I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 39

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Little Dance Partner

Miaomiao embraced her mother, “Mom, I love you.”

Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she said those words.

My mother is the most important person in the world to me.

Hearing her words, Mother Hua also burst into tears.

She then looked at Mother Hua’s weeping eyes and asked in a nasal voice, “Then, what things should I not do?”

This is a very, very important question. Mom said that if I did something that was wrong, then she’ll be sad…

I need to know what I shouldn’t do from the start so that I won’t do it,’ Miaomiao thought. This was very important to her. She never wanted to see her mother be sad.

Mother Hua kissed her on the forehead, and then she softly said, “This is a bit complicated. You should never intentionally hurt people. You can hurt someone in two ways. First, you cannot casually tease people. For example, if other people say that I don’t look good, then I’ll be sad. The second one is fighting. However, if someone hurts you first, you have the right to fight back.”

Miaomiao remembered biting Hua Jun, but back then Hua Jun hurt her first…

Turns out that my mom wasn’t angry at me.

A feeling of joy radiated from Miaomiao as she finally understood a multitude of things. Initially, she was already gleeful because of her mother’s statements, but now she was even happier.

Mother Hua said, “Alright, let’s wash the foam out of your hair. Close your eyes now.”

Miaomiao hummed, and then she closed her eyes obediently.

Mother Hua gently rinsed Miaomiao’s hair with warm water, which fell lightly on her head before slowly running over her skin.

Miaomiao replied, “Mom, whenever you think of something I shouldn’t do, let me know, and I’ll never do it.”

Mother Hua chuckled with amusement. She thought that her daughter was well-behaved and reasonable, “Well, mom will tell Miaomiao as soon as she thinks about it.”

It never occurred to her that such moments could happen. A moment such as this one where Miaomiao was bathing in a tub filled with water while she sat behind her to wash her back.

It was as if that traumatic past had never occurred.

Since Miaomiao had short hair, she washed out the lather rather quickly.

While Mother Hua was wiping Miaomiao, she heard Miaomiao say, “Mom, I’ll wash your hair too.”

Mother Hua did not refuse, so she lowered her head and allowed Miaomiao to slowly wash her hair with her little hands.

The next day, when Miaomiao arrived at school, she had a big grin on her face.

When Zhou Yuan stepped into the classroom, Miaomiao greeted him cheerfully and enthusiastically with a sonorous voice, “Good morning, Zhou Yuan!”

Back then, she always did her daily routine and greeted him every morning, but she was a little cautious in her actions, like a little snail.

Now, she erupted in excitement and exhilaration. Just by looking at her, Zhou Yuan could sense her joyousness. 

Zhou Yuan bought her a bottle of yogurt on his way to school. 

As soon as he sat down, he produced the bottle from his schoolbag and put it on her desk. Then, he asked, “Did your grandma and great-grandma like you?”

Miaomiao nodded vigorously, and then told him, “Mom said that she loves me.”

She considered Zhou Yuan to be her closest friend. She was willing to tell him anything. She just couldn’t hold herself back, especially when such a pleasant event took place.

“My mom said that she loves me very much, even if I do something wrong…Anyways, she loves me a lot…”

“Your mother will always love you,” Zhou Yuan said with an effulgent smile.

When she heard that, Miaomiao’s face gleamed with even more joy. Because, in her opinion, Zhouzhou was the smartest person in the world. He would never say something wrong.

Miaomiao had one more question she wanted to ask Zhou Yuan.

“Zhouzhou, do you know anything that I shouldn’t do?”

Zhou Yuan found this question strange, “What?”

“My mother said that if I did something wrong, then she would be sad because she had forgotten to tell me not to do it. I would like to write down a list of things that I shouldn’t do in advance. After I remember all of them, I won’t do them so that my mother won’t be sad.” Miaomiao said as she took out a special notebook to write them in.

Then, she looked at Zhou Yuan who was the smartest person in the world in her mind.

Seeing the serious expression on her face, Zhou Yuan agreed and thought for a long time. “Things that one shouldn’t do…” Zhou Yuan immediately thought of a multitude of things, but the problem was that they weren’t suitable for someone of Miaomiao’s age range.

He saw a line written in her notebook.

‘Can’t hurt other people.’

Zhou Yuan quickly perused this line.

Miaomiao still looked at him. Her face was full of expectation, but he was unable to come up with anything that he could tell her.

Fortunately, Jingjing and Deng Feng arrived, and they successfully attracted Miaomiao’s attention away from Zhou Yuan.

When Jingjing arrived at school, the first thing she did was to ask Miaomiao about whether or not she had danced yesterday.

Miaomiao quickly replied, “Yes, I danced.”

Miaomiao continued, “Everyone said that I danced very well!”

Suddenly, Zhou Yuan remembered when he witnessed the little girl turning the wrong way as she whirled: “…”

Then, Miaomiao said, “It’s because they never saw Jingjing dance. Jingjing, would you come dance with me? Everyone danced in pairs, and all of them are taller than me, so I can’t hold their hands to dance in a comfortable way.” Miaomiao truly believed that Jingjing was the most spectacular dancer.

Zhou Yuan: “…” He recalled this scene well. Another group was dancing in the back. Miaomiao’s group performed a square dance, whereas the group next to them had elderly couples dancing in pairs.

So, Miaomiao wanted to do a couple’s dance with Jingjing?

Jingjing didn’t understand much, but she listened to Miaomiao’s request seriously.

But Jingjing understood this, but she couldn’t promise to come. “Our home is far away, I need to speak with my mother about this.”

“I will try to convince my mother to drive me there,” Jingjing replied. She also wanted to dance with Miaomiao.

Miaomiao believed that Jingjing’s mother would find it too troublesome, so she responded, “My mother is going to learn how to drive, and I’ll learn with her. When I’m ready, I’ll drive and pick you up.”

Next to them, Zhou Yuan eavesdropped on their conversation: “…” What about me? How come you won’t pick me up?

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