White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 16

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5 Years

Next day, the young dragons were searching the coastline for suitable places to build their nests.

It seemed, Beyoncé, the goddess of luck, was looking after them as it didn’t take them long to find a perfect place to build a nest; a vertical cliff by the seashore. 

It was located 10 kilometres north of Bailey City. This place perfectly avoided the busy shipping lane from the south. The sea area was densely covered with reefs and there were no fishing boats. There was no intrusion of intelligent creatures. The surrounding reefs were rich in seafood, so the dragons didn’t need to worry about food. 

The young dragons immediately started the work. Digging the cliffs with their sharp claws, saying that it was easy as cutting through tofu would be a bit exaggerated, but it wasn’t all too hard, overall. Last night the young dragons ate delicious salmon for supper. They were invigorated seeing the rich food resources in the sea.

Amos intended to build a U-shaped nest underwater. It would be hidden behind a hard rock beneath the water. The innermost part of the cave would be a waterless confined space. At the very bottom, four caves were excavated into their respective rooms, and then with magic, they open a few narrow vents on the cliff’s face, directing it diagonally upward. 

The crafty rabbits would also create such warrens. 

Amos added an emergency escape route, with the entrance blocked by rocks and covered by algae. 

After working for a long time, the young dragons’ new home was finally ready.

Amos lay content in his cave. After a half-month of travelling, during those dangerous times, a single wrong step would’ve resulted in their deaths … Now he finally settled down, exhausted.

This sleep lasted for five days before Amos opened his vertical golden dragon pupils.

Sunlight hit the hole through the vent and shined on the lazy white dragon, who was stretching. (Xue is a sensitive word, well ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ))

Sober, Amos thought about his main goal, which was the perverse development and enhancement of his strength. He was currently an 8th-level Dragon plus a 4th-level Mage, and his Biological level can only be accumulated in time, but the Mage level could be actively improved by cultivation.

Amos flipped through the knowledge in his mind. Although he had memorized the knowledge through the system, there was no capable way to convert it into real combat power.

A cheer interrupted Amos’s thoughts, and he frowned, feeling a little dissatisfied with his startled sister.

It was Felicia who was even angrier than Amos.

“Elena! If you don’t give me a reasonable explanation, I will throw you out.”

The grumpy little dragon got up angrily and stood in the hall, roaring towards Elena’s cave.

Willy stood silent, but he too was gritting his teeth, he was equally dissatisfied with Elena as well.

“Look! Look!”

Elena ran out holding a pile of soil like a treasure. A soft green light flashed, and a seedling grew out of the soil in her hand.

Amos, who had guessed in advance, was pretty calm. But, Felicia and Willy’s jaws were dropped as they looked at the plant seedlings. If mages were rare among dragons, then there had only been one druid since ancient times, and there was one more now. 


[Name]: Elena Aldridge

[Level]: Level 6 Dragon, Level 1 Druid

[Camp]: Chaotic; Neutral

[Strength]: Second Order.

[Introduction]: She is an ordinary white dragon with average physical values, but her successful advancement in the Druid profession makes her unique.

In fact, only one-tenth of the dragons had a combat career, in general, most dragons usually ate and slept until they reached adulthood with legendary powers. So, why would they consider a combat career? Of course, they didn’t admit it mainly because they were lazy.

In Amos’s mediation, the young dragons scattered, and he also went on to practice magic. 

Time passed like a speeding white horse; in the blink of an eye, five years passed.

Beneath the sea’s surface, a 10-meter long giant beast was chasing fishes. 

It spreads its wings flat in the water, which blocked the water from flowing forward, and then its wing’s bones went down, making the wings perpendicular to its body.

The wings push back the water flow and cling to the streamlined body and as the slender dragon tail swings, the body bursts forth dozens of meters like a shuttle and swallowed the small fish into the abdomen while the surviving fish flee hurriedly, and the giant beasts chased after them.

After a while, Amos felt that his stiff muscles and bones from sleeping were exercised enough. So he stopped playing with the fish.

He spread his powers, and the fish within a hundred metres were all frightened and fainted by the immense pressure. The dense cluster of fishes floated on the surface; the scene was simply spectacular.

Then the feast began!

On the sea’s surface, after satiating his protesting stomach, Amos looked at his body—which was 10 metres long, now. His body was lean, yet filled with strength. White scales covered slick with water droplets glistened under the morning sun.

He had passed the Infancy stage and entered the Puerility stage. 

Now, his data looked something like this:

 [Name]: Amos Aldridge

[Level]: Level 12 Dragon; Level 9 Mage

[Strength]: Third Order

[Camp]: Orderly; Neutral

[Introduction]: You are a male Puerile white dragon with a soul from another world causing the white dragon bloodline to undergo deep-level mutations, resulting in an ancestral phenomenon. Your physical qualities are several grades higher than that of ordinary white dragons. The Mage profession gives you a clearer mind and a strong force. With your current strength, as long as you don’t take the initiative in seeking death, you will not die.

Amos estimated that his physical development was similar to that of red dragons of the same age because of his Mage profession. He had a strong combat power than red dragons of the same age, and as for how much is stronger, there was no specific benchmark, so he did not dare to conclude easily.

Amos swam towards the dragon’s nest, he frowned when he passed through the reef. He felt that the gap between the reefs was narrowing. In fact, he knew that he was growing bigger and bigger, so now he had to be careful when passing through the reef to avoid hitting them.

In recent years, the number of fishes and sea creatures settling near the reef were lessening in number, due to the young dragons’ lair nearby. Their biological instinct to avoid harm made them migrate to other places.  

This situation became more obvious the closer you got to the dragons’ nest, a discerning person would know that there was a problem at a glance, and this place was no longer suitable for them to hide.

Amos returned to the cave, which had expanded several times ever since, and took a look at his sleeping brother and sisters and teased the two Bipedal flying dragons, these little guys were about three meters long. They had been accepted familiars by Elena.

Amos went back to his room and lay on a pile of gold coins and pearls. He didn’t have the evil habits of most of the dragons, but his obsession with treasure was perfectly inherited. Perhaps it was not inherited from dragons. It was originally from a previous life. He simply was a moneygrubber. 

No one knew what was going on, and he didn’t care. Anyway, he found these little glittering and shiny things cute. 

He was thinking of moving lairs when his siblings woke up. 


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