God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 3

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Cami

Overseas post

 I calmed down the heated Wakutsu and summarized the story. In other words, it was like this:

 1. It seems that I got the Blessing of a God from the other world

 2. The blessing given to me by the God appears to be rare

 3. My physical ability has increased by more than 1.5 times due to the blessing

 4. Wakutsu is a virgin

 “Paisen! The fourth point is unnecessary!”

 “But it is a fact.”

 “It’s a sad fact! Please disregard it!”

 “Can a virgin receive a blessing?”

 “There’s no such thing!”

 “Well, good. So were there any replies about my engraving?”

 “No, it’s still too soon…”


 “Actually, no, there is. A post.”


 “This is a post from an explorer in America. Hmm, how do I read this? There is? Nature?”

 “What’s that? Can’t you translate it?”

 “Hey, wait a minute please, uh, yes, I got it.”

 “So what kind of person is my god?”

 “Well, I’ll just read the English translation exactly as it is, okay? So take note that I’m not talking about paisen directly when I say it!”

 “What is it? So confusing. I understand, so say it quickly.”

 “Ah, yes. Then, I’ll say it. ‘Bad personality, twisted, grumpy, nasty.’”


 “So, ‘bad personality, twisted, grumpy, nasty.’”


 “Paisen Negishi and the god who gave you the blessing.”

 “In other words, did I get the blessing from an evil god?”


 “Well, I’ve been looking for the foster parents of these lost puppies I picked up recently.”

 “Ah, I’ve heard about that. Isn’t it the case where you uploaded an image of the lost puppies on Jimote ○, and then you asked for compensation from the foster parents, right?”

 “That is! It’s a reward!”

 “No, no! You said before it’s a modern money-making tactic!”

 “Let’s shut up a little. Wakutsu-kun. Do you value your life?”

 “That’s a threat!”

 “Well, that’s fine. By the way, does anyone have the same blessing as me?”

 “Ah, at least not anyone in the Japanese Explorers Association. There is a list of blessings given to Japanese explorers on the association’s site, but there are no mentions of any evil blessings.”

 “Are there any in America?”

 “I wonder? In America, the Nevada dungeon has been captured and exchanges with the other world have already begun. Maybe they would have that information.”

 “That is, the other world?”


 “It’s like you switched to speaking French or something a while ago? A bald side reaction? Right?”

 “That’s right! You have such a bad personality! That’s why the God of Evil engraved that on your neck! I’m convinced now!”

 So you’re convinced?

Translator’s Thought

Heya, new chapter out~ How do you like the main character so far? Is it still early to judge. This chapter is giving more knowledge about explorers. And personally, this chapter is quite funny, the Mcs evil side is starting to show~ Well, hope you had fun reading!



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