Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 27

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Reunion and Parting

“Haruto, I’m sorry but I have to collect that ring.”


The Goddess of Memory asked that I surrender the ring that I was supposed to give to Tina.  Only  when I accepted  her conditions and entreated her to return me back to Tina.

“Both of your names are engraved on  that ring, right? And for it to be made from an immutable metal…”

I made the ring from scarletite, an extremely hard to process, immutable metal to symbolize my unchanging love for Tina.

It was the first time I used the Protector skill outside the battlefield. I could activate this skill as long as I was overcome with the strong urge to protect someone, even if it was not during a battle.

I had poured everything I got with this skill in order to make this ring, notwithstanding the fact that I was at Level 360, the level that defied the logic of this world.

Tina’s ring size was  already checked.

But if the size changed…

I doubted if anybody else could process this, so there was  no other choice but to turn it into a necklace, huh.

I also engraved our names in the inner part of the ring, and that was what seemed to be causing problems.

“When I’d erase the memories related to Haruto’s name, the people’s memories would  not be the only things that I erase. The written records and books as well as engravings and sculptures would  all be removed as well.  And I’d change your name  to ‘The Guardian Hero’.”

That was  true. Even if the people were to forget about me, if they read my name in the books and other publications then there was the possibility that they might recall me.

“It is easy to erase the names written in books and in engravings, but…scarletite is impossible, even for me.”

That would be worrying.

I tried that for a while earlier on, but ever since I entered this divine realm, I was  no longer able to use my power as a hero. In other words, I could no longer activate the Protective skill so it was impossible for me to erase our names from the ring.

Besides, Tina’s memories might be suspected if she couldn’t  recall even the name of the person who gave her the ring; there was also the possibility that it would damage her mental state.

I gave up on giving the ring to Tina when I heard that. 

“That is why I’m keeping this ring. Maybe you can hand this to Tina, instead?’

The Goddess gave me a pendant with a scarlet gemstone inserted in its center. 

“They call it the Dragon King’s Eye, and it’s the greatest weapon in this entire world. It can  seal whatever kind of magic inside it, and it will  release that magic when its conditions are fulfilled. Well, its rarity level is a bit lower if you compare it to the scarletite ring, though….”

“I-is that…okay?”

“Yes. By the way, it was originally a pair of earrings, but I thought it might be too big for Tina so I turned it into a pendant.”

“Thank you so much for your consideration.”

“If Tina agreed to erase the memories of your adventure with her, then I will give you another great item… How about it?”

We would no longer meet each other, so maybe it was better to clear all her memories of me. Tina might be able to find someone else to love in the future.

But, there was also a part deep within me that hoped she would retain her memories about the time when we went on adventures together. 

“That’s…Can I consult Tina first before deciding?”

“That’s fine.”

As expected, I wasn’t  able to decide on my own, so I decided to talk it out with Tina before choosing.

“Alright, I’ll send you now to Tina, okay. You have 10 minutes. Is that okay?”

“Yes, please.”

── *** ──

I returned to the Demon Castle.

Tina was crouched at the place where I stood, crying her heart out.



“The Goddess granted me some time, but it was  only for a little while.”

I opened my arms as  Tina flew towards me.

“Haruto-samaa, I-I….I..though….”

Tears overflowed from Tina’s eyes.

I hugged her tightly.

“Sorry for disappearing so suddenly without saying goodbye.”

“Y-you mean you can’t stay here?”

“…..Yeah. I don’t have a choice but to return back to my previous world, it seems.”

I told Tina about my contract with the Goddess. Tina looked really lonely when I told her that I would have to forget her. 

“You can also surrender your memories to the Goddess, and you will be able to forget about me too, you know. You’ll be able to get a super rare item, too.”

I was fervently hoping that she would refuse, but outwardly, I did my best to ask as brightly as possible.

“…Haruto-sama, do you want me to forget all about you?”

“I…I —”

I wanted her to remember.

I knew that it was so selfish of me.

Still —

“I want Tina to always remember me.”

“If that is what you wish, then Haruto-sama, I will never, ever forget about you.”

I hugged Tina with all my might after she said that.

I would be separated from this girl who had me in her heart. I felt really lonely.


Tina closed her eyes and tucked her hair behind her ear, then she slightly puckered her lips. She always did that whenever she wanted a kiss.

I kissed Tina.

Suddenly, she circled her arms around my neck, and I couldn’t break away from her.

I was a bit surprised, but when Tina’s tongue parted my lips and plunged into my mouth, I almost lost it.

That tongue swept through my mouth; exploring every inch of it

It felt really great.

I tried to touch Tina’s tongue with my own as she slipped inside.

Her body jumped a bit.

It seemed that she was shocked, but we were  even.

Soon enough, Tina became used to it.

Our tongues entwined;danced and twirled around each other. 

Hers tasted like honey, it was honestly so sweet.

I wanted to do it more…

I pushed  my tongue deeper into her mouth, plundering it, leaving no place untouched. Tina’s body shivered in my arms. 

‘How adorable.’

Tina’s arms around my neck pulled me harder, as if she would never let me go.

She was so irresistibly lovely.

This was the first time I ever french kissed someone, but it  felt amazing. It felt like Tina and I would melt into each other; becoming one

I wanted to continue this forever.

But, my time was limited.

“Haaah, Tina, sorry. I don’t have much time.”


I pulled myself  away from Tina ; only a string of saliva connecting our lips.

We kissed each other so intensely that  our breathing was rugged. My heart was pounding too loudly in my chest.

Tina gazed at me, her face flushed red with her eyes  close to tearing up, but if we kept at it, I might disappear without saying a proper goodbye again.

“Tina, I love you. Even if I lose my memories, my feelings for you absolutely won’t change.”

“I-I also love Haruto-sama.”

“I will return to my previous world, but there might be a possibility that I will return to this world again.”

Tina stared at me in a daze, but I continued on.

“When that time comes, I’ll probably have a different appearance than now.”

I felt that premonition for some reason. My intuition had been sharpened during the three years that I saved countless people.

In order to protect them, I needed to estimate the time of enemy’s attack and anticipate the possible places they would appear, and because of that, my intuition had been cultivated and my probability of success increased, although it was still not at par with the prediction of the future.

Thoughts such as ‘I don’t want to leave Tina’ and ‘I want to stay with Tina forever’ overflowed within me as I kissed Tina, and my intuition about our future was activated.

“I might lose my memories, my appearance might change, but I will absolutely fall in love with Tina all over again. And I will do anything to make you fall for me again.”

“T-then I will definitely search for you, Haruto-sama!” 

“Yeah, I will definitely return.”

My body started to glow faintly.

— Time was  up.

“Tina, here.”

I gave the pendant that the Goddess bestowed on me to Tina.

“This is?”

“If  your life is ever in danger, this tool would activate and release the strongest defense barrier that I could create. It would protect you in my stead.”

I immediately sealed an Absolute Defense barrier spell inside the Dragon King’s Eye using all the power that I had  the moment I arrived at the Demon King’s Castle.

I didn’t want to think too much, but my intuition was telling me that this tool would be used once before I returned to Tina’s side.

“Thank you very much.”

Tina clutched the pendant carefully to her heart.

My entire body started to crumble.

“Tina, see you.”

“Yes. I will always…always, wait for your return.”

Tina was smiling as brightly as the sun, with tears still flowing down her cheeks. That was the last image I had of her.


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