God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 15

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Cami

Melancholy of the Monster House

 I quickly conquered the third floor, before finally reaching the fourth floor.

 I planned to conquer the Monster House today. The luggage I needed to prepare was quite a lot.

 Explorers passing me on the way looked at me with strange stares, but when I thought about the future, their stares didn’t bother me at all. I wanted to just go on my way.

 Up until now, I had passed by many other explorers, but when I was near the Monster House, no one else appeared.

 Treasure chests appeared when monsters were annihilated in the Monster Houses on the sixth and subsequent floors, but there was no such thing on the fourth or fifth floors. This, and the fact that these floors were just surrounded by monsters, didn’t attract any explorers. Thanks to this, I could easily do my job.

 I checked the map. There was no doubt this was the Monster House. I peeked inside from the open entrance, but it looked empty for now.

 I took the summoning orbs out of my pouch and summoned Gobu, Gobi, and Goba. If I called the three of them all at the same time, I would lose my power. However, if I waited a few minutes in between, it would be okay. I would be able to move normally again.

 “Okay, I’m going to enter the Monster House!”

 “Gi, gi, gi!”

 When I entered the Monster House with Gobu at the forefront, the wall reorganized itself and our retreat was cut off. It was now a completely closed room.

 After a while, the front wall cracked in four places and began to pulsate.

 “Ok! Go back!”

 I hurriedly returned Gobu, Gobi, and Goba back to the summoning orbs. Then I placed an oversized cooler box in front of the wall and opened the lid.


 I exhaled, adjusted my breathing, and then donned a mask connected to an oxygen tank. After confirming there was no problem with my breathing, I poured water from a PET bottle into the cooler box.

 The dry ice in the cooler instantly vaporized and spread through the Monster House. There was still more dry ice in the cooler box, so I added more water.

 Then again, more water.

 This time, the pulsation of the wall became even more intense, and the four cracked parts spread wider. Suddenly, something came out of the wall!


 Four kobolds came out of the wall and painfully clutched their throats before collapsing onto the ground. Carbon dioxide tends to gather downward, and symptoms of poisoning should be evident almost immediately.


 Next, another four bodies came out of the wall and screamed the same way the kobolds before did. They too fell to the ground.

 The first four Kobolds had already died and turned to smoke.


 The next kobolds came out, fell, and also turned to smoke.



 I gathered the cobalt crystals into the empty, oversized cooler box and headed for the transfer stone with light steps. I was entranced with my unprecedentedly sweet victory.

 The actual profit was also wonderful. If I sold these cobalt crystals, I would come close to 3 million yen. Unlike the beginner potions, what’s great about cobalt crystals is that there is no risk of price deflation no matter how much cobalt is sold.

 For the time being, I decided to make a rough profit with this ‘Kobold Grand Plan’ scheme and started preparing for the fifth floor.

 I needed to acquire the rare skill orbs dropped from the fifth floor boss. That would require an exceptionally vicious move. I didn’t have enough money. The amount I had was really not enough.

TL note: •PET bottle: Clear plastic beverage bottle made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET, sometimes PETE)

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