The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 58

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58. Katariona Delightedly Meets the Author of her Favorite Book

In the morning, I harvested the vegetables in the greenhouse with Kikuno-sama.

The greenhouse is designed so that vegetables can grow easily so that they can be eaten even in the winter.

The winters in the Marquis de Grandeur (territory) are harsh. Since no vegetables are harvested during the winter, they are usually pickled in vinegar and stored before winter.

We’re still in the experimental stage, but once we get results, we’re planning to build greenhouses in the farmlands of the estate. The idea is to make it possible for the people of the estate to eat fresh vegetables all year round.

On my way back to the mansion, I heard the clanging of wooden swords coming from the garden.

“It seems that they are practicing with wooden swords.”

“Is it Tojurou-san and Brother?”

When I went to see the culprit of the sound, I saw my brother and Tojurou-san having a spar with wooden swords, practicing. 

“Would you like to take a look?”


Going towards the person making the sound, I found my brother and Tojurou-san sparring with wooden swords.

“Your brother is doing his best, isn’t he?”

“Yes. Hikoshirou is showing no mercy, but he’s holding his ground well.”

Brother struggled to keep up with Tojurou-san’s quick movements. He’s tall and well-built, but he’s very agile. His nickname “Sword Saint of the Wind” isn’t for nothing. 

“Alright! That’s it.”

“Thank you very much!”

It seems their practice spar is over.

“Tojurou-sama, Brother. Thank you for your hard work.”

“Oh! Yurie and her attendant, Kikuno, is it? You guys are up early.”

“Who’s the attendant?”

I think it’s more likely that I would be Kikuno-sama’s attendant.

“Kikuno-sama, Rio. Good morning.”

It’s only been about two years since my brother has become a disciple of Tojurou-san, but due to holding a sword every day, he’s developed some nice muscles. Compared to the other kids his age, Brother has a better physique.

“Yuri has nice muscles. Glad to see that you can keep up with Hikoshirou’s speed.”

“Thank you, Kikuno-sama.”

Brother was embarrassed by Kikuno-sama’s praise.

Kikuno-sama also calls us by our second name deriving from the Hinoshima nation when referring to us siblings.

“Kikuno, want to have some fun and play a match for the first time in a while?”

“I don’t mind, but please be serious.”

“That’s exactly what I was hoping for.”

Seriously? Kikuno-sama can also use a sword?”

Tojurou-san wore his sword around his waist and faced Kikuno-sama.

Huh? Kikuno-sama is unarmed.

“I won’t go easy on you.”


Pulling his sword out, the wind started to swirl around him. What the heck is that? Kikuno-sama is in danger!

“Kirijuin style! Wind burst!”

When Tojurou-san swung his sword down, a blad of wind attacked Kikuno-sama.


Just in the nick of time, Kikuno-sama dodged the wind blade with a brilliant flip and pulled something out of her bosom.

“Kujo Kasumi! Dance of the Dust!” (Oh dear, I hope these fighting terms are correct)

As the sand danced around her in a spiral pattern, something flew towards Tojurou-san. Tojruou-san sidestepped, avoiding the thrown projectile, and something black pierced through several trees.

“That’s a dark weapon, isn’t it?”

Marie exclaimed. She had been standing next to me for some time without me realizing it, probably utilizing shadow migration. (another weird term)

“What a lively morning.”

Chris came down from overhead carrying Leon in her arms. She was floating by manipulating the wind around her well.

Leon, who was being held in Chris’s arms, looked around sleepily. He was dozing off, yawning, which was cute. 

“As Marie said, this is a dark weapon called a kunai.”

Kikuno-sama took out a kunai from her pocket and showed it to me. The shape was in a slightly unusual diamond, the tip, sharp and pointed.


“ “ That’s the weapon used by the Shinobi in Ninja Law Records: The Battle of Three Powers!” ” (TL: Please forgive me if I’m way off on this title)

Chris’ and I shouted at the same time, eyes sparkling. We had recently read a story about the Hinokuni.

The story was an exciting read because it was an action story where the Shinobi, who specialized in espionage, used the inhuman Ninpou.

“Oh? You’ve read my book?”

What! Kikuno=sama was the one who wrote The Ninja Law Records?

“ “ Please sign!” ”

We asked, our voices overlapping.

“My pleasure! I just released The Ninja Law Records Vol. 2: The Four Oroch, so I’ll sign that as well.”

(*TL Note: The Oroch are referring to a small group of people in Russia. I’ll link and include the definition down below in the notes) 

Moreover, the fact that the two volumes are out is information that fans should not miss. 

When we told them we were buying it, they said that they would give us a signed copy as a commemorative gift. Chris and I were literally jumping for joy.

“Kikuno! Focus on the fight! I mean! You’re the one who wrote that crappy book!?”

“It’s not crap! Tojurou’s an art onchi!”

(TL: I looked it up. From what I can infer, it means that he is tone-deaf or blind to art. So essentially, he’s got no taste for art or in this case, literature)

Chris was indignant. Her favorite character is the main character in The Ninja Law Records.

I like the Shinobi beasts the hero has with him, the white fox (byakko) and the black fox (kokko or coco). I can’t tell as there are no illustrations, but from the description, I imagine that they are probably super fluffy and cute.

“That’s right! The Ninja Law Records is a masterpiece!”

Huh? It seems Marie has also read it. The Ninja Law Records is a great read for anyone.

The match between Tojurou-san and Kikuno-sama was a big win for Kikuno-sama. 

Tojiro-san, who had lost, was lying at the base of a tree, sulking, while Brother consoled him.

“I’m currently working on The Ninja Law Records Vol. 3: Two-Tailed Cattail.”

The three of us ladies were getting Kikuno-sama to sign a copy of The Ninja Law Records Vol. 2: The Four Oroch that she had brought with her.

(TL: I”m not sure if it was her who brought it our the three of them…)

“ “ I’ll buy it!” ”

Chris, Marie, and I were super happy to receive a signed book.

I’m going to read it tonight.



Wikipedia definition

1. Oroch people​Orochs, Orochons, or Orochis are a small people of Russia that speak the Oroch (Orochon) language of the Southern group of Tungusic languages. According to the 2002 census, there were 686 Orochs in Russia. Orochs traditionally settled in the southern part of the Khabarovsk Krai, Russia, and on the Amur and Kopp rivers. In the 19th century, some of them migrated to Sakhalin.

Shinobi is a ninja/covert agent/ mercenary in feudal Japan.

This chapter included lots of confusing terms. If you need any clarification, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to answer you personally and include it in my notes here at the bottom. 


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