God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 8

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Cami

First Event

“Hey, Green Beetle! Over here!”

A goblin equipped with an axe came running towards me in a rush.

“What’s with your running? It’s disgusting, laughable, and unpleasant.”

“Gugigigigi!” (T/N: A groan uttered in anger)

Oddly enough, the goblin seemed to understand what I was saying and became furious.

I swiftly dodged its axe and slashed my shortsword across its neck.

Purple blood spurted out from the gash and the goblin turned to smoke.

All that remained were magic stones and beginner potions. The powers of my blessings were still in effect.

I was on the second floor of the Shinjuku Dungeon. I entered this dungeon alone today because Wakutsu wasn’t able to come.

My outer appearance had changed quite recently. First, I changed from a Uni-Ro suit to a combat bodysuit.

My old metal bat was swapped out for a shortsword. My leather shoes were also replaced with military boots. This new attire was purchased from the Explorer Shop.

I was surprised when I found out my body suit cost 300,000 yen. It was the cheapest one I could find. This was a price that an average salaryman with a low monthly income couldn’t afford.

I regained my composure and proceeded through the dungeon. I didn’t know until today, but the Explorer app on my phone, ’Let’s Go for an Adventure!’, had maps of all the dungeons in Japan. Of course, only the floor levels that had been conquered by humans were mapped out.

“I’m getting tired of all these goblins.”

I couldn’t help but shout out my frustration even though I was alone. To be honest, I could make a living just by hunting goblins alone on this level. With all the beginner potions I sell from mining goblins, I could probably save up for many luxuries.

But this wouldn’t be fun at all! Even though I quit my previous job a while ago, I still hadn’t gotten used to the routine of slaying goblins.

Now that I’m in a profession that’s considered to be the number one cause of death, motivation is very important to keep me going.

Maybe it’s the fact that my physical abilities have been boosted by my blessings that I’m filled with a sense of omnipotence.

I wanted to quickly advance through the third, fourth, and fifth floors and hurry onwards.



I was about to reach the third floor when suddenly the sounds of goblin laughter echoed through the dungeon walls.

I couldn’t pinpoint the source of the laughter yet, but from the sound of their voices, they were close by.


A woman’s voice followed after the goblin’s laughter.

I turned and ran in the direction of the voice. With each step, my anxiety rose.

There must have been an interesting event going on.

Finally, after turning the corner, I caught a vague glimpse of the goblins. There were three of them. Among them was another figure. It was an explorer.

Translator’s Thought

Finally a new character make an appearance. Who knows, maybe she will be joining MC’s harem? Well, hope you guys have fun reading and find it out ahaha~ Also, Regarding the update: The schedule from now onwards will be three chapters per week which is every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Don’t forget to subscribe on Discord! And give us a feedbacks on NU too. Thank you very much!



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