God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 13

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Cami

   At the 3rd floor


 The types of monsters that appear on the third floor changed.

 Until now, it had only been goblins, but on the third floor, kobolds became the dominant species. Goblins are about the size of third and fourth grade elementary school students, while kobolds are the size of fifth and sixth grade students. That was the difference between them.

 What you should pay attention to when it comes to kobolds are their agility and sense of smell. Since they resemble dogs, they are fast and have a better nose than goblins. If you are bleeding even a little, they will be attracted to you.

 Such a scene was exactly what was shown in front of me.

 Lying in a closed path of the dungeon was a petit, bloody human. The human was hidden under a hood so the face couldn’t be seen well. The smell of blood had spread all around, and it became hard to breathe.

 Around the human were five kobolds attracted to the scent of blood. It looked like they were going to bite into the human at any moment.

 “Goba, go back.”

 I said, grabbing the summoning orb. Then, the human, who was actually Goba, emitted light and disappeared. All that was left was the bloody hood. The kobolds were surprised by the sudden light and scanned their surroundings.

 “Hey, lowly beasts! Eat this!”

 I threw an ignited Molotov cocktail at the kobold herd.

 “Kyan kyan kyan!”

 The kobold which was hit directly by the Molotov cocktail, shouted and rampaged around, igniting the others. The hood also ignited and the flame spread out at once. After a minute, all five kobolds were burnt to death and turned into smoke, leaving five magic stones and three cobalt crystals behind. Cobalt is usually a rare drop from kobolds. However, the drop rate for me was 60%, so it was quite a good rate.

 “The bloody Goba hood-chan strategy was carried out flawlessly. It’s a pleasant victory.”

 I pick up the magic stones and cobalt crystals and put them in the backpack. Cobalt crystals were soaring due to the shortage in global supplies. Each one sold for more than 100,000 yen.

 “But the problem is that my backpack is getting bulky. I have to buy a magic pouch.”

 The bloody Goba hood-chan strategy took time and effort to prepare and increased the amount of luggage I had to carry. Although I earned more than 300,000 yen in one shot this time, I still couldn’t meet the price of a magic pouch unless I thought of a more efficient and vicious strategy. Even the cheapest magic pouches cost 5 million yen.

 “My backpack is full, let’s lift it up.”

 I headed for the transfer stone alone.

 With this strategy, it was good to keep hunting goblins by taunting them. There must have been something else too. I had to think harder.

Translator’s Thought

Enjoy reading. Negishi has many interesting strategies, the bloody hood being one of them. It’s intriguing how he can come up with them.


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