White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 8

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The Battle Of Legends

Severred had nowhere to hide. However, when he saw the black magical energy about to hit him, he didn’t panic. 

“God’s Asylum!”

The black energy collided with the shield, and after a slight ripple, the black energy dissipated into nothingness.

Due to the impact, Severred also flew 10 meters before smashing down on a wagon in the back, scattering goods all over the place.

A bearded barbarian standing below beside the wagon, carrying a wolf tooth stick, emitted a horrific aura and stared angrily at Salilina. He aligned the head of the wolf tooth stick towards the ground, and a circle of golden light spread out. 

“Balinor shelters us!” 

His voice wasn’t loud, but it seemed to fiercely ring in the hearts of the barbarians, dispelling their fear and confusion, allowing the crowd to get rid of the influence brought by the dragon’s might. 

Amos’s expression turned grave. Only a Legendary Priest could cast such a wide range of aura spells.

‘Another legend!’

Salilina looked at the Legendary Priest and felt a headache. She knew killing Severred was going to be impossible today, but things had developed up to this point and stopping was not an option, anymore. 

Salilina opened her mouth and said, “Oh, Archbishop Orglesig, I really didn’t expect you to come too, leaving Bertram alone in Sandonaar, aren’t you afraid of having your nest terminated?”

“Salilina! It’s not too late to go back after we finish you!”

Orlesig was very angry. He still felt a lingering fear. If it hadn’t been for the barbarian patriarch, Bertram, worrying over the southbound team’s wellbeing, requesting him to escort them out of the Northlands, Severed would’ve been a goner by now. 

After thinking about the huge blow to the barbarians of the Northlands after losing a Legend, Oglesig was enraged and wanted nothing more than to swallow alive the evil dragon that had robbed the barbarians many times in the past.

“Finish me?” Salilina listened to the words of Priest Oglesig and said contemptuously, “Just you?!”

“Big lizard! Have you recovered from your previous injury?” Severred, who had just risen from the cargo, spoke up in mockery.

“Vile reptile! You’ve successfully managed to anger me.” The dragon mother quickly recited a long string of saliva-inducing dragon words.

Mighty Dragon Technique!

Holy Shield!

Vajra Body!

Spiritual Power Enchantment!

A series of magic boosts and defence magic was added to herself.

In fact, Salilina’s fighting style was the consistent style of most of the evil dragons.

When a battle began, it usually started with the dragon’s breath.

When faced against a small number of weak enemies, a dragon would usually arrogantly descend from the sky, flapping its majestic wings, attack with its mighty head and use the legendary tail swing and a series of other moves to ensure an enemy’s death. 

However, while facing a powerful enemy, a series of magic enchantments before the official battle could increase the dragon’s strength by at least 30%.

When faced with a strong number of enemies, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of them.

The first attacker was actually not Salilina but the worshipper of the dragon religion, the mage in the shadows. Suddenly, a bone spear appeared out of nowhere heading straight towards Oglesig. The Archbishop swung his wolf tooth stick and knocked away the bone spear.


Severred roared at the top of his lungs, turning berserk with blood-red eyes. His gnarled muscles became more exaggerated, even his height increased by a few centimetres, not excluding the fact that a more maniac power erupted from the depths of his soul.

This was his entry into the Legend realm, accepting world law baptism to obtain more power. From now on, his berserker name would be Legendary Berserker.

Meantime, Severred was completely unrecognizable with his muscles bulging like a skin tumour, crimson pupils, and height of 3 meters. The double-edged giant axe now fit in his hands just right.

The humanoid weapon, Severred, dragged the giant axe towards Salilina; completely unafraid to fight the dragon in close combat.

Salilina, who had suffered a loss, flapped her dragon wings and flew up into the sky; she did not want to fight to the death with a berserk Severred at all.

“Divine Punishment Strike!”

As soon as the voice fell, a golden disc appeared above the head of the rising Salilina, and a vast amount of golden energy poured out. Although it failed to break through her magical defence, it successfully distracted her, making her lose balance, interrupting her rise in mid-air.

‘A good chance!’ 

Severed, who was squatting down, jumped immediately, shooting at Salilina like a cannonball. 

“Ice Barrier!”

The water crystals in the air quickly condensed and turned into a 4-cubic-meter square cage to defend against the axe’s trajectory. Though Severred’s attack successfully split the ice shield in half, his speed also plummeted due to the clash.

Salilina quickly balanced herself and sprayed a mouthful of dragon breath. Severred became a live target in mid-air. Luckily, he had teammates.

“Holy Shield Art!”

A thick golden shield appeared out of thin air shielding Sifre. It emitted a dazzling golden light blocking the icy blue breath.

Suddenly, grey energy filled with decaying aura rushed towards the Oglesig standing on the ground.

The Archbishop drew a mysterious golden rune with one hand.

Guardian of God!

A pair of divine wings brimming with holy power grew behind him.

The grey energy didn’t get close enough before getting purified by the dense holy light.

“Summon the Underworld Dragon!”

“Divine Servant Descend!”

A demonic purple six-manifold magic formation appeared on the ground, and a 15-meter-long underworld dragon came out from it, tilting its head, it let out a silent roar.

At the same time, a golden oval portal was formed in the air presenting an illusory figure with wings on the back.

The dragon opened its mouth, spraying a mouthful of greyish-white Dragon Breath towards the newly summoned creature. The god’s servant was not to be outdone. He swung out the divine magic sword burning with golden flames and started fighting with the dragon.

The people around the battlefield suffered. However, the summoned creatures didn’t care about their own people below. Even if both sides had moved away from the legendary battlefield as quickly as possible, there were still some unlucky fellows who were affected by the aftershocks of the battle and died on the spot without leaving any residue.

After ordering the summoned creatures to withdraw, for the time being, Oglesig and the necromancer panted heavily, looking at each other warily. After all, even for a Legend, a series of high-level magic (divine magic) was a considerable burden.

Salilina finished spewing Dragon Breath, and looked at the falling Severred, revealing a mocking smile. Her wings were opened wide covering the whole sky, and her body accelerated downwards, rushing in the direction of Severred. 

“The sky is my territory!”

After catching up with the falling Severred, she swung her tail. Severred had no one to lend a hand and nowhere to hide in the air, so he helplessly raised his hands to tightly hold up the axe to meet the incoming dragon tail.


Severred fell faster than he came, and a large human-shaped pit was formed where he landed, raising dust into the air.

Not long after, Severred jumped out of the pit, scornfully looking at the Salilina who was still flying up in the sky. 

The scene was in a stalemate.

Salilina and the necromancer looked at each other and took the lead in breaking the stalemate, flying towards the empty land in the west. Since the sneak attack didn’t succeed and both parties had failed to gain an absolute advantage, only the second option could be opened—soldier against a soldier and general against a general.

Oglesig and Severred ran on the ground, moving towards the battlefield in the west, tactically agreeing to the arrangements. They were equally matched in the previous fight. And after all, who didn’t want to come out winning with a group of comrades and not as a lone commander.


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