White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 11

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The Dimensional Bag

After injecting his spiritual power into the dimensional bag and leaving his own spiritual mark on it, the old dusty bag finally opened! 

‘This moment decides if I become an emperor or a eunuch!

Inserting his spiritual power inside the dimensional bag, he pulled out the contents of the bag. Looking at the contents, his face suddenly blackened!

What a mess!

At the top of the contents was a pile of intimate female articles. 

A pair of triangular pink lacy panties!

Useless! Dustbin!

White stockings made of the spider silk from the Dark Lands.

Useless again! Dustbin!

Amos fished out another pair of micro stockings with wolf ivories made up of warm jade, and his face turned even darker, throwing it directly behind him.

Alas … No, ah! These are the precious magical materials enchanted with magic. Carelessness calls for calamity.

He hurriedly picked them up without delay.

Although I can’t use these two pieces of women’s articles, they are inscribed with defensive inscriptions, so they should fetch a good price if traded.

‘A dozen unknown potions. Keeping it.

A bundle of Magic scrolls also stays.


Finally, Amos turned to something he was interested in: A couple of books!


“My One Thousand and One Nights in the Dark Lands”, “The Tale of the Union of Princess and the Knight”, and “The Biography of Lady Jasmine”.

Looking at the crime-inducing patterns on the covers of the books in his hand, Amos felt that he was too innocent.

He couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart, ‘Master Fa was really good at it~!’

Amos no longer had much hope for the next few books.

However, surprises always come unannounced.

The latter books were books on magic (grimoires), a diary, and a journal including stacks of supplementary experimental materials.

Thankfully, Master Fa had the good habit of keeping a journal and taking notes.

Amos read all the books, memorized them, and let the system store the contents of the notes and details of the experiments.

He put away the grimoire and burned the other papers that were useless.

Amos learned through the diary that the witch was named Avril Caterpillar, a noblewoman from the southern trading city called Horseshoe City, and was a high-ranking level 11 Witch.

It was surprising to discover that the spellbook, experimental logbook, and materials were not the witch’s own possession, but were left behind by her teacher who had failed to reach the Legend realm and had fallen, and whose legacy had made her rich overnight.

Moreover, It was also because of her teacher’s death that she was left without a backer in the organization and became a fat sheep in the eyes of other higher-ups, so the Witch thought of returning to her mother’s house.

In order to avoid being tracked by her enemies, she took a detour to sneak into Sandonaar. After paying a considerable amount of gold coins, she was able to take a ride with Sandonaar’s southern team.

Her plan was to rely on the protection of the Legendary warrior to return home safely.

The latter was known to Amos; the southern team encountered Salilina’s dacoity. The unlucky witch attacked Amos and was instead robbed by him.

Amos excitedly looked at the series of magical spells listed by the system. Now, his Mage profession wouldn’t face any bottlenecks till he reached the Legend tier.

His dragon siblings watched him being engrossed in the sea of knowledge, unable to extricate himself. They were a little bored while waiting and started fiddling with the things he threw on the floor to pass time.   

Curious, Elena twirled two stockings, “Hey, Felicia, what is this?

“Tiamat’s blessings! You don’t even know this? This is the jewellery made by elves,” Felicia had a look of a senior educating her junior as she said, “Come, let me put it on you.”

After saying that, the two stockings were put on Elena’s two dragon horns.a

Willy cocked his head and surveyed, “Why do I feel that this is weird?”

The dragon’s heritage was all-encompassing, but it wouldn’t even include such mundane little things as female stockings.

Forgive these ignorant little dragons …

Finally, Amos sorted out the harvest and turned around to see Elena, who had stockings over her horns and was posing on the ice, with black lines all over her face.

He suppressed his laughter and pretended to cough to get the attention of the young dragons. “Cough, cough, stop playing, come here.”

“Amos, why is your face so weird?”

“Elena, leave it.” Amos said with a serious expression, “Since we have decided to form a team to work together, then we need to lay down some ground rules.”

The three young dragons nodded their heads to show that they understood.

Amos continued, “First, we must provide our best efforts to ensure that each member can survive; second, when a member of the team is in danger, other members who can help must take action; third, a team must have only one leader.”

Amos decided to take his dragon brothers and sisters together with him. In addition to the five years they spent together and the gradual feelings of affection he developed for them, the dragon siblings would not drag him down, as they were already Second-tier True Dragons.

Then the four young dragons, under the auspices of the level 2 Priest, Felicia, swore to Tiamat, the God of Evil Dragons, that they would never betray or kill each other before they reached adulthood. 


At the top of the Chogori Mountains, Amos squinted slightly and looked at the North Wind Icefield amid the setting sun. The sunlight was still dazzling under the coruscation of the snowy surface.

Finally, the setting sun reluctantly sank into the horizon.

Farewell! North Wind Icefield.

Amos took his dragon siblings and didn’t look back, fleeing into the gradually descending night.

The young dragons planned to avoid Sandonaar and spend two days crossing the barbarian grasslands to reach the Great Forest of Motto. In the midst of their journey, they would hide in the day and travel at night to avoid the barbarians sighting them.

Under the vast starry sky, Amos felt the air currents moving under his wings. Even though it had been five years since he was reborn, he was still fascinated by the aspect of flying.

Willy interrupted his brother’s thoughts, “Amos, after flying most of the night, I’m hungry, let’s go down and look for food.”

“Bear with it, we’ll have a good meal when we reach the Great Forest of Motto.”

“Amos, there’s a barbarian tent where we just flew over, might as well feast on them.”

“That’s enough, Felicia!” Amos interrupted his sister, although there was no psychological burden for the dragon to eat people, but, as a great socialist youth who had grown up under the red flag, he absolutely could not tolerate the act of devouring intelligent creatures, and he also couldn’t utter this directly to his dragon brother and sisters.

“If we attack the barbarians, there is a possibility that we may expose our trail. Don’t underestimate the greed and tracking skills of intelligent creatures.”

Felicia wasn’t convinced by Amos’ words, but she didn’t say anything; respecting the strong was one of the few good habits of the evil dragons.

“There’s a lake up ahead!”

“Come on, we’ll catch fish and rest in the lake during the day, and continue our journey at night.

Amos breathed a sigh of relief. He was also worried that the dragon siblings would get hungry, and insist on attacking the barbarians, which would be difficult to deal with.

‘It seems I must hasten in adding the agenda of changing the evil habits of my siblings. As soon as possible.

After the young dragons had a full meal, they buried themselves in the muddy bottom of the lake and began to rest.

All dragons were amphibians, there was nothing wrong with them sleeping underwater for a day. The black dragon, one of the five-coloured evil dragons, could live under a swamp for a long time.


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  1. I am sorry but socialists are cannibals in the literary sense of the word. Especially the Chinese who sold and ate each other’s children.

    1. It could be that the author doesn’t know his history, or it could be that under the threat of censorship he is adding pro-CCP propaganda once every few chapters.

      I think the translators should make a judgement call on whether to include it or not, at least when it’s not a plot-point they probably shouldn’t add it, but so far at least it’s not book-breaking.

      It is aggravating, though.

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