God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 1

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Cami

Resignation Thinking

“I left this matter to you, Negishi-kun.”

I could feel my blood boiling all throughout my body at the Manager’s words.

That bastard! How dare he spit such a lie like that! We raised our bids according to your instructions, and now you’re blaming us when we lose! 

The Manager’s excuses to the Director continued, and my blood was about to evaporate.

“We’ll try to recover with another project. It’s okay. Right, Negishi-kun?”

I thought about replying to him with a punch, but it was a bad idea.

I stared at the Manager in silence.

“What? What’s with that attitude! Instead of feeling sorry for your mistakes, you’re upset? That’s why you young guys are…”

“Excuse me.”

I can’t keep up with this cheesy play. I left the shocked Manager behind and returned to my seat.

Then, I took the resignation letter I had prepared in advance and a leaflet with a picture of the Manager working hard for his sugar dating activities printed on it. I carefully handed out leaflets from the side of the floor where there were about 100 people.

“Eh, what’s this, Manager Ando?”

“Ando-san, do you have a daughter?”

“I mean, aren’t they all different girls?”

“Extramarital relations? Sugar dating?”

A variety of voices spread throughout the company.

“Hey, Negishi-kun! What are you doing!”

The section manager grabbed me, so I shook him off and threw my resignation letter at him.

“What am I doing? Isn’t that you, Manager? Even though you have a cute wife and son, you still go out with your sugar babies every week. And that’s not just having a simple meal, right? Take this girl, for example. She’s showing her face on Twittor, so I did a quick image search, and it said she specialized in adultery. What is ‘adultery’? Manager? Manager Ando, adultery. Please answer me.”

“Well, that’s…”

“Hahaha. I’m looking forward to seeing how Manager will recover the project after this. Then, I’m going to resign after I’ve completed my paid vacation. Thank you for everything up until now.”

Ah. That’s refreshing.


I was absentmindedly watching TV while sipping cheap whiskey. On the TV, an idol group made up of only those who have been approved by the God of Beauty were performing a new song.

Recognized by the God of Beauty. This was not a metaphor, they were truly recognized by the God of Beauty. There is proof of that. It’s clear when you look at the divine markings on their necks.

That’s bullshit. What kind of god is that? Nothing good has happened since the world changed, or got connected.

I refilled my glass with whiskey and tuned the channel to a news program.

It was widely reported on the news programs that the reachable levels of the Shinjuku Dungeon had been updated.

The anchor took out a flip chart showing all the major dungeon levels in the world. And he concluded, “Japan needs to start conquering dungeons and interacting with other worlds as soon as possible!”


Ahh… My head feels heavy. Or maybe it’s the back of my neck. Anyway, I drank too much. I must have fallen asleep on the floor in my suit. If I had to work today, I’d be in a panic, but I’m taking a paid vacation. I can puke all I want. But I’ve got to do something about this body that smells like alcohol. Let’s take a bath ~ Take a bath.

While showering, I remembered what happened yesterday.

Hahaha. I wonder if that damn manager is going to work today. 

Were they going to call him “Sugar Manager” or something? Alright, my mind is starting to clear up.

I raised my head and looked in the mirror.

Eh, there’s something dirty. My neck is black.

I hurriedly applied some body soap and scrubbed, but the black stuff would not come off.

With a clearer mind, I remembered the idol group from yesterday.

“Hahaha. Don’t tell me, this is the God’s mark?”

I rushed out of the bathroom.

Translator’s Thought

Hi everyone, it’s me again, Ice here. How is everyone been doing? I got sick last week because of the side effects of the vaccine. So, I hope everyone is doing fine and stay healthy. I would like to introduce Appleot to all of you who will join me in this group project. She also illustrated the novel cover. Please looking forward to our work!

As a translator in this project, I can assure you that this novel has an interesting story and a unique troupe. This novel has comedy elements and mature tag which I have to include because of the use of foul language. The MC is just an ordinary office employee who then resigns from the office and then he gets a blessing from a twisted God where his item drop luck increases during dungeon conquests. Maybe that is all I can spoil. Anymore than this I will be fired. Just kidding. XP Anyway, happy reading and have a great day everyone!

FUN FACTS: The author was drunk when s/he wrote this.



  1. Interesting, I hope it deviates from cliques. Hopefully the characters are smart as well. Fingers crossed!

    1. Hi, Thank you for reading! Well, I can assured you that the characters are smart so yeah fingers crossed! 😀

  2. Interesting, this is a new translated novel, right?
    Also, the frequency of the update?

    1. Hi, Thanks for reading! The update will be 3 chaps/week after we release 7 chaps as usual in the first week of release ^^

  3. Gotta say, the start is quite interesting and fresh. Hope I won’t be disappointed with this….

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