Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter – 30

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover


I’m Back


Tina’s tears streamed down her face as she stood before the monument. I called out to her.

“Halt-sama, I’m not sure why, but… my tears won’t stop.”

She had recalled her memory related to the Hero’s — to my name.

All the memories attached to that name, which the goddess sealed, were also returned back to her.

Tina was the person who called me by name most frequently when I came to this world as a hero, no mistake about that. That was  why I was pretty sure that there were many blurred parts.

Her fuzzy memories had  completely returned now.

Everything came back all at once, so she must have been overwhelmed.

She must‘ve been totally confused.

I was a bit hesitant now to tell her that I was that hero.

I made her wait for a hundred years.

Would she understand that it was ‘I’?

But I believe in ‘myself’.

I was Tina’s hero, after all.

If it was the hero, then he could help TIna.

I gently embraced Tina.


I already decided what I was going to say right from the start.

“I’m back.”


See, look at Tina’s expression.

As I thought, she would understand.

I was over the moon.

“Sorry for making you wait for a hundred years.”

“I-impossible….no, no way….”

“I’m Halt. Tina Ernol’s husband, Halt Ernol. And also Haruto, the Guardian Hero who defeated the Demon King with you, Saijou Haruto.”

“A-are you really that Hero-sama?”

“….I want Tina to call me by name.”


Tina should remembered this phrase.

Besides —

“I lost my memories, and my appearance changed… but I fell in love with Tina all over again. Besides, Tina also came to love me, right?”

My’ intuition was completely right.

“I-I searched for you properly too, Haruto-sama.”

“Yeah, I know. Thank you.”

Tina pulled me closer to her with more strength.

“Welcome home, Haruto-sama.”

“Yeah, I’m back. Tina.”

Tina did her gesture of asking for a kiss.

She didn’t change at all, during those hundred years.

Tina became absolutely gorgeous, though.

I kissed Tina.

Just like a century ago, Tina circled her arms around my neck.

I couldn’t separate from her now.

And just like that, Tina and my tongues were entwined together.


“Those two, it’s as if they totally forgot that we’re here.” (Youko)

“So hot~” (Mai and Mei)

“Halt is Saijou Haruto-sama — in other words, he’s the Guardian Hero-sama, and Tina-sama had been thinking about him for a century… So even if they did that, it can’t be helped.” (Leaffa)

“So Halt is also a person from another world, huh.” (Luna)

“‘Halt too’… so does that mean Luna is also a person from another world, meow?” (Merdie)

“Ah! N-no, I mean, ahm…yes. Sorry for keeping it a secret.”

“You don’t have to apologize, meow. Even if Luna came from another world, it doesn’t matter, you’re still my friend, meow.”

“Merdie…Thank you very much.”

“Still, I finally understand why Halt got that monstrous power after knowing that he’s an alien.”

“You’re right, Luke…. Still, looks like Halt and Teacher Tina don’t have any plans on stopping, huh.”

“Shut up, Ryuushin.”

“Ah, they already separated, though?” (Leaffa)

“Yeah, but they’re still doing a staring contest, though.” (Youko)

“Oh, perhaps, this is….” (Mai and Mei)

“T-they started all over again, meow.”

I could totally hear what Leaffa and the others were saying.

But, I was head over heels right now, so I couldn’t stop flirting with Tina.

This gorgeous elf had waited for me for a hundred years, and she was begging to be kissed.

There’s no way I could hold back, right?


T/N: It was romantic and all, but I wish Halt would stop bringing up the “hundred years” that passed. It was a total mood killer, like, I can’t help but think that you’re kissing a 100 year old granny. Lol 😀 He could’ve said ‘just like in the past’ 😀

And that ends Volume 6: Everyone’s Past! 😀 New Arc next time 🙂
Here’s the LN cover again, with Luna and Hakua! And here’s a photo of Tina in her wedding gown, to dispel the uncanny feeling brought about by the fact that she’s more than a century old 😀

E/N: All I can see are her boobs…..anyway, isn’t Halt like 12 years old? Then a 100     year old granny and a 12 year old…..Surely! Nothing is wrong, right? 

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3. 

The arc is complete! Yay!

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  1. just go onto nhentai and loom at the shotacon tag, youll see worse than a 12 year old with a 100 year old granny lol

  2. Tina is a half-elf, and it appears the half-elves also have inherited the longevity of the elves. Haruto may only be 12, but it was mentioned at the start of the school arc that he has the body of a 15 year old, because in this world humans mature faster and also have a bit of longevity so that they stay younger-looking for longer (though probably not as much as the elves).

    1. This is the really sucky thing when you think about it… Both of his elf brides are going to have to watch him grow old and die before theyve even reached their middle years. Tina is still considered a young lass even though shes over a hundred years old. Theyve got what 100 years with him? drop in the bucket for an elf.

      1. You know I got the impression that he can’t die cause his hp is locked permanently at 10. An indestructible immortal. But that will contradict how he grows up. Well with his inexhaustible mana we will just wait for him to create a spell to reverse tome or something similar to that, I mean isn’t he practically stronger than gods that need mana.

  3. Ah, Tina, beautiful inside and out.

    So, Halt has his memories back, so his mental age should be 15 years on Earth + however many years as the hero + 12 as Halt … quite something. I am curious if his abilities from the first visit are fully gone.

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