Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 29

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Evil God

Divine Realm.  

A short while after the demon king had been defeated —

“Evil God-sama! P-please wake up!!”

A shikigami frantically approached  the sleeping Evil God. They were at the furthermost temple in the divine realm.

“Huh…what happened?”

“The Demon King was defeated!”

“Huh, is that it, then— WHAT!?”

“The Demon King was slayed by the Hero!”

He couldn’t believe his ears when he heard the shikigami’s words.

It was unprecedented for the demon king to be defeated with this speed.

Just a few years more and he would have gathered sufficient  negative energy from the world.

“The Demon King! Was! Defeated! By the Hero!”

“So noisy!!”

The shikigami who shouted beside the Evil God’s ears thinking  that he didn’t hear her got scolded.

“I thought Evil God-sama didn’t hear me because you were trying to escape reality. I apologize.”

“Tsk, got it…. So, who killed my Demon King? I have to train and prepare my counterplan for the next hero.”

“That is…”

“What happened?”

“I didn’t expect that the hero would attack us this early, so I never monitored him.”

“Heh, so?”

“Yes, so, I do not have an inkling as to what kind of hero he was, or how he defeated the demon king, so I cannot  not give you any relevant information for that counterplan.”

The Evil God’s face contorted in rage in just a blink of an eye after he heard what the shikigami said.

“You-you useless wench!!!!!”

”That’s why I told Evil God-sama to buy a surveillance crystal with the video recording feature, didn’t I?”

Bloodlust strong enough to vibrate the surrounding air overflowed from the Evil God, but the shikigami ignored him and continued talking nonchalantly.

“What? Is Evil God-sama saying that I should monitor the Demon King constantly? I’m not that free, you know. I’m the only shikigami managing this shrine, after all.”

It seemed that the shikigami also had her own opinions.

She probably snapped after being scolded by the Evil God.

“I’m the one cleaning this uselessly huge shrine, repairing the broken parts, bookkeeping for the accumulated and consumed energy, investigating for the model of the Demon King, and many more other things. Would Evil God-sama do all of those if I were to monitor the Demon King?”

“Eh, no, that’s…”

The Evil God shrinked back at the overwhelming pressure that the shikigami radiated.

“Good for you, Evil God-sama. You just sleep all the time, but the energy keeps on pouring into you, and you don’t have to lift a finger. You could have checked the Demon King yourself.” 

“No, I mean, see, it’s like this. Even if that’s the Demon King, it’s not proper to pry in his private life — I think.”

“You-you’re the Evil God!!! You’re the worst guy in this entire world, aren’t you!? Why are you, the most evil guy of all time, so concerned with the private life of each and everyone of your subordinates!? Rather than that, you could’ve just checked the throne in the Demon King’s Palace! Are you an idiot!?”

“Hey, watch your mouth!”

The shikigami thought that she said too much. She clamped her mouth with her hand.

“You shouldn’t say that lightly. A superior who doesn’t know how to protect his subordinates’ privacy will not earn their respect.”

“That’s your reaction!?”

Actually, the shikigami enjoyed bickering with the Evil God.

Shikigamis were handed to their respective deities after being created by the Creator God.

She was assigned to the Evil God’s shrine. Initially, she had been sorely disappointed when she heard that she had to serve that Evil God who caused the world to be in chaos

The Evil God would probably use her until she died, sooner than later.

That’s what she thought.

However, the Evil God had treasured her.

Some of the shikigami had been destroyed due to the unreasonable orders issued by the other deities apparently.  But  she had been serving the Evil God by herself since the moment she was created.

That didn’t mean the Evil God was a good guy. He would send an oracle to the Demon King, ordering him to raise wars.  He  also killed many people. Still, he was considered as a good boss by his subordinates, and they truly liked him.

The demon kings and demons would say “I’m sorry, Evil god….” as they disappear after being slain by the hero. He always seemed a little bit downcast whenever that happened.

The shikigami was probably thinking too much regarding that sad expression. However, for her, the Evil God was worthy of being entrusted with his subordinates’ lives.

The Evil God grumbled after he came into terms that the Demon King was truly defeated.

“That Creator God’s too meddlesome, getting heroes from the other world just to kill the Demon Kings that I raised.”


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