God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 5

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Cami

Kind Wakutsu

 “Be careful going down to the second floor.”


 “First of all, on the second floor, a transfer stone is installed right next to the stairs. Be sure to touch it when you reach it.”

 “Ah, it’s the same as the one found at the entrance of the dungeon. Should we be thankful that this device recognizes that we moved on from the last floor?”

 “That’s right. Next, we have the monsters, but following that, the goblins will be armed with weapons. The weapons are rusty swords, but if you are hit, paisen’s suit will get torn.”

 Well, I have no reason to go back to my company anymore, so there’s no problem with that.

 “At first, you won’t be able to grasp the distance of the opponent’s weapons at all, so please be careful. No matter how much paisen’s physical ability has improved, your body will become stiff, so if you get hit, you will be injured as any person normally would.”

 Wakutsu gave me some good advice as a senior explorer. I was thankful.

 “Hey, are you listening! You’ve been playing with your smartphone for a while now!”

 “Ah, I’m listening, I’m listening.”

 “That! Answer me if you heard!”

 “No, I’m sorry. I was researching a little about the blessing. I received a rare blessing after all. There must be something more other than the fact that it improves my physical strength, I guess?”

 “Ah, that’s right. It looks like you are given special abilities related to the god who gave you the blessing. The blessing is…” 

 “I was looking through various things on the association’s website, but there are too many things for me to be able to grasp the trends at all.”

 “For example, in a famous area, the blessing of the God of Beauty makes it difficult to age in appearance. Another example is when major explorers are blessed by the God of Power, even with their initial physical ability, they are granted a positive supplement of strength on top of it because of the blessing.”

 “Ah, that area is on the association’s website. Are there any special abilities that haven’t been released?”

 “That’s right. It seems that the blessing from the God of Lust is very strong.”


 “Don’t speak!”


 “Well, since he’s a god of evil, would you be good at mischief, for example?”

 “I’m already good at it.”

 “Yeah, for sure!”

 “Er, I don’t know. I’ll have to test a few things first.”

 “Yeah. Do you want to go down to the lower floor for now?”


 We were finally on the second floor.

Translator’s Thought

Ahhh, Wakutsu is so kind explaining things, yet his paisen is totally on a different wavelength! Anyone might have experienced such a situation, when you talk so enthusiastically and all happy with someone, and he/she just “okay”, or “yeah”. Hahaha, how sad. Be sure to check the other person is with you 🙂 Hope it was a fun read~


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