White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 7

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It took all night to bring the Kobolds back to the valley before dawn. Most of the time, Amos had to wait for them as they were very slow and were always left behind.

When Amos returned to the valley, Fingale was talking with some of the winter wolves to discipline the noisy Goblins and Kobolds.

Both of his sisters were already back, Felicia was sulking on the ground while Willy was gloating on the sidelines, and Elena looked at him angrily preparing for a big fight.

Amos did not care about their antics. After handing over the Kobolds to Fingale, he flew straight to the Dragon Mother at the bottom of the valley.

“Mother, everything is going well, the cannon fodders have been brought back,” Amos said, “This is the gold and gems found in the Kobold tribe.”

While talking, Amos placed gold and two precious gems in front of the Dragon Mother.

“Oh, Amos, my dear boy, among your siblings, you are the only one who makes me feel relieved…”

Who knows what Dragon Mother’s expression would look like when she knows that Amos ate the two best gems.

After a few words of encouragement, Dragon Mother sent him away.

Amos flew back to the dragon siblings. Felicia, who was sulking, raised her head and began to complain, “Amos, mother stole my precious gems.”

“And also took my gold!” Elena chimed in.

When Amos heard it, he finally understood what was going on. It turned out that the two sisters had divided the Kobolds’ gems and gold, and stupidly brought the treasures back, but they were taken by the Dragon Mother to help “keep” them.

Amos rolled his eyes and didn’t know how to comfort them. “Never mind, there will be more gems and gold in future, Willy, you can also be quiet.”

After saying that, he lay down and slept.

The words of the powerful brother still worked, and Willy stopped trying to provoke Elena. He found a cool place to rest.

Amos pretended to sleep, but he was actually checking his own gains.

“Check out my information.”

[Name]: Amos Aldridge

[Level]: Level 7 Dragon, Level 3 Mage

[Strength]: Tier 2

[Campaign]: Orderly neutral

[Introduction]:  You are a male white dragon cub with a soul from another world, causing the white dragon bloodline to undergo deep-level mutations, resulting in an ancestral phenomenon. Your body is stronger than an average dragon cub and your scales are more durable. Your lifeforce is abundant. However, you are still a little dragon in the Hatchling stage.

The corners of Amos’ lips rose slightly, the racial level rose by one level so the harvest was good.

Of course, this wasn’t entirely the result of eating the precious gems. Amos had premonition that he was about to break through, and the gems merely made the breakthrough come sooner.

Among the four young dragons, besides the most powerful Amos, Felicia was the strongest. She inherited the priesthood of Dragon Mother. In a ritual, she also received the Dragon Queen Tiamat response so her current rank was Level 5 Dragon plus Level 1 priest.

The third strongest was the youngest Willy, who was currently on Level 5.

The weakest was Elena, who was still a Level 4 dragon.

Throughout the day, Amos rested on the ground until the darkness descended.

A full moon hung high in the night sky, emitting a gentle light. The difference was that the size of the moon on Nordhill was ten times the size of the moon on earth.

Amos thought the moon revolved around Nordhill just like on earth, but later found that the inheritance record said that the moon could be seen at any place. However, in some places it had different colors.

Amos summarised that the laws of other world stars differed greatly from those of Earth.

The ancient legend provided a reasonable explanation. It was said that the moon was the last gift left to the world by the ancient Moon God Elune.

Elune was a natural god in the same period as the Nine-headed Dragon god, Leo.

In ancient times, so long ago that even counting time was meaningless, an unknown catastrophe struck and the natural Gods born during the birth of heaven and earth fell in large numbers including Leo, the ancestor of the dragon family, and Elune, the Moon God.

According to the legends, the moon was created by the fall of Elune’s divine body, following his will to bring light to the dark world.

It was impossible to determine whether the legend was true or not, and Amos was powerless to question it.

Nor did he bother to investigate, because the army of monsters was about to be drawn out, and they had to go to the south side of Sandonar before dawn to lay an ambush in advance.

After a busy night, covering up the marching traces, and setting up the trap, the black-robed warlock came with a group of people, and after a brief conversation with the Dragon Mother, he sat under the tree to meditate.

The cultivators must ensure that the magic power is sufficient before the battle. However, one of them made Amos feel uncomfortable. He stood motionless under the tree, as if he was going to blend into the darkness.

At noon the next day, a team came into view, and a two-metre tall, bald, barbarian man walked in front of the team, with no expression on his arrogant face.

Ignoring the cold weather, he wore only a half-length leather vest, showing large muscles, carrying an exaggerated double-edged axe on his back, and riding a tall black horse with red head under his hips.

There were two teams of 20 horse-riding barbarians behind him. Although they were one size smaller than the leader, they should not be underestimated. They were followed by a carriage full of goods, which was out of sight, as they also tended to be escorted by many barbarian guards riding horses or walking beside it.


Severred glanced back at the convoy following behind him, his face covered with a hint of concern.

The damn plague inflicted heavy losses to the barbarians, and large numbers of ordinary barbarians were faced with the threat of starvation. After high-level discussions in Sandonar, they decided to trade food from the Principality of Wata in the South.

The goods in the cart would be sold in the Principality of Wata, and the cart would return to Sandonar loaded with food.

Remembering the face of the clan members filled with hope, Severred felt the weight of the burden on his shoulders, and sighed in his heart. 

‘I hope everything goes well on this trip. Protect us, Your Majesty, the Almighty Balinor.’


Without any prior warning, the crowd of ambushers who were hidden in the dark suddenly appeared. Dragon Mother leaned back, took a deep breath before fiercely opening her mouth, and spewing out an ice-blue conical-shaped dragon breath at the leader’s face.

‘Not good!’

Severred’s heart trembled, and he did not hesitate to activate a certain magical equipment. A golden shield appeared in front of the team, blocking the dragon’s breath.

The Dragon Mother did not expect the dragon breath to hurt her old opponent. So, at the same time, she raised her 8-meter-long tail which cleaved through the air making a whoosh sound.

The shield, which resisted the dragon’s breath, instantly shattered, turning into golden fragments while the dragon tail remained unscathed, and continued to lunge at the barbarians who were in close proximity to the Dragon Mother.

When Severred appeared before the Dragon Mother, he slapped his horse back to raise it up in the air, and kicked on the dragon’s tail with all his might. His rushed kick was naturally not as good as a planned attack, and he flew upside down.

The dragon tail continued to sweep the team, but the Golden Shield and Severred’s kick bought the team behind them a moment of precious time.

The people behind him were not mediocre, they struggled out of the assault, hastily jumping from the horses and rolled on the ground. The rest of the unlucky people who failed to retreat were driven off with horses, spitting blood, and died before they could even reach the ground.

A barrage of magic missiles with purple trajectory formed a curtain of bullets, attacking the lucky ones who escaped and were outside the dragon’s tail attack range. It was the dragon’s worshipers who shot it.

At this critical moment of life and death, barbarians showed their trump cards, either activating their magic equipment, or ripping up their protective scrolls. At the worst, they also went berserk to enhance their magic resistance, and then protect vital areas with wide weapons.

After a series of loud bangs, the broken limbs and blood covered the ground, and the fearless barbarians were badly injured.

Severred, who hadn’t landed yet, was about to spit blood in anger. These warriors were at least Level 10, and were the main force of the barbarian race, but now, they had lost nearly ten such warriors in this wave of attacks.

However, soon, he had no time to care about others. In a shadow under the woods beside the road, an unknown black energy locked on him, silently but swiftly shooting at him.



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