Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun

Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~Chapter 60

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White Deer (2) 

 I carried the White Deer with all my might. With all my E-rank Tiger cards, my Strength was over 300. The entire weight of the White Deer was pressing down on my back.

(Gee, I’m going to have a bad backache.)

 It was a lot of weight.

Even though it is a little lighter now that the blood has drained from it, the White Deer on his back still weighed 800 kilograms. Allen’s small body could not lift it completely, and the back of it hit the ground. Its head was also long and grew horizontally from its neck, but it also had horns. Its neck was hanging down and the horns were rubbing against the ground.

 Without caring about the horns, Allen started to move forward with all his might, stepping on the ground under the snow with his boots.

(Oh no, I have to get home before the sun goes down.)

 As I walk, I worry about the sun going down.

I usually run, because walking takes a lot of time. But now I don’t have a choice.

 As the sun shines on the silvery-white snow, I approach the city. When I saw the gate, I noticed something. There was something noisy going on.

“A White Deer is coming!”

 From the side, it only looked like a White Deer with its head hanging down was slowly approaching. Allen’s body was completely hidden underneath the White Deer. From the surroundings, Allen was almost invisible.

The other gatekeepers shouted, “What’s going on?” I can’t see very well, but there seems to be more than five of them gathered here.

“Hello, gatekeeper!”

 I shouted a little louder to appeal to them because I didn’t want to get shot with an arrow.

“Hello, little boy?”

“Yes, may I ask you to let me through the gate?”

“What’s going on?”

 I could sense from his voice that he was quite anxious.

“I have captured White Deer by order of the Granvelle family.”

 I asked him to let me through, and I continued on my way. They let me through the gate.

  The sun was about to set. It took me all day to defeat just one of them.

 I went through the front gate of the mansion because the back gate wasn’t big enough.

“Good evening.”

“Ah… Allen?”

The gatekeeper of the mansion was someone I knew. He knew it was me just by my voice. I told him that I couldn’t go through the back gate, so I asked him to let me through. He was quite intimidated but opened the gate wide for me regardless.

(Well, first I should tell everyone that I have caught it.)


 The first one to notice was a maid, who was shouting from upstairs and pointing towards me. The manservants looked out the window to see what was going on. The noise grew louder and louder.

“A magical beast has entered the mansion!”

“Guards, take your weapons! Call the Knights!”

(Oh no! It seems like I’m in trouble.)

 I thought I could handle it by explaining to the manservants who came out of the mansion, but they started arming themselves immediately, so I hurried to deal with them.

Allen was carrying White Deer on his back, and from above, no one could see Allen. He threw the Deer down on his side. Then he finally made himself visible.

(No, damn, it was heavy. At this level, it is hard for me to carry it by myself.)


 With Earth trembling, the White Deer was placed in the garden. It was so heavy that the soil in the garden rippled with its weight.

 The people who had been peeking out from upstairs and those who had come out of the mansion froze.

 No words came out. Rather, everyone’s mind couldn’t follow what had happened. They thought they saw a white magical beast slowly come through the gate, but it turned out to be Allen.

 Some people had never seen a White Deer before and were stunned. 

“Oh, Allen?”

 The Butler came out into the garden to check on the situation.

“Yes, I’m back, and I’ve captured the White Deer according to Master Thomas’ order.”

 ”Oh, Allen?

 Since there was silence, I quickly made an excuse. I said that I was only following my orders. I emphasized Thomas’ name as much as I could.

 The huffy Butler seemed to remember something. It was a conversation at a dinner held a few days ago. No one had thought it was serious. Nobody listened. But Allen hadn’t said he’d do it if he couldn’t. He was just quietly assuring all that he would get them.

 The Butler’s hair had already turned white and he was almost 60 years old, so he should no longer be surprised. As he struggled to keep his body from collapsing along with his common sense, he spoke.

“What’s going on? It’s so noisy!”

 Baron Granvelle also appeared. He choked on his words and froze at the door, just like the others. He was in the same situation as Butler.

“What the heck?”

 This time, a rough-talking Head Chef came out of the kitchen from the first floor. It was time for dinner to begin.

“This is White Deer!”

 The Head Chef approached me with sparkling eyes. His voice was full of joy. Maybe he’s never seen a whole White Deer before.

“I just drained the blood, but I didn’t do anything else to it.”

 I explained to the Head Chef.

“Well, that’s the least we could do. We’d better remove the guts as soon as possible. Hey Buns, what are you doing, get over here! The rest of you get ready for dinner!” The Head Chef looked very happy.

 The Head Chef was the only one who could see that this is not a horrible magical beast but a delicious ingredient. He didn’t seem to have any problem with the situation.

He called Buns, the Chef, and had him bring out a light magic tool and something that looked like a large saw. It seems that the dismantling will be done right here. Leaving their work to the other Chefs and maids, the Head Chef and Chef Buns began to work on the White Deer.

“I’ll help you if you want. It’s quite heavy.”

“Oh? Are you sure?”

“Of course”

I said so not because the dismantling was going to be hard but because I’m on a day off and don’t need to serve dinner.

 It’s to retrieve the magic stone. I have a deal with the Butler, so I will give him the meat, but I have no intention of giving him the magic stone. I’m going to collect it while I’m dismantling it. I also handed over all the horned rabbits with their magic stones removed. White Deer’s magic stone is still inside its body, so I need to retrieve it.

 The Head Chef instructed me to hold this side and then that side. Since it was too big to take into the kitchen, we had to dismantle it in the garden.

 The gardener stood there with a look on his face, his beautiful garden had turned into a mess of flesh and blood.

 In the midst of the chaos, the Baron spoke to the Butler.

“What is the meaning of all this? Sebas, I trust you have done your due diligence in investigating Allen?”

“Yes! You said there was no need for further investigation because he had no talent and had little ability. I have not investigated him since then.” Butler replied.

 The Butler basically said, “Don’t blame me.”

“You idiot! He hunted a C-ranked magical beast at the age of eight. Examine him carefully!”

“Okay, I understand. So, when the next village messenger comes, I’ll make sure to…”

Butler couldn’t finish his sentence. The Baron was staring at him with a hawk-like glare.

“I’m sorry, sir. I will send a messenger to the Kurena village tomorrow to investigate.”

 It would be more expensive than usual to send a messenger in this snowy weather, and it would take ten days to travel to the village and back.

 From a distance, Cecile was also taken aback. Then, the person who had made the request also came out of the door. It’s no longer dinner time.

“It’s a Deer!”

 Thomas comes out into the garden and sees White Deer and is happy that the meat has arrived. The caretaker maid stopped Thomas from running out to touch the White Deer.

 Allen noticed that Thomas had arrived.

“I have indeed captured White Deer, Young Master.”

 He bowed his head to Thomas and gave his report.

“Yes, thank you!”

 This is how Allen captured White Deer. And Baron Granvelle made Butler Sebas thoroughly investigate Allen’s activities in his previous village.

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