The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 63

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Katariona Meets the Dragon King Princess (Part 1)

The next day, when I showed up at the cafeteria, Chris was the first one to jump on me.

“Rio! I’m glad you’re awake. I was worried about you.”

“I’m sorry I made you worry.”

I patted Chris on the back as she hugged me tightly.

“I’m sorry I didn’t notice that Yurie had turned back.”

I hurriedly shook my hands at Tojurou-san, who lowered his head as he apologized. 

“No. It was my fault for acting on my own. It’s not your fault. I’m just glad that everyone is safe.”

“By the way, why did you go back to the dragon?”

“It was because I noticed that some scales had come off.”

By the way, what happened to those scales?

“Leon, what about the scales?”

“Before you slammed into the ice wall, the basket you were carrying fell from the impact.”

No! All my hard work has gone down the drain. I was boiling with anger. I’ll never forgive that dragon!

“I’ll get my revenge! I will forcibly remove the scales from that dragon!”

“In that case, why don’t you join forces with me?”

From the entrance of the dining room, a beautiful voice rang out. All at once, everyone in the room turned towards the direction of the voice. I gasped when I saw the owner of the voice.

The person was a woman so beautiful that I hesitated to describe her. Her divine appearance was different from Flare-sama’s. Her long, shining hair was silver blonde. Her eyes were as blue as sapphires. She looked to be about sixteen or seven years old. And she had pointed ears.

“An elf?”

“No, I’m not an elf. I’m the daughter of the Dragon King. My name is Sylphine.”

Why is the Dragon King Princess here!?

“Princess Sylphine!”

A god called out when she had come out of the space. He had even forgotten the pinpororin at the end of his sentence.

“It’s been a long time, Space-Time Dragon. No, now you are the God of Time.”

The woman called Princess Sylphine smiled as she looked at the God of Time. The smile of a beautiful woman has strong destructive power. I was horrified.

“Are you the guardians of the Kingdom of Findalia?”

“Indeed. I am one of the guardian gods of this kingdom, the God of the Forest, Leon. This is Lyle, God of the Wind.”

Leon and Lyle stood in front of us as if to protect us.

“You need not be alarmed. I have no intention of harming them.”

Sylphine-sama urged us to let our guard down.

“Princess of the Dragon King. Why have you come here then?”

“I’m here to capture the dragon that this young lady just mentioned.”

The Dragon King Princess, Sylphine-sama, has been chasing the dragon that had taken up residence in the northern mountains.

“One of my family’s treasures has been stolen by that green dragon. He loves shiny things. I would like to ask for your help in retrieving the treasure.”

“That dragon is a low-class dragon. As the Dragon King Princess, it should be easy for you to capture it. Why do you need our help?”

Slyphine-sama, who had been staring at Leon for a while, let out a sigh and lowering her long silver-blond eyelashes, the same color as her hair. 

“That treasure is the source of my power. If I don’t get it back, I won’t be able to unleash my true power.”

“And you expect us to help you?”

Leon’s continued to stare intently at Sylphine-sama.

“I did not ask for free. You want dragon scales, right? If that’s the case, I’ll give you some of my scales instead of those from a low-ranking dragon. What do you think?”

Leon frowned, pondering for a moment before finally opening his mouth.

“Very well. Does anyone else have any objections?”

I originally wanted to have a rematch with that dragon. So naturally, I have no objections.

The three members of the Wind Magic team seemed to have no objections either. We all looked at each other and nodded.

 The time had come to redeem ourselves. 

The plan is for us to lure the dragon from its nest while Slyphine-sama reclaims the treasure so that she can capture it.

Using fishing rods, we hung shiny objects above the dragon’s nest, bringing the dragon flying up and out of the nest with tremendous speed. As soon as the dragon ascended, Slyphnie-sama dove into the nest.

All we have to do now is to buy time for Slyphine-sama to retrieve her treasure.

Holding a fishing rod with a shiny object suspended from it in my hand, I mounted Leon’s back and flew over the mountain range.

Leon’s flying speed is faster than the dragon’s, it seems. Unable to keep up with Leon, the dragon opens its jaws in anger.

Just as we landed at the gathering place, we stood ready to fight the dragon. 

“Prepare for the breath! Set up the barriers!”

Tojurou-san took out a talisman, so we also swiftly took out a talisman and threw it into the air and chanted.

” ” ” “Barrier Talisman! Wind (Light) Barrier! ” ” ” “

Once the four of us had put up a barrier, the dragon caught up with us and released its dragon’s breath. The quadruple barrier is very strong. The power of the dragon’s breath gradually weakened.

Sylphine-sama still has yet to return. She is probably having a tough time finding the treasure.

The dragon must have accumulated a lot of ingots, so it might be buried. It’s going to be hard to excavate.

“Yuri, it’s all or nothing. Before the next breath comes, we’ll jump into the dragon’s pocket.”

“Master! But I don’t have a weapon.”

Tojurou-san pulled out a short sword from his waist and handed it to my brother. He usually carries two swords on his waist, one long and one short.

The short sword is made out of hihiirokane as well. It should be able to cut through the hard scales of a dragon.

“I understand. I will try!”

Brother appeared to have made up his mind, nodding vigorously.

“Chris, Yurie, can the two of you hold your own?”

“Leave it to me!”

“We’ll be fine!”

“We’re here too. Lyle, support Hikoshiro and Sieg.”

This time, all of the gods, except for Toruka-sama and Laura, are accompanying us, to ensure that everything goes well.

“I got it!”

As soon as the dragon’s breath ceased, Tojurou-san and Brother jumped out of the barrier. Lyle-sama flew up high to support them from above.

Drawing his sword, he tried to jump into the dragon’s bosom. However, the dragon spread its wings menacingly.

“We’ll have to do something about those wings.”

When a dragon takes to the air, it can be tricky. It put Tojurou-san and my brother at a disadvantage.

“That reminds me, I have a special technique for you.”

” Incidentally. I also have a special technique.”

Chris chuckled, with me chuckling too.

“Let’s give it a shot! I’ll aim for the left wing. And Rio, you take the right one!”

“All right!”

Once the barriers were lifted, we both shouted at the same time.

” “Kujo Kasumi-Style! Dancing Dust!” “

As I chanted, the earth danced in a spiral. The kunai that Kikuno-sama lent me pierced the dragon’s wing with the soil. This kunai is also made of hihiirokane. Since it was not a disposable item, the kunai was connected with a thread of magical power. It can be recovered later.

“Is that Kikuno’s technique? When did they learn that?”

“They asked me to teach them my technique, so I did.”

“Both of them have the earth attribute, so they were able to learn it in a short time.”

While listening to the conversation of the gods behind me, I kept my eyes on the dragon.

The dragon, whose wings had been ripped off by the kunai, struggled in pain.

“Nice assist. Yuri, let’s go!”

“Yes! Master!”

Tojurou-san and Brother wrapped the wind around their swords and swung down at once.

” “Kiriujuin-style! Wind Burst!” “

My brother also mastered that technique. I guess it’s natural since it’s been more than two years since he started studying under Tojurou-san.

The two wind blades tore through the dragon’s body. The mutilated dragon let out a scream of desperation and died.

“We did it!”

“You have defeated the dragon!”

The gods watched as the dragon fell as they gathered around us.

“Well done! I didn’t think you could slay the dragon.”

Sylphine-sama finally returned and appeared with a round of applause.

“Did you find the treasure?”

“Umu. Yes, I have.”

As if to answer Leon’s question, Sylphine-sama revealed the treasure. On the palm of her hand was something that looked like a golden egg.

Speaking of which, Sylphine sama said that she was going to capture the dragon, but I just realized that we inadvertently defeated it.

“Ah, about that…….we killed the dragon. Sorry.”

I apologized to Sylphine-sama.

“Don’t worry about it. He’s just a thieving dragon.”

She stated plainly. I’m relieved that she’s not mad at us for the time being.

“I’m sorry for this stupid low-level dragon. I was going to catch him and punish him, but you saved me the trouble.”

The Dragon King Princess is rather harsh.

“His body and the ingots stolen from the mines are yours to do with as you please.”

I heard that dragons fetch a good price as a material. We can do with the ingots as we please. Of course, this is with the approval of the Dragon King Princess.

“I’ll leave you to it. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Leaping into the air, Sylphine-sama transformed from her human form into a silvery-white dragon and flew away.


TL: Yasssssss!!! *pause* Plz don’t mind this slightly fanatical TL who loves dragons. Anyway, will more mythical beings pop up~? I personally haven’t the slightest idea, but I hope a fairy or another cool plant spirit like the Dryads pop up. What do you wanna see show up? Comment down below.


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