The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 61

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61. Katariona Is Forced Into a Tight Spot

“I came here because I thought that I might be able to get my hands on some legendary metal, but this is absolutely impossible.”

I peered down from the crevasse at the top of the northern mountain range and saw a dragon snoring in its sleep. The sound of its snoring could be heard all the way down to the base of the mountain, so we were able to locate it immediately.

The Wind Magic team, led by Lyle-sama, climbed to the top by controlling the wind, while Flare-sama and I were carried up on Leon’s back.

A few days ago, Leon had detected the presence of a dragon, who had settled in the northern mountains.

“Do you see that rainbow-colored ingot that the dragon guy is holding in his bosom?”

I looked at the dragon who was napping in this snowstorm and saw that he was clutching onto several ingots in his embrace.

“When you refine those ingots, they’ll turn into a legendary metal, albeit a random one.”

According to Leon’s explanation, the rainbow-colored ingots would become legendary metals such as adamantine, orichalcum, and mithril when refined. We won’t know which metal it will be as it’s random.

“I’ll give you a test. You must go collect those ingots while the dragon is asleep. If any scales have fallen off, pick them up.”

“Isn’t that the same as stealing?”

Chris said, her cheeks twitching.

“Dragons love shiny things. He might’ve stolen it from somewhere.”

“But, Leon. What if the dragon wakes up while we’re descending.”

Leon and Lyle-sama chuckled. I have a bad feeling about this.


“ “ “Eeehh!” ” ”

My brother, Chris, and I nearly shouted, but Lyle-sama scattered our cries with the wind.

“Oi! Don’t raise your voice. You’ll wake the dragon!”

Tojurou-san said, putting his index finger to this mouth to shush us. I hurriedly covered my mouth. Gingerly peeking into the crack, I saw that the dragon was still asleep. Thank goodness.

“Dragons are nocturnal. They won’t wake up unless they have to.”

Flare-sama said with a nice smile on her face. Yup, she’s enjoying this.

“Are dragons the oldest creatures? I’ve heard that they’re immune to magic.”

“I’ve read about that too. If it wakes up, how will we fight it?”

Chris and my brother discussed, leaving Leon dumbfounded.

“You guys possess a higher level of magic. It’s not completely immune.”

Leon pointed to the dragon with his chin.

“That guy below is a low-ranking dragon. You can be at ease.”

“ “ “I’m not relieved at all!” ” ”

These gods are so irresponsible.

Chris and Brother manipulated the silent wind and slowly made their way down to the bottom. I can’t use wind magic, so I decided to use creation magic to extend strong ivy wrapped around my body.

(TL: Similar to using a rope)

“Yurie’s magic is convenient.”

Tojurou-san commented, floating behind me in the air, supporting me. He had his hand on the hilt of his Hihiirokane sword, ready to draw it at any moment. He came with us as a support for the three of us.

“Is that so? I think Wind Magic is more useful in terms of being able to fly through the air.”

“You can create anything, right? That means you can create whatever you need whenever you want.”

However, it’s limited to what can be found in the forest. Or more precisely, what can be created from the soil? When I told him this, Tojurou-san put his hand to his chin and pondered for a moment.

“All things are born from the earth and the sea. The sea also faces the earth. So if you think about it, isn’t Creation Magic the most powerful?”

Tojurou-san taught me a different way of thinking. I’ll ask Leon about it later.

It took a while, but I eventually arrived at the place where the dragon was sleeping. The dragon was covered with green scales. It didn’t look very big when I saw it from above, but up close it gave off a powerful presence.

I gulped down my spit and cautiously approached the dragon’s bosom. The rainbow-colored ingot was large enough to hold in both hands. I carefully picked up the ingot. It was a little heavy.

Chris and my brother nodded to each other and lifted an ingot.

It seemed that Tojurou-san was looking for the scales that had come off, but he couldn’t find any. He told us that the scales may be a good weapon to counter Forbidden Magic, so if there were any that had come off, we should pick them up. Leon’s instructions were to retreat if there were no scales that had come off naturally, as it was dangerous to try to force them off.

The plan was that once we had safely scaled the top, the gods would slay the dragon and remove the scales.

Following Tojurou-san’s signal to move out, we climbed up, making as little noise as possible.

However, on the way up, I noticed something shiny around the dragon’s tail. The greenish glow came from scales that had come off.

I landed near the dragon’s tail, unnoticed, and picked up the scales that had fallen off.

I was so preoccupied with putting the scales into the net basket made of vines I was carrying that I failed to notice that the presence of the dragon behind me had changed.

A moment later, a tremendous roar struck me.

The dragon had noticed my presence and awakened. It was furious that its precious treasure had been stolen.

Not good! I swiftly looked around and searched for a way to escape. But there was no place to hide.

The dragon in front of me slowly rose up and stood in front of me, looking at me as if hunting its prey. From its vertical pupils, I could see that it was determined to not let me escape.

The dragon narrowed its golden eyes and opened its jaws wide open. Magical power was accumulating in the center.

“Dragon’s Breath!?”

I quickly took out a talisman from my coat pocket and threw it into the air, chanting,

“Wind Barrier! Light Wall!” 

At the same time as I was setting up the barriers, the dragon’s breath was released. I made it just in the nick of time, but the magical power of the dragon’s breath was too strong. It was only a matter of time before the barrier broke.


I saw the figure of Leon desperately running towards me.

“Don’t come!”

The dragon’s breath weakened, but at the same time, the light barrier cracked.

My body was slammed into the ice wall behind me due to the impact. I felt as if my body was going to split apart. 


I can’t breathe. It was painful. 

“Rio! Stay with me!”

I could hear Leon’s voice…….I told you not to come here…….

“God of Time! Take care of Rio.”

“Leave it to me! Pinpororin!”

I felt something softly envelop my body.

“Everyone! We’re retreating!”

After hearing that voice, I lost consciousness.

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