God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 2

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Translator: Appleot

Editor: Cami

 A man named Wakutsu

 “Paisen Negishi, it’s been a long time!”

At the family restaurant, the one who sat in the opposite seat of mine was my junior in university, a young bald man with a handsome face named Wakutsu. 

 “So paisen, what do you want to consult about with me? No way, you too.”

 Wakutsu glanced at my head.

 “No, it’s not a hair consultation. As you can see.”

 “Yes! Oh, wrong.”

 Wakutsu deliberately started wiping his mouth using his arm.

 “Wakutsu, you know a lot about that other world, right?”

 “Oh, it’s about that? Well, yes, I’m an explorer after all. My knowledge is quite reasonable.”

 “Then, you also know about engravings, right? Can you take a look at this?”

 I untied my muffler, exposing the engraving to Wakutsu. 

 “Paisen! You etched this tribal tattoo yourself, right?”

 “Is there a guy who’d tattoo himself and ask for a consultation? What am I? Is my self-esteem lacking or something?”

 “I’m sorry! That means, you got a blessing from god, right?”

 “I think that’s the case.”

 “But, it’s one I’ve never seen before! That engraving! I think it’s really rare!”

 Wakutsu took out his smartphone and started fiddling with it excitedly. 

 “I’m now looking at an information exchange site related to exploress, but it’s hard to find information about paisen’s engraving. Can I take a picture to post it on the bulletin board?”

 A shutter sound rang from Wakutsu’s smartphone as he took a picture without waiting for my consent. This is for collecting information, it can’t be helped.

 “So, is this kind of engraving important?”

 “Well, for example, the engraving of the God of beauty is a major thing, isn’t it? There are even idol groups.”

 “Oh, that’s it. The one on TV. Does that engraving mean anything?”

 “Paisen, I don’t know anything. The effect of a blessing is only now becoming common, right!?”

 “Dunno. But don’t be afraid to continue talking.”

 “Ku, as usual, there is no mercy. I understand! First of all, one of the common effects of all engravings is raising the level of one’s physical ability!”


 “No matter, if God blesses you, your physical ability will increase by more than 1.5 times.”

 “Wakutsu-kun, should we shake hands?”

 I presented my right hand as Wakutsu did the same.

 “Paisen! I may have only been an explorer for 5 years, but even I can see it! Even though it’s unlabeled, it doesn’t compare to ordinary people’s!”

 I held Wakutsu’s hand and put a lot of force into it.

 “Uwaa! It hurts! It hurts!”

 Wakutsu made an interesting sound.

 “Let go, it hurts! I’m saying it hurts!”

 I put even more force into it this time.

 “Ah, I’m dying!”

 I relaxed and released Wakutsu’s hand.

 “Paisen! That was very terrible! You already knew when you were in the middle of gripping my hand! The difference in power! This is clearly a form of bullying!”

 “Hahaha. I’m sorry. It’s fun.”

 “I’m going to speak a little more seriously now, is that okay? I don’t think paisen knows, but the highest level I reached in the dungeon was level 6. I’m an explorer approaching the mid-level of beginners.”


 “Moreover, even a person like me, who doesn’t have the blessing of god from the other world, can improve his physical ability by entering dungeons and defeating monsters. Mid-level explorers are said to have about 1.5 times higher the physical ability than ordinary people who do not enter the dungeon.”


 “Has paisen ever entered a dungeon?”


 “Despite this, paisen had a grip that far exceeded that of a mid-level explorer! I understand! This! This is the power of a blessing!”

 Wakutsu was getting more and more heated.

 “The improvement of physical ability by blessing and improvement by defeating monsters in the dungeon are different! For example, if a person with 1.5 times the physical ability by blessing enters the dungeon for 5 years, his physical ability will increase 1.5 times more!”

 “Oh, oh.”

 “A cheat! Unfair! Cheap!”

 “Oh,I feel a little sorry.” 

 “I think that’s the kind of engraving and blessing that paisen has!”

 Wakutsu took out a handkerchief from somewhere and tugged it with his teeth.

 “Well, I can’t help but keep it, right?”

 “I can afford it! Hateful! Hateful!”

 “Now, calm down. Don’t be upset.You became bald a while ago.”

 “I was bald from the beginning!Initially bald!”

 “You’re acting like an ex-boyfriend.”

 “I’m a virgin, though…”

 “I’m sorry.”

T/N: ‘Paisen’ is a slang term for ‘Senpai’ in a cuter or casual way. Usually used if you are so close to the Senpai, but if not, it’s rude just a bit.

Translator’s Thought

Hello, Appleot here, the new transloter. Am very happy to be working on this novel with Ramunchi. I like this novel and it’s Mcs character, so hope you enjoy it too! Btw, how do u like the appearance of the new character? The interactions between the two is really funny, have fun reading~



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