God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 11

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Cami

  Another Objective

I escorted Gojo to the second floor transfer stone and sold her 10 beginner potions before seeing her off.

It seemed that I could quickly sell off beginner potions within the circle; I was rather grateful for this. The circle seemed to have more than a hundred people, and they had no problems at all exchanging with other universities.

I was looking for a good drop item, and I ended up picking up a good one. The good you do for others is good that returns to yourself. (T/N: Those who are kind benefit themselves; compassion is not for other people’s benefit)

Of course, I also had my friend sign up on the Explorer app, “Let’s Go for an Adventure!”, to become explorers. All loose ends have been tied up.

Now, I could have left the dungeon with Gojo, but there was one thing I wanted to try.

I took a look at the map and went to a dead end point where no one would come.

Then, I took out a bead inscribed with some letters from my pouch.

It was a summoning orb, a type of skill orb.

It was dropped from one of the goblins I killed when saving Gojo.

You didn’t need to learn any skills to be able to use skill orbs. Summoning orbs allowed you to summon the monster that dropped the orb in the first place.

A drop from a monster was very rare in and of itself. Some examples of potential drops were listed on the Association’s website. However, the details of these drops were not available due to the lack of information provided by the owners who submitted them.

Summoning orbs were easy to use. All you had to do was hold the orb while thinking about the monster that dropped it.

I made sure there were no signs of goblins around me, before gripping the orb while thinking about the goblin. The power drained from my body as the orb began to glow.

I instinctively let go of the orb without a second thought. An even stronger light now emanated from the orb, and it converged to reveal a familiar figure.

The summoning of a goblin was a success.

“Yo. Do you understand me?”


The goblin replied aloud and nodded.

“Okay, swing this.”

I rolled my shortsword on the ground towards him, and he grabbed it fearfully in his hand.

“Swing it.”


The goblin tried to swing the shortsword, but it wasn’t even close to being a decent swing. I may have been an amateur, but even I could tell his swing was terrible.

I took out my phone and searched for a suitable kendo video on Youtobe and showed it to the goblin.


All right! The goblin raised his voice as if to say, ‘I got it,’ and swung the shortsword down from the top of his big head. It was a lot better this time. Maybe the goblin I summoned was smarter than the average goblin.

After letting the goblin practice his kendo form a few more times, I picked up the summoning orb and told him to ‘go back!’ in my mind.

Light emitted from the goblin’s body and he disappeared within the next moment. Somehow, I thought the summoning orb was filled with heat.

Now it was time for one more experiment.

I once again held the summoning orb while thinking about the goblin. I felt a strong sense of emptiness, but this time I didn’t instinctively drop the orb.

Once again, a strong light emanated from the orb, and the goblin appeared once more.

I handed the goblin the shortsword again and told him to swing it.

And guess what? The goblin swung it smoothly. This meant that the goblin summoned by the summoning orb was always the same one, or at least a goblin who inherited the same memories and experiences as the one prior.

“This is going to be exciting.”

I couldn’t help but exclaim out loud.

Translator’s Thought

Hey guys, Sorry the post supposed to be yesterday, but I forgot 😅. So, Negishi himself got a summoning orb, for me this feels like summoning a skeleton in other novels lol. The author’s new idea is pretty good. Happy reading and don’t forget to give us feedbacks on here and also NU. We really appreciate it. Thank you!



  1. Now what, will the giving infiltrate other Goblin societies or something ??? That sure would be interesting ….

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