God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 10

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Cami

  My name is?

 * From the woman’s point of view: 

 My neck finally started to gain movement after a bit. I looked in the direction where the man was.

 Help me? The man was sitting in a spot a bit away from me. I noticed he was frantically playing with his phone.

 His sharp eyes and sharp nose bridge gave off a sadistic impression, but he was handsome nonetheless.

 My limbs still needed a bit of time to be able to regain movement again, but luckily my voice was usable.

 “Ah, um.”



 “It’s the price of the paralyzing sphere I used to help you.”

 “Oh, I’ll pay! I’ll pay! Thank you for your help!”

 What a scary person! He suddenly managed to shift the narrative towards money! His handsome certification has been revoked!

 “No, the sentiment is more than enough.”

 Well, what do you want me to do!

 The man stood up, walked near me, and crouched down. I felt his intense gaze on my neck and got goosebumps. This is dangerous! I’m done for!

 “Why did you come to the dungeon alone?”

 “Oh, I was originally planning to come with my friends from a circle, but it suddenly became inconvenient for them…”

 “Is the circle a university explorer circle?”

 “Yes, that’s right.”

 “Hmm. It looks like it can be used.”


 “No, it’s nothing.”

 “So, why were you cornered by those goblins?”

 The man was still staring at the imprint on my neck.

 “No, well, when I was hunting the goblins, my rapier broke.”

 “Can’t you fight with your bare hands?”

 “Oh, my blessing doesn’t increase my physical strength by that much.”

 “What kind of god blessed you?”

 “Well, the god of reading did.”


 “Hey! What’s wrong with that! With this blessing, the more monsters you defeat, the less likely you’ll forget the contents of any book you read! It’s a coveted blessing for students!”

 “If you die, you will achieve nothing.”

 Grrr. I couldn’t refute him because I would have almost died had he not jumped in.

 “Your name is?”

 It felt ominous to tell this guy my name.

 “Hey, can’t you tell your lifesaver your name? It looks like you can’t even stand up yet, I wonder if you can leave in this condition.”

 “Waa! I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you! I’m Misato Gojo.”


 The corners of the man’s mouth perked upwards. As expected. He didn’t say his name in exchange after all!

 “I’m Saburo Negishi. Let’s get along well.”

 Negishi-san, your eyes aren’t smiling at all.

TN : A rapier is a type of sword with a slender and sharply-pointed two-edged blade that was popular in Western Europe.

Translator’s Thought

100,000~ First thing to say to a woman who barely escaped, Negishi…Well, at least he got a handsome certificate, that means our MC is handsome, isn’t that nice? Apart from that, we heard about a new type of blessing today, reading.. interesting, what kind of blessing would you want to have? Hmmm, in my case, mmm, phone one? Like imagine pulling anything you see from a phones screen to the real world! You can get all types of food and items you want hahaha, that’d be nice~



  1. Bruh, forget handsome his twistedness is obvious to strangers Though I suppose this combo will scratch some itches, depending on the fetish.

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