God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 7

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Cami

Looking back

 After returning safely from my first dungeon, I started to organize the current situation while drinking alcohol.

 Name: Saburo Negishi

Gender: Male

 Age: 29

 Equipment: Uni-Ro suit

 : Metal bat

 : Leather shoes

 Blessing: God of Evil

 → Increased physical ability by 1.5 times or more (may even be about 2 times more)

 → Increased drop rate when defeating monsters in a savage way? Increased good luck?

 Dungeon: Shinjuku Dungeon 2nd floor

 Skill: None


 I groaned while looking at the paper that summarized the current situation.

 The points needing improvement are clear. First of all, my equipment needs some improvement. After all, a person in a suit carrying a metal bat looks rather unpleasant. I look like a poor salary man. Let’s visit the explorer’s shop tomorrow.

 I have no complaints about the blessing. Since the item drop rate is increased, I should be able to earn more efficiently than a normal explorer would.

However, it is not always possible to sell everything to Wakutsu. Therefore, it is necessary to extend my friendship to other explorers as well. I want to avoid selling my goods to association-certified shops as much as possible. Let’s develop a bar where explorers can gather.

Next, the biggest challenge may be acquiring skills. There are three major influences that this world and the other world adhere to. Dungeons, gods, and skills.

 Currently, of course, I don’t have the skills. There are two ways to acquire skills. Either you already have it naturally or obtain them through the usage of skill orbs.

 Instances where children are born already having natural skills of their own from being related to the other world are rare. Even if it is rare, it’s still about 5%. Such guys nowadays are dangerous.

 I have no choice but to use skill orbs to acquire skills.

 However, when I checked the prices of skill orbs, it made me sick. The cheapest ones already start at 10 million yen. While fiddling with my smartphone, I checked the price list of skill orbs on the association’s site. It looked like this:

 Striking: 10 million

 Piercing: 10 million

 Beheading: 10 million

 Hitting: ​​10 million

 Poison unavailable: 10 million

 Fascination unavailable: 10 million

 Darkness unavailable: 10 million

 Fear unavailable: 10 million

 Water formation: 10 million

 Fire formation: 10 million

 Soil formation: 10 million

 Wind formation: 10 million


 Generally speaking, 10 million yen skills appear to be the lowest on the market. That being said, even having one of these skills makes a huge difference. Explorers who do not have skills at all are treated as beginners.

 Explorers who have reached the sixth floor in any dungeon are considered intermediates. The reason for this upgrade is found on the fifth floor. Dungeons house a floor boss on the fifth floor, and it looks like you can’t advance any further unless you defeat it.

 So what does that have to do with skills? Well, it relates a lot to it! It’s known that a floor boss may drop a skill orb upon defeat.

 And what’s more important is that a skill orb is guaranteed to drop when you defeat a floor boss for the first time!

 So most mid-ranking explorers have skills because of this. Even Wakutsu has a piercing skill.

 Skills are another type of world element like blessings, but they are different from blessings. I have to defeat the floor boss to get a skill.

Translator’s Thought

We finally got to know the MCs full name, quite a decent name~ We also learned more about the setting. Also, talking about skills, Wakutsu has a skill, it’ll be fun to see what Negishi will get after fighting the floor boss~ Oh, the prices are really expensive though, well, even if they aren’t, Negishi is really a cheapskate. Don’t you agree?



    1. Ur welcome~ negishi is reading from the site, so they’re saying there is poison but it’s unavailable.

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