God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 12

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Cami

  Gobu Gobu Gobu



 I was running on the second floor.

 Goblins were chasing after me.


 There was no further path for me to escape through. I reached a dead end.

 I turned and faced the goblins, with my back against the wall.

 The leading goblin in front held a rusty sword. I was defenseless, as I didn’t have my shortsword on hand.


 They were probably laughing at me because I was now cornered. These monsters were cruel. They got enjoyment from tormenting me.


 The leading goblin swung his sword.

 Was it okay to initiate my strategy now?

 “Gobu, Gobi, do it!”


 The two goblins in the back cut the legs of the leading goblins in front with their shortswords. The goblins whose leg tendons were severed fell to the ground and screamed.

 “Hahaha! Hey scum! Can you guess what just happened?”

The goblins still tried to threaten us even when it was made to crawl.

 “Gobu, Gobi, come over here.”

 The two goblins with shortswords came over to my side and knelt.


 ‘Traitors’. Is that what the goblins on the ground were screaming?

 “Gobu and Gobi have been my companions since the very beginning. You just mistook them as your allies.”

 “Goo, Gogya.”

 The expression on the goblins’ faces fell.

 I took the shortsword presented by Gobu.

 “You’re desperate enough. Now you can die.”

 The decapitated goblins turned into smoke, leaving behind some magic stones and summoning orbs.

 “Alright! Gobu, let’s gather the orbs!”


 I wasn’t in a hurry to move on to the next floor, instead I took my time collecting summoning orbs. Normally, summoning orbs didn’t drop easily, since the probability of dropping was about 10% if I defeated monsters through savage means.

 However, they still weren’t dropping at the rate I thought they would. Perhaps I was cursed. We needed a more vicious method of defeating monsters to increase the drop rate.

 So I came up with the twisted strategy of betraying Gobu.

 It was easy to do. All I had to do was let the goblins I summoned join up with other goblins. Then I would appear in front of the group without a weapon and take them by surprise.

 Goblins are simple creatures, so when they see a human without a weapon, they will attack without a second thought. I deliberately ran into a dead end while checking the map, and what happened was just as I told before.

 “Okay. The goal has been achieved. Gobu, Gobi, go back.”

 Gobu and Gobi’s bodies glowed, then disappeared, and the summoning orb I held became hot. Gobu and Gobi were the names of the first goblins I summoned. The first one I ever summoned was named Gobu. The next one I summoned was named Gobi. The next time I summon another goblin, I will call it Goba.

 Now then, there was nothing more to do on the second floor. It took a lot longer than I had initially planned, but next was the third floor.

Translator’s Thought

Heya guys, we met Gobu, Gobi, and Goba today, their names are quitee cute ig. If you were in Negishi’s place, what names would you have chosen? Enjoy reading~


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