White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 14

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Demonized Scorpion Lion

Next day before dawn. 

 At this time, the forest’s predators, who were lurking out day and night, went back to their nests.

The alpha led the pack of wolves into the forest and faint white starlight pierced through the gap of leaves, swifting like a ghost. 

Soon, the young dragons followed the wolves into Scorpion’s territory.

Just a few tens of meters away from the Scorpion’s cave, the dragon’s keen sense of smell smelled a rotten odour, like the smell of rotten flesh crawling with flies in the toilet.

The pack paused, and the alpha nodded to Amos, who was hiding in the treetops, a cloud of shadow wrapped his body and he dived into the cave.

Amos looked at the blurry figure in front of the cave. If he hadn’t watched the alpha enter the sneaking state with his own eyes, it would’ve been hard to find its trace.

In the dark, the alpha, who controlled the shadow’s power, was at least 20% stronger than he was during the day, and the success rate of his sneak attacks was higher. While the strength of the Scorpion and the dragon did not have significant changes, which was why the alpha chose this time.

“Roar!” An angry lion’s roar, laced with pain, came from the cave; the sneak attack was successful.

Two figures emerged one after the other from the cave, followed by a giant Scorpion-lion, whose tail was raised high and slammed forward, sharply. The alpha accelerated sharply, and the tail stuck to the ground.

In this brief moment, the alpha quickly escaped the Scorpion’s attack while the surrounding wolves also stood out and slowly enclosed the Scorpion in a semicircle, a creature like a wolf was never known to fight alone. 

The slowly approaching wolves put a lot of pressure on the Scorpion, its scorpion-like tail dragged on the ground, swept uncomfortably, and its throat snarled threateningly in an attempt to scare off its opponent.

But how could the wolves give up easily? If the scorpion became a monster, the wolves would have no choice but to move from their lair.

The Scorpion began to retreat slowly. The slight demonization did not make it lose its sanity. It was attacked by the alpha head and injured its left paw, and its flexibility was greatly reduced. It had to retreat inside the cave to avoid being attacked by the wolves.

The alpha, who had managed to lure him out, could not let him succeed and blocked the entrance to the cave.

The dire wolves on the left bullied the Scorpion and injured his left paw, and took the lead to bite the left side of the scorpion head. As soon as the head bit to the left, the dire wolves retreated far away while the dire wolves on the right took the opportunity to get on, leaving a trail of bloody scratches on the Scorpion, but it was only a trap.

The scorpion’s tail swept across a Direwolf, and the Direwolf momentarily flew out and fell to the ground, losing its combat effectiveness. The alpha seized this opportunity, scratched the Scorpion-lion’s butt, and blood poured from the wound.

The Scorpion knew that it would be consumed to death sooner or later, so relying on its size, it rushed toward the cave’s entrance. The wolves also took the opportunity to add a few more wounds to the Scorpion, but it was worth it. Once inside the cave, it would be safe as long as the hole was held.

When the scorpion was about to escape into the cave, the four Dragon’s Breath fell from the sky, and the Scorpion reacted quickly; It rolled to the side and avoided most of the attack, but the long scorpion tail failed to withdraw in time, and it was sprayed with Dragon’s Breath.

At the same time, the four young dragons descended from the sky and jumped on the Scorpion-lion, and completely crushed it. Willy bit off the frozen scorpion tail and abolished the greatest threat. At the same time, Amos clawed his paw into the scorpion’s throat. The scorpion’s body struggled violently, but could not move.

Blood continued to flow from the Scorpion’s neck until it weakened. In the end, he could only twitch slightly, and his eyes gradually lost their lustre.

In the absence of a strategy, the party with the advantage in strength won an absolute victory.

Upon seeing the scorpion crushed by the dragon, the wolves retreated and even abandoned their companions laying on the ground who did not know if they were going to die or not. The shrewd alpha was worried that the young dragons would turn their back and betray the wolves.

But its concerns were misplaced, and the young dragons did not care about the wolves.

Amos looked at the bodies on the ground, the Scorpions were five meters long, not counting tails. Their bodies were like that of a lion, with well-defined muscles.

The broken tail was wrapped in a black carapace, and the sharp dark red tailpin glistened with cold light, and there were faint dark red lines on the body, which were traces of demonization.

A demonized creature couldn’t be eaten, but it could be used as a magic material. Unfortunately, there was not enough space in Amos’s dimensional bag. He put the most valuable scorpion tail into the dimensional bag and then left the rest.

The young dragons walked into the Scorpion’s cave; it was harvest time.

The Scorpion wasn’t very keen on hygiene. Bones were scattered all over the cave, and some bones were still connected to rotten meat, which emitted a bad stench.

Amos spread his spiritual power throughout the cave.



Amos looked at the broken dimensional bag in the corner and frowned that the damn scorpion had destroyed the dimensional bag. Some of which had spilled on the ground, and part of it fell into space between them. The young dragons were ready to leave when they found that the map was still in place; they collected the valuable items.

Suddenly, a message popped into Amos’s mind: “Evil energy fluctuations were detected 5 meters behind.”

“Wait, there’s something, here.”

Amos used his Mage’s hand to lift a pile of bones to reveal the hole below.

There was a deep cave with an opening of only 0.2 meters in diameter. Through the opening of the cave, Amos could only see endless darkness, and the cave exuded winds that smelt like sulphur.

Amos’s preliminarily judgement was that there was a spacial crack leading to the abyss below. He sealed the hole to prevent the breath of the abyss from leaking. Amos didn’t like monsters that were full of killing intent and were hellbent on destruction.

The young dragons left the Scorpion’s cave, and the sky turned white.

Amos unfolds the new harvest map.

“It’s worth it.”

It was worthy of being possessed by an advanced adventurer who could venture into the depths of the Great Motto Forest. The map not only had a detailed topographic map of the Motto Forest but also had marks of the territories of powerful and extraordinary creatures.

The value of such a map was not low. In this alien world without satellites, to make such a map meant step-by-step measurement and arduous effort on a manual survey. Setting aside the tedious steps, for the time being, even the large number of extraordinary creatures in the forest was not something ordinary people could deal with.

The territorial scope of powerful and extraordinary creatures was the experience that countless people would have exchanged their lives for. 

Ten days later.

 “Amos, where are we, now?”

“We have crossed the heart of the Motto Forest, and we will be out of the forest in two days.”

Amos recalled the powerful and extraordinary creatures he had encountered along the way and was still a little scared. Fortunately, the young dragons were cautious enough to avoid them.

There were no dangers along the way, but fortunately, they had a map. The young dragons chose a relatively safe route, otherwise, it would’ve taken them at least a month more before they got out.


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  1. Thanks, enjoying it so far. But I have to ask: why not call them manticores? Scorpion lion describes a manticore, only some variants are shown to have wings.

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