God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 6

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Cami

Savage Hunting


A few moments after we went down to the second floor, a goblin with a sword appeared and threatened us.

When I observed the goblin, I caught a faint glimpse of intelligence in his eyes. Being able to handle weapons meant this goblin had intelligence. This might work.

“Goblins are such ugly creatures! God is joking too much.”


“Hahahaha! Are you mad at me? You’re so cocky!”


“Wait! Paisen! Why are you stirring things up for nothing?”

“It’s okay. Just watch me. Hey! Come on!”


The goblin swung his sword in anger.

“What a simpleton.”

I easily dodged the goblin’s sword and immediately turned around and swung my bat.

The goblin died and disintegrated into smoke, leaving behind a small bottle, along with a small magic stone.

“Whooa! A beginner potion! You’re a lucky guy, paisen.”

I picked up the small bottle of red liquid and shoved it into my pocket. My pocket was getting full.

“Is it rare for potions to drop from goblins?”

“It’s rare! I bet the drop rate isn’t even 1%!”

“I see. Let’s try some more.”


“The drop rate for potions seems more like 50% to me.” I said as I handed the small bottle from my pocket to Wakutsu.

“That’s strange. Is this another special ability that was given to paisen?”

“I still need to verify it, though.”

We, no, I’ve been hunting goblins on the second floor all this time.

But I wasn’t just simply hunting.

I cursed and agitated the goblins a lot as a way of toying with them before defeating them.

Indeed, I committed acts that would please the God of Evil.

And guess what? The drop rate for potions, which was usually less than 1%, jumped to 50% for me.

Was it simply the drop rate that had increased, or was it my luck that had increased? I haven’t been able to verify it, but it is definitely a very beneficial special ability.

“But it’s hard to do evil moves all the time.”

“I don’t think so, you didn’t look troubled at all! Rather, you look happy!”

“No. I’m not.”


“Wakutsu, how much do beginner potions sell for?”

“If you buy them from an association-certified shop, the price is about 15,000 yen per bottle. If you buy from a store, it costs about 40,000 yen, but that’s only the purchase price. If you’re buying from a private seller, it’s around 30,000 yen, but it’s impossible to do this if you don’t have any contacts.”

“Wakutsu, how about 28,000 yen per bottle?”

“Suddenly talking about business, I see? Moreover, since your price is set slightly cheaper, it is hard for me to refuse!”

“You can use them for yourself, too, Wakutsu. And you can sell it to your fellow explorers as well. No one is at a loss here. It’s the perfect deal.”

I already have 10 beginner potions. Come on, Wakutsu, just buy them.

“Paisen! You’re making an evil face! The corners of your mouth are pointed crookedly upwards!”

“What will you do?”

“All right! I’ll buy them!”

“That was a pleasant deal. Now let’s go home for the day.”

“Uhh, I understand.”

I made 280,000 yen on my first day in the dungeon. Being an explorer is not bad.

Translator’s Thought

Hell yeah, I hope you guys like our MC who is smart in business. He made an approx. 2528 USD in his first dungeon. Wew…That’s amazing honestly. I don’t know why, every chapter I got Tled is always got money in it. I think it’s fate. Anyway, have fun reading~ and Don’t forget o subscribe on Discord! Thank you!


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