The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 60

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60. Katariona Becomes Obsessed with Sword Training

I’m struggling with my training.

Today, I’m trying to utilize my magical power in a slightly different way.

“Light burst!”

I yelled, trying to imitate Tojurou-san’s special move, but the wooden sword broke. I thought of using my magical power to try and execute the special move that I had seen during my brother’s sparring practice.

I gathered the light and wrapped it around the wooden sword, but when I tried to swing down, the sword would break. I tried again and again, but the result remained the same.

“Another failure.”

I plopped to the ground.

“What are you doing, Rio?”

“I’m trying to imitate Tojurou-san’s special move, but it didn’t work.”

Leon and Flare-sama looked at each other and sighed.

“That technique can’t be used with ordinary weapons. It requires a metal that cannot be broken by magic to serve as the medium.”

“What kind of metal is that? Is the iron used in swords not good enough?”

Leon shook his head in denial.

“It’s a legendary metal such as Adamantine or Orichalcum. Hikoshirou’s sword is made of Hihiirokane.”

I’ve never heard of a metal named Hihiirokane. I know Adamantine and Orichalcum because they are often mentioned in stories.

“Where can I get it?”

“In that case, let’s get it from……..fuguh!”

She was about to say something when her mouth was blocked by Leon’s large lion paw. It might’ve been a little too forceful as Flare-sama was blown backward.

“Flare-sama!? Leon, you’ve gone too far!”

“……I made a mistake in calculating the amount of force.”

Just before hitting the wall, I was relieved to see that Flare-sama had changed into a golden bird to avoid it. 

“What are you doing! Leon’s a brute!”

Hovering over Leon’s head was Flare-sama, who was poking him with her beak. Annoyed, Leon flicked Flare-sama away with his paw.

“I’ve heard that Hihiirokane can only be found in Hinoshima. If it’s the other legendary metals, I might know where they are.”

“Really? Where can I get it?”

Hmm, Leon nodded in agreement and made a suggestion. 

“It’s a good place to test the results of our trials. Tomorrow, we will go search for the legendary metal. We’ll have one more objective.”

“Another objective?”

That night, Leon gathered the usual members of the group in the parlor and started to talk.

“I believe I’ve explained Forbidden Magic before, but if Loot Magic is activated, the person in the most danger would be Rio who has Sacred Magic.”

Tojurou-san said that he heard about Forbidden Magic from Kikuno-sama. 

“But I’ve been judged to have an earth attribute, Plant Magic, at the magic attribute test. Charlotte shouldn’t know that I possess Sacred Magic.”

“However, there are many things about Forbidden Magic that haven’t been elucidated. It’s best to be careful.”

Leon shifted his gaze to Flare-sama. Lately, Flare-sama and Daaku-sama have been spending a lot of time over at our house.

“Flare, are you sure that you haven’t forgotten about bestowing magic on someone like Daaku?”

Daaku-sama forgot that he had given Dark Magic to Marie’s mother, Aria. 

“That’s not the case! The last time I bestowed Light Magic was two hundred years ago.”

According to Flare-sama, 200 years ago, there was a pious girl in an abandoned monastery under the direct control of the royal family (at the time, it was called the Duke of Lioness’ territory). Although she didn’t possess a lot of magic power, the ten-year-old girl had a beautiful soul that attracted Flare-sama. And so she bestowed Light Magic to her.

If she was still alive, she’d be two hundred and ten years old. In the Kingdom of Findalia, it is rare for people to live more than a hundred years. Most of the time, it’s because their ancestors were of long-lived races like the elves, but it’s extremely rare.

“Flare-sama. Is there any chance that she’d still be alive?”

“It’s been so long since I’ve had human contact, so I don’t know where she is.”

Poof, Leon changed into his lion form and shouted at Flare-sama. He seems to be angry.

“Find out where she is right now!”

“Huh! Understood!”

Flare-sama hid behind me and began to search for the signs of the person who she had given her Light Magic. By meditating, the gods can identify the people who have their attributes. 

“I found her! She’s in the same monastery where I met her two hundred years ago! She’s still alive!”

“Does she have the blood of a long-lived race?”

“Oh right, she told me that her ancestors were elves.”

Elves rarely appear in public. It’s extremely rare for them to associate with the opposite sex humans. It was merely a speculation, but she was really alive.

“I knew it,” Leon muttered, changing back into his small animal form.

“Then I guess we’ll need that…”

We would soon learn the meaning of Leon’s words the following day.



Hihīrokane (cube)

Hihiirokane (this one seems to just be a myth?)



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