White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 17

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The Murloc Clan

Half a month later, at night, in the outskirts of Bailey City, a black figure walked toward the sea with a clear purpose. She walked to the beach, and quietly waited with her hands lowered.

The surface of the sea rippled. Experienced fishermen knew that this was a large creature approaching from underwater. A white dragon head emerged from the water, as the seawater slid down from its head, and its large nostrils expired out two streams of white air.  

The black figure took off the hood, revealing a beautiful face. Her flaxen hair fluttered slightly in the gentle sea breeze. She didn’t panic like ordinary people and flee while seeing a dragon, but instead bent down and saluted.

“Master, You suddenly summoned me, what’s your command?”

Amos said to Filia, “You don’t need to pass information every month in the future. This is my scale, as long as you input a trace of spiritual power, you can contact me. It can be used three times. If there is any important news, you can report it to me.”

After saying that, Amos submerged back into the water.  

Returning to his lair, Amos saw the long-awaiting dragon siblings in the hall. After another round of slumber, they had grown up a lot. They were 8 meters long, and all had reached Tier 3. In these five years, Willy also successfully entered the Warrior profession under Elena’s pressuring.

“Well, everyone’s here. As you know a bit about the situation of the lair, we have to move again.” 

“Amos, where shall we move, then?”

In the sky, the four white dragons took the two-legged dragons and flew in the direction far away from the Nordhill continent. Their goal was Far Islands.

Before the invasion of the demons, the Far Islands were still part of the continent. Later, they were hit by the decisive battle and sank to the bottom of the sea. However, the towering mountains on the land did not completely sink, forming the Far Islands.

After continuously flying from sunrise to sunset, the white dragons finally saw the islands.

“This is not an island, it’s simply a continent.”

There were three huge main islands Far Islands. There were many small and large islands scattered around the main islands.

The islands were home to all kinds of creatures. Powerful transcendent creatures and bloodthirsty belligerent humanoid creatures competing for every piece of land in this wilderness.

Amos chose a small island. The main island was no less dangerous than the Forest of Motto. Additionally, it was neither ostentatious nor disadvantageous to occupy a medium-sized island with the current strength of the white dragons.

The medium-sized island seen by Amos was a primeval forest with a small hill in the centre, and a conspicuous cave underneath it. The white dragons circled the hill and made provocative roars.


The owner of the cave was a black gorilla. It ran to the entrance of the cave and stood up, slapping his strong pectoral muscles, roaring at the white dragons in the sky.

The white dragons didn’t try to negotiate with the gorilla. Four Dragon Breaths spewed out at the same time, freezing the gorilla into an ice sculpture. Amos fanned the ice sculpture with a paw, and the ice scattered all over the ground.

On the second day, the four white dragons split up to explore the surrounding environment. Amos’s purpose was to find suitable followers.

Generally speaking, young dragons would only begin to gather their followers when their strength had reached Tier 4, and when they had enough power to occupy a territory and establish a stable dragon nest. So that they could shelter some evil dragon descendants to help them clean caves, hunt food, and guard the territory.

Although Amos’ current overall strength was only Tier 3, if the wartime assistance mode was turned on, he was confident that he could cross the Tier, and fight on equal footing with a Tier 4 opponent.

The skyline looked infinite; stretching boundlessly towards the horizon. After a while, Amos found traces of sentient creatures on the adjacent island beach, and huts of Murlocs next to each other.

Even though Murloc was not a dragon descendant, they needed followers, so Amos could only take an inch back. He made up his mind and flew to Murlocs’ village.

Flying over the Murlocs’ village, Amos roared. Looking at the terrifying behemoth in the sky, the Murlocs were scared brainless, fleeing around in fright, howling at the top of their lungs, making the dragon upset and confused.

Amos’ dragon breath erupted, and the Murlocs’ screams stopped abruptly. They either fainted or collapsed on the ground, and the world suddenly became silent.

At that time, a distinctive Murloc appeared. This Murloc quickly got rid of the dragon breath and continued to flee towards the sea.

Amos wouldn’t let it flee.

Monster fixation technique!

The Murloc was frozen, but his body’s momentum didn’t disappear, and he fell on the beach with his fish body thrown to the ground.


[Name]: Old Blind

[Level]: Level 7 Murloc Tidehunter

[Strength]: Tier 2

[Faction]: Chaotic and Neutral

[Introduction]: The leader of the White Scale Murloc clan, an old Murloc who is blind in one eye, and an experienced hunter at the same time. (The Murloc Tide Hunter is a hunter profession; different clans call it differently.)

Amos landed on the beach and looked at the Murlocs on the ground.

The surface of their oval body was covered with fine white scales, and the scales were covered with a layer of mucus. This special mucus allowed them to keep their bodies moist when they moved out of water. A big mouth full of fangs cracked down the prey. Two protruding round eyes, as if glued to the body, with a row of fins on their backs, and slender limbs attached to the body without a neck, which looked very comical.

At that time, another Murloc broke away from Dragon Breath, but did not escape, and grabbed a short spear, rushing towards Amos like crazy.

 Amos was taken aback, admiring the Murloc’s courage to challenge him, and then casually slapped him into fish sauce.

In the face of fear, some people would run away, and some would resist. After all, among those who resist, there were only a few who can show strength to kill powerful enemies, and most of them would become a corpse.

Amos took out a piece of dragon scale and pricked out a drop of blood from his fingers. Then he dropped it on the dragon scale and pressed the dragon scale on the forehead of the Old Blind. He would transform the Murloc in front of him into a dragon descendant.

The process of transformation was painful. Old Blind’s limbs trembled randomly. He was suffering from inhuman pain.

After the transformation was complete. Amos looked at the scale embedded on the forehead of the Murloc, nodding in satisfaction, and launched another scan.

[Name]: Old Blind

[Level]: Level 9 Murloc Tidehunter

[Strength]: Tier 2

[Faction]: Chaotic; Neutral

[Introduction]: The leader of the White Scale Murloc clan, an old Murloc experienced hunter who is blind in one eye, and has always been called the Old Blind. Even he has forgotten his original name. Now he has received the transformation of the dragon veins of the white dragon Amos and has become his loyal follower. His lifespan has been increased, his physical fitness has been enhanced, and his strength has been greatly improved.

Obviously, the pain he endured was worth it.

This method of dragon vein transformation was the usual trick for evil dragons to transform their followers. It could give the bloodline of the dragon to the transformed creature, or strengthen the bloodline of the dragon that originally exists, and the transformed creature would get huge benefits. This was also the reason why evil dragon descendants curry favoured the evil dragon.

The recovered Old Blind felt the changes in his body, and looked at the magnificent white dragon with scorching enthusiasm in his eyes, as he knelt on one knee.

“The White Scale Clan is here for you, Great Master.”

“Very good, gather all your clansmen together.”

Amos looked at the group of restless Murlocs kneeling before him with great satisfaction.

Kindness was certainly memorable, but fear was like maggots attached to bones. To subdue new followers, raising dread was faster and more effective.

“I am the white dragon, Amos Aldridge! Your new master!”

“Humble Murlocs! You will live under the protection of my wings!”

 “And you will fight for me too!”


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