God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 14

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Cami

Dinner at the Family Restaurant

“So, that’s why I’d like to hear from the two of you as explorer senpais.”

Wakutsu and Gojo were awkwardly sitting in front of me. I was the one who called them to the diner we were in.

“Well, Negishi-paisen is making plenty of money already! If you’re making 300,000 yen a day, you’re almost like an expert explorer!” (T/N: 300.000 yen is approx. 2.708 USD)

“No, you’re wrong, Wakutsu. That’s just stagnation. No, I’d say it’s degeneration, considering the world around us is always moving forward. There has to be a more savage way to defeat a monster.”

“Paisen, it sounds like you’re saying something cool, but it’s not cool at all!”

“… Ah, um, c-can I go home now?”

“What are you talking about, Gojo? You didn’t even come up with a plan. Are you going to stay as an explorer forever?”

“…No, I’m going to get a regular job, but…”

“When you work for a company, there are a lot of shitty meetings. Would you go to such meetings and then just go home if you feel uncomfortable?”

“Well, uh…”

“Is it possible to do what I can’t do now in a few years? No, I can’t! I have to change now!”

“Paisen! That’s absurd.”

“Shut up, Wakutsu! You graduated from college and went from being a freeter​ to an explorer through sheer inertia! Gojo, do you want to end up like this guy?” (T/N: Freeter is a Japanese expression for people who lack full-time employment or are unemployed, excluding housewives and students.)

Gojo glanced at Wakutsu and quickly returned her gaze back to her coffee.

“…No, I don’t want to…”

“That’s right. I don’t want to either.”

“Hey! What’s with this flow! You’ve never even met Gojo-san before, this is too much!”

“If you’re so frustrated, come up with something better than bloody Goba hood-chan!”

“Gununu! There’s no need to stick on the third floor anymore! Why don’t you just go to the fourth floor?” (T/N: Gununu! Is an expression of extremely passionate anger.)

“What will change if I go to the fourth floor?”

“Well, there will be kobolds wielding weapons, and then there’s the Monster House, right?”

Wakutsu took out his smartphone and pointed to the map on the fourth floor, found through the ‘Let’s Go for an Adventure!’ app.

“See, this is where the room is. You see the warning sign? It’s the Monster House. Here.”

“How many monsters will appear in the Monster House?”

“Ten monsters for every person who enters.”

Hmm. This could be useful.

“Paisen! Your face! It’s getting contorted!” 

“Is that so?”

I asked Gojo, but there was no reaction.

“All right, I’ll buy Gojo a meal. You can order whatever you want.”

“Silence is golden!” (T/N: The full idiom is “speech is silver, but silence is golden” meaning that words are important, but sometimes it is better to say nothing.)

Nice, I have a plan now. It’s time to execute it.

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Translator’s Thought

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