I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 48

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Although the children were in class, the campus wasn’t empty at all. Some security guards and teachers, along with the dean and principal, were standing outside and awaited their return.

They were shocked to see two weeping girls, so they rushed over to their side to see what was happening.

Jingjing’s mother was a little embarrassed when she had to explain what had transpired. Miaomiao was crying because Jingjing made a fuss and said that wanted to break off their friendship, whereas Jingjing was crying because she finally realized that she had committed a wrong…

Deng Feng’s mother briefly explained the matter, and then asked the three children to apologize.

Miaomiao followed closely behind. Fearing that Jingjing wouldn’t play with her anymore, she stood next to Deng Feng and cried and apologized.

Despite his bewilderment over the whole matter, Deng Feng followed suit, “Yes…I’m sorry…”

The principal saw how the children realized that they were wrong. They checked to see if they were fine. After seeing their rivulets of tears, he asked their parents to pick them up.

Jingjing peeked over Deng Feng’s shoulders at Miaomiao and said, “Miaomiao…I lied…I would like to become your lifelong friend…”

Miaomiao began to cry. She was upset. She regarded Jingjing as her second best friend. She liked Jingjing a lot. She felt tremendously happy when she was with Jingjing, and Jingjing had told her before that she would like to be good friends with her for the rest of her life. Miaomiao would never declare their friendship to be over to Jingjing.

Miaomiao’s voice sounded as if she was submerged in water, “Then, this time…when you speak…you must…you must mean it…”

Jingjing approached Miaomiao and hugged her, “Miaomiao. I do mean it this time. I’ll treat Miaomiao very well in the future.”

The onlookers, who watched this scene, were both distressed and amused at the same time.

Jingjing’s mother apologized and told Mother Hua, “I’m sorry. My daughter is ignorant.”

When she saw Miaomiao crying out rills of heartbreaking tears in the car, Mother Hua became very distressed. No one doubted that the two girls’ relationship was very good. When the other person told her that she no longer wanted to be friends with her, she cried for a long time. Since the children moved past this, Mother Hua felt that the adults should also move past this.

Father Hua held Mother Hua’s hand and asked her, “Can I…finish my overtime work now?”

Mother Hua told Miaomiao that her father was working overtime, so he was unable to come home during this time period.

Mother Hua sighed, “Let’s wait and see. I think it’s great to live with my mom like this. I also think living near the school is great. And I heard that your family is looking for a girl in her 20s.”

Mother Hua turned her head to eye the man she had loved for a long time. With everything that had happened, she was exhausted and said, “You need some time, too.”

Taking Miaomiao into her arms, Mother Hua traversed toward her community.

Fortunately, I still have my daughter.

Miaomiao hugged her mother’s neck and whispered, “Daddy…is following behind.”

“He’s going to be working overtime for a bit. Miaomiao is good.”

Miaomiao replied, “Oh.”

Then, she looked in the direction of her father.

Mother Hua didn’t inform the two elders at her house of Miaomiao’s disappearance. She didn’t want them to fret. When they returned home, grandmother saw her little granddaughter’s eyes, which were red and swollen.

As Miaomiao’s grandmother wiped her eyes with a cold towel, she asked, “What happened? Did you fight with your classmates?”

Miaomiao shook her head in response. Sitting next to her, Mother Hua interjected on her behalf, “She was scared at first. Don’t worry, she’s fine now.”

Mother Hua didn’t elaborate further; otherwise, her mother would become incensed and wouldn’t allow Miaomiao to play with Jingjing and the others. She was also much too embarrassed to say that Miaomiao assumed that Zhou Yuan’s mango allergy made him irremediably ill.

Meanwhile, Father Zhou and Mother Zhou also got the news.

Father Zhou couldn’t contain his laughter, “Those three kids are so funny.”

Zhou Yuan: “…”

The next day, Zhou Yuan went to school early. He didn’t wear his mask since his face wasn’t swollen anymore.

Soon, Miaomiao also arrived. Zhou Yuan noticed that Miaomiao’s normally big, watery eyes were extremely swollen. It almost looked like they were closed.

This resulted in a somewhat funny-looking appearance. Zhou Yuan knew that this was due to her unceasing weeping yesterday.

Currently, Miaomiao had an interest in beauty, and wanted to look beautiful, just like a little girl. When she saw her swollen eyes during the morning, she walked during her trek to school with her head down. Since her good friend Zhou Yuan had seen her, she felt even more embarrassed.

Miaomiao ensconced herself into her seat. Naturally, Zhou Yuan avoided looking at her eyes due to their inordinate swelling. “Did you finish your homework?”

Miaomiao nodded. Yesterday, they departed school after finishing their homework.

Jingjing arrived soon afterwards. Jingjing’s eyes were also swollen like Miaomiao’s eyes.

Zhou Yuan: “…”

These three people caused such a big ruckus yesterday that the entire school knew that there were three first-grade troublemakers who jumped over the wall and went out to play.

When these three came to school today, many people were watching them.

They surmised from their swollen eyes that they all probably incurred a severe beating yesterday.

The students were discussing this spectacle with each other. All of the students knew that they weren’t allowed to climb over the wall to play.

Jingjing pulled out a box of chocolates from her schoolbag and offered it to Miaomiao, “These are some chocolates that my aunt brought back from the United States…They’re for you.”

Jingjing feared that Miaomiao wouldn’t accept them, so she anxiously remarked, “Are you still mad at me?”

She wasn’t angry. The two made up yesterday, but she felt that she shouldn’t accept someone’s presents if she had nothing to give back…

Jingjing opened the box of chocolates, and she immediately descried eight beautifully crafted chocolates within. Their opulent appearance resembled something that more affluent households would indulge in.

Jingjing took out one piece of chocolate and personally fed it to Miaomiao. 

These chocolates were tremendously delicious. Usually, Jingjing saved them up and ate them slowly to savor their sumptuous flavor, but she now wanted to gift them all to Miaomiao.

Miaomiao was astonished as the chocolate almost immediately melted in her mouth. Its sumptuous taste conquered her taste buds.

Jingjing commented with content, “It’s delicious, isn’t it?”

Zhou Yuan looked at Miaomiao, who was enthralled by the chocolate. He felt a sense of satisfaction and joy. He then looked at the box to check its brand name.

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Poor Father Hua still has to work overtime. There are still a few chapters before his pitiful days come to an end. Also, someone is going to receive a gift soon😄😄

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