The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 59

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59. Katariona Receives the Guidance of the Sword Saint of the Wind

The Marquis de Grandeur’s territory has been covered with snow that had begun to fall in earnest, and outside trials have been suspended until spring. Until spring, each of us will have to do our trials indoors.

After witnessing Tojurou-san and my brother’s training, I became interested in swordsmanship and asked Tojurou-san to make me one of his disciples. 

With Kikuno-sama’s help, Tojurou-san readily accepted my request to become his disciple.

Chris, too, seemed to have an interest in swordsmanship, so she decided to learn it from Tojurou-san as well.

Early this morning, Chris and I were training with Tojurou-san in the hall.

“Chris was forced to climb a mountain by Lyle, but Yurie has quite a lot of strength, too.”

I had created a new playground structure near the treehouse I had built in the forest that would help me gain some muscle strength in between the trials. I tried it out, but it was quite challenging and required a lot of strength.

“Okay! Next, do thirty push-ups.”

“Tojurou’s a demon!

Chris growled after completing thirty sit-ups and push-ups respectively.

Tojurou-san smirked, looking down at Chris.

“Call me Master. As punishment, Chris will have to add ten more.”

“It wasn’t Torjurou. …… Master is a demon.”

Chris grumbled while doing push-ups. It’s true he’s like a demon trainer, but in order to wield a sword, you need to develop good arm strength, leg strength, and reflexes.

“After push-ups, we’ll take a break and then do a hundred bare-knuckle swings, followed by sparring sessions.” 

Even though it was winter and therefore cold even indoors, I was drenched in sweat as I had been working out all morning.

The dogi and hakama that Kikuno-sama had made for me for training were functional and easy to move in. It is said that the dogi and hakama are worn by those who wish to practice the way of the sword in Hinoshima.

“I brought you a cold drink.”

Marie brought me a drink just as I finished my push-ups. Mary’s timing was just right. Lemon water and honeyed fruit were placed on the table.

“I’m exhausted.”

Chris, who had completed her ten extra push-ups, came to the table and I offered her a towel.

“Good job, Chris.”

“Thanks, Rio.”

Chris poured us a glass of lemon water and drank it down in one gulp.

“Phew! I feel alive again.”

“Lemon water is great after a workout.”

I handed Marie the glass, and she poured me another glass of lemon water.

“Are you an old man? You guys are …….”

“Excuse me. I’m still ten!”

It’s definitely because of Tojurou-san’s influence that we sometimes make gestures like old men. Even though he’s only twenty-one.

I picked up a piece of fruit soaked in honey and drank some lemon water. Sweet things always taste better when I’m tired.

“Mofufmofu replenishment!”

I picked up Leon, who was near the table and fluffed him up. Chris captured Lyle-sama, who was dressed as a blue-gray cat and fluffed him up. She skillfully avoided Lyle’s cat-punching attacks and continued to fluff him.

Leon is calmly being fluffed. Oh, how soothing.

“Come to think of it, I had a strange dream last night.”

“What kind of dream?

Chris tilted her head while holding a limp Lyle-sama, whose attacks had been dodged at every turn.

“The dream is that Chris, as an adult, is going to become queen, and from that day on, the country’s name will be changed from the Kingdom of Findalia to the Kingdom of Fluffy Dalia.”

“Sounds interesting. Do you think I should change the name of the country when I ascend to the throne as queen? Maybe when I ascend to the throne as queen, I’ll change the name of the kingdom and suggest that every citizen should have one fluffy protector in the family.”

A kingdom full of fluff is wonderful, but won’t other countries look at us funny?

“So you see. The moment Leon, who was standing next to me, announced that he was going to change the name of the country, he said, ‘Nyafun!’ I don’t know why he said that. But it was oddly lifelike.”

Leon’s body jolted. “Still, it’s a dahlia, a nyah-fun,” he muttered softly. 

“What? That cutesy and dreamy! Lyle-sama, try saying ‘nyafun!”

“No way!”

Chris tugged on Lyle-sama’s cheek as he turned away, and pressed a honey-dipped fruit to his mouth.

“Chris…… Lyle-sama is a god, isn’t that being too disrespectful?”

“Lyle is fond of humans, you know. Such a level of discourtesy would not be disrespectful.”

Leon glanced at Lyle, and the latter flashed his fangs at him.

“Leon ……, remember what I told you.”

“Now, your break is over. Start with a hundred strikes!”

From that point on, my brother joined us, and the three of us just kept on swinging. Chris and I’s swords were shorter than my brother’s long one.

Chris and I were given short wooden swords for training because he thought it would be easier for a woman to use a small tachi kodachi or a small kozuka.

As the name implies, the kotachi is a sword with a shorter blade than the daitou, and the kogara is a short sword like the one here.

After swinging the sword a hundred times, I got blisters on my hands. Popping the blisters was not a good idea, so I decided to heal them later with “healing magic”.

Beginners will inevitably develop blisters because they put too much pressure on their hands. Once you learn to use a wooden sword well, you’re less likely to get blisters, he said.

“Aside from Yuri, Chris and Yurie will make their debut in society when they turn fifteen, right? A person who uses a sword will have thicker skin on their hands. So what will you do when you have to dance with men?”

There’s nothing wrong with female knights and future heirs to the throne having such hands, but we don’t want people to know that we practice martial arts if at all possible. 

“We have thought of a countermeasure. In our country, when a woman attends an evening party or a ball, she is expected to wear gloves.”

However, even through the gloves, you can’t cover up your calloused palms.

“I have a pair of gloves that I’m working on with Laura. They will be ready before we make our debut in society.”

It’s a glove that adds the softness of a woman’s skin. We’ll be wearing corsets so we won’t have to worry about our muscles getting in the way of our dancing. 

“Yes indeed, you are quite resourceful.”

Tojurou-san nodded in appreciation.

“It’s a woman’s trait to pay attention to the smallest of details. It’s not like Hikoshirou, who is always so careless.”

“You always have to say one more word, Kikuno.”

After completing the swings, we began to learn to strike each other. Tojurou-san personally instructed us.

My brother, Chris, and I went at him in that particular order. My brother had been practicing with Tojurou-san since his magic attribute test, so his body language was very graceful.

As for Chris and I, we were just imitating what we saw, so it was easy for us to dodge.

“If you keep hitting from the top, you’ll leave a lot of gaps. Cleave to the side, poke, or aim for the hand, according to the situation.”

We were serious about attacking him, but since Tojiro-san was dealing with beginner students, he wouldn’t hit us. With a light touch of the tip of the wooden sword, he showed us in detail what would happen if we did this.

“That’s it! Tomorrow we’ll do the same training. Make sure you review it.”

” “Thank you very much.” “

I bowed in courtesy to my master.

Aikido Hakama Image I found; The Dogi (kimono) is the white part I believe

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