Chef called down his superior, the Butler.

“Thank you, sir. But Lady Cecile has been very good to me.”

 I refused politely. The Head Chef asked me if it’s true that the young lady treats me well.

 I don’t like being Cecile’s manservant, but I also don’t want to be a Chef. As Cecile’s servant, I can go all over town for errands, and Cecile has a lot of lessons. It gives me a lot of free time. That’s why I’m helping to dismantle the White Deer now.

“You’re a fast learner.”

 The Head Chef was impressed.

(That’s probably because of my intelligence.)

 As a waiter, I’ve to remember a lot of things. It’s been happening since I was in the Kurena Village but as my level increased, it became more and more obvious. I can remember everything as if the time when I was Kenichi in my previous life was a lie. It’s not that my personality has changed or anything, but I can remember everything and my body moves naturally.

 I don’t feel like I’ve gotten smarter. I can’t think of anything that I couldn’t think of before, and I don’t think I’ve become a genius with increased intelligence.

(It would have been better to have all status A than to have S in Intelligence. And White Deer was really heavy yesterday, too.)

 Summoners have an extremely high Intelligence ability value of S, but their Attack ability is subtle at C.

 For Allen, who throws projectiles and fights with a sword, he would rather have all statuses A than have his attack become C because of a reaction or adjustment to his Intelligence.

 Even as I think about this, my hand holding the blade was not still. The dismantling proceeded quickly.

 After helping with the dismantling until late at night and returning to the building, I was told by the Butler to come to the Butler’s office when I finished serving.

 I feel like I’ve been summoned a lot lately. Since I was told to come, I headed for the Butler’s office after serving.

 Knock, knock.

“Excuse me. This is Allen.”

“Come in.”

 It was quite late. I enter the Butler’s room. As usual, he asked me to sit on the sofa.

“I’m sorry for making you work so late on your day off yesterday.”

(Hmm? He apologized.)

 I don’t know why he apologized, so I said it was no problem. The hunt for White Deer last night was done on my day off, and the dismantling that took so long was done to get the magic stone. 

“What can I do for you today, sir?” I asked.

“Hmm, let me start with this.”

 He put a pouch on the table between the sofas.

“What’s this?”

“100 Silver Coins.”

“What? White Deer’s reward is 100 silver coins?”

 The edible part of each White Deer seemed to weigh about 500 kilograms. It didn’t cost 100 Silver Coins. It cost less than that.

“And by the way, that’s including this month’s salary.”

 Allen gets paid at the end of every month. Since Allen’s salary was 50 silver coins per month, Allen thought that this time White Deer’s reward was 50 silver coins.


 I replied, almost a sigh. 

“Allen. You’re smart, but you’re also quite honest. Here’s your paycheck from this month.”


“Your work is very good. And your attitude is diligent. But this amount is not for that reason.”

 The Butler told him that the salary for a manservant is 100 silver coins a month for a normal servant. Even because of Allen’s good work performance, it does not mean that his salary will be 100 silver coins.

“Well, does that mean I have another job worth 50 Silver Coins?”

“Yes, I’m thinking of having you work as a hunting guard.”

“Hunting guard?”

 The Butler wanted me to take on a new job.

“Yes, Allen. You like to hunt, don’t you?”


 I answered immediately.

“What is a Hunting Guard?”

 The Butler explained to Allen about the job of a Hunting Guard.

 There are several of them in large noble families such as the Counts, but there have never been any in the Baron of Granvelle.

 The job of the hunting guard is as follows:

-Hunt down magical beasts and get their meat.

-If there are people outside the city who are in trouble with magical beasts, help them.


 I shouted with joy when I heard that much. I understood that it was the nobleman’s version of a hunter (adventurer). He said that it was part of his job to help people who were in trouble with magical beasts when they were hunting.

“This is something that other servants have asked me to do.”


 The Butler made a difficult face as he talked about his difficulties.

 For the past few days, most of the servants have been asking the Butler to let Allen hunt more. It was obvious that Allen was a good hunter even before he hunted White Deer. He would catch five horned rabbits every time he had a day off. As a result, the servants’ food situation had improved a bit.

 If this was done with a little more frequency, there would be more meat to be eaten at the Baron’s house. I heard that the servants have been requesting the Butler for this.

 The Butler was strongly told that it would be better for the Granvelle family if he was used for hunting rather than being used for taking care of Cecile. So he had discussed this matter with Cecile for the past few days.

“That’s how it is. I didn’t think that you would really hunt for White Deer. Well, to tell you the truth, the Granvelle family has its own financial situation.”

 He thought that it would be more profitable to increase his monthly salary by 50 coins than to continue to buy the magical beast from Allen. White Deer would have cost a gold coin. But they couldn’t afford that. Since they couldn’t afford it, they planned to have a frugal New Year’s party.

“I understand.  I’ll take the hunting duty for 50 silver coins. Can I start from tomorrow then?”

(No, if that’s the case, there’s no need to increase the pay. I’ll hunt a few magical beasts for food, and the rest of the time I’ll enjoy my goblin hunting life. )


 I have a feeling that a fun hunt is about to begin. With a smile on my face, I took over the hunting duty, expecting to start my daily hunting life tomorrow.

“Well, wait a minute. I said you were going to do the hunting duty as well.”


“Of course, you’ll have to take care of Miss Cecile. You’ll be on hunting duty one day a week.”


 He told me that I had to take care of Cecile like before.

 I used to go hunting once every six days on my days off. Now, I can go hunting twice every six days. Once as a Hunting Guard and the other on my day off.

“What? You don’t like it? You can pretend this conversation never happened then.”

“What? That’s not a bad idea. Of course, I’ll accept…”

“Don’t be so discouraged. If you do your job well, you might be able to become a Valet. It’s a shame that you’re only going to be on hunting duty.”

 For some reason, the word “Valet” which Allen would become if promoted appeared. I’m sure he knows from my actions so far that I don’t want to be a “Valet”. What a sly man.


“What’s wrong? Don’t you want to take over the hunting duty one day a week?”

“Yes sir. Thank you for thinking so much about my work.”

 In this way, Allen became Cecile’s servant, waiter, and Hunting Guard at Baron Granvelle’s. He had been at the mansion for two months, and the days he went hunting has now been raised to two days a week.

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    1. Im guessing that unless they witnessed Kurena’s strength and then witnessed those two playing knights theres no way they could picture his potential. For an outsider who didnt witness her pwn a full grown knight captain it would just look like two kids playing.

  1. In the comic his pay as a servant just changed from 50 to 100 right? I don’t remember that he got a new job as well, is the comic a little different or was this part just not mentioned in it like a lot of other stuff?

  2. “White Deer would have cost a gold coin”
    Lots of mistakes when talking about the prices of white deer. Last chapter he said butler would pay one silver per one kg of meat. 500 kg meat of white deer should be worth 5 gold coin not one gold coin.

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