God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 9

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Cami

 Inhuman Person

 Once I had a firm grasp on the goblins’ forms, I reduced the speed of my running and started preparing to fight.

 The three goblins were too preoccupied with the female explorer, who got cornered into a dead end, to notice me. I really didn’t notice this situation initially.

Now, what was stopping me from helping? Well, becoming an explorer is fundamentally a choice you make at your own risk. I had no reason to help the female explorer.

 However, I was very interested in what kind of item drop I would get after defeating the goblins through my savage means.

 “Oh, this looks enjoyable. I’m jealous now. Please let me join in on the fight too.”

 I spoke in a slightly low voice. Upon hearing my words, the goblins immediately turned their attention towards me, wearing expressions of caution.

 “Hey, don’t get me wrong. Are you gonna fight with that woman only? I’ll follow the fight line-up properly, so just keep going. I’m fine with being last.”

 I tossed my shortsword to the side and raised my hands to show no hostility.

 “Wait! What are you talking about! That’s inhuman! Please help me!”

 The woman, who was now cornered into a wall, shouted.

 “I like watching women being attacked by monsters. Let me take a closer look.”

 “No, no, no, no, no.”

 The goblins joyfully threw themselves onto the woman and pinned her to the ground.

 “Nooo! Help! Help me!”

 Well, is it okay to help her now?

 I grabbed a purple sphere from the pouch attached to my sword belt and threw it at the goblins who were just about to attackattacking the women.

 When the sphere smashed on the ground, the contents began to spread in the form of purple smoke and swiftly engulfed the goblins and the woman. The goblins began to scream in response, but their voices soon became weak. The woman’s voice was also now inaudible.

 “Oh, that’s what you’d expect from an expensive item. This is a paralyzing sphere. I didn’t think it would have such an immediate effect.”

 I picked up my shortsword and slowly made my way towards the goblins and the women. They were all collapsed on top of one another and twitching from the effects of the smoke.

 “Dirty scums, trying to harm a human.”

 I kicked the goblins with my boots and pushed them off the woman.

 The woman was terrified, but she was para yzed, as only her eyelids reacted.

 “It’s okay. Your limbs have only stopped moving temporarily. You won’t stop breathing. Rest for a while.”

 I reassured the woman, before walking back towards the goblins.

 The goblins turned their angry faces towards me.

 “This! This look! The deceived looks of goblins look great! Well then, when should I kill them?”

 Upon a closer inspection, the goblins, though paralyzed, were still in a healthy condition. Goblins are ridiculous monsters.

 This is a scene that is unbearable to watch. Let’s finish this up quickly.

 I swung the shortsword down upon the goblins’ necks, inflicting one slash after another.

Translator’s Thought

Wow, the first thing Negishi is thinking about when deciding to help is the kind of item drop he’ll get. Hahaha, he’s really amazing in that aspect, right? Apart from that, can you guess what the first thing Negishi will say to the explorer woman he saved? Look forward to the upcoming chapters, and hope you enjoyed reading~



  1. I just mentally imagine the goblins looking at each other, shrugging, and then jumping the woman after MC threw his sword aside.

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