White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 6

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Gathering Cannon Fodder

Naturally, Amos would not go out and search blindly. 

“Fingale, how is the distribution of monsters around? Is there anything that needs special attention?” Amos asked. 

“At your service, son of the white dragon. The forest below us is called the Chogori Forest. There is only a group of Kobolds in the west of the forest. And a group of Kobolds and Goblin Tribe in the east side of the forest.”

Fingale replied, “For Kobolds and Goblins, you don’t have to worry too much, but for Sandonar, don’t get close, and be careful to avoid the barbarians’ village. It’s not suitable to alarm the snakes now.” 

After pondering for a bit, Fingale added: “When you find them, take them straight to the next valley and come back before dawn. However, whether you find them or not, we can’t show up during the day.” 

Amos processed his next action, then looked at the dragon siblings who were waiting for his decision, and said, “Felicia, you take Elena to the west.” 

Turning back to Willy, he said, “You follow me.”

Fingale was surprised to see Amos heading eastward. The five-coloured dragons were cold and lazy by nature, and only a few dragons took the initiative to undertake more complicated tasks. 

Fingale had served Salilina for a long time and had witnessed the growth of three batches of young dragons. 

It doesn’t care much about the young dragons who were destined to be driven out of the house soon anyway. 

It even watched indifferently as a young dragon who left its nest was hunted by a group of snow eagles, but that didn’t really matter to it, did it?

For the first time, it felt that it should pay more attention to a young dragon. 

Concerned about attracting the attention of Sandonar’s high-level experts, Amos gilded eastward with Willy at low altitude above the forest. Soon, he found a fire in the dark forest.

‘There should be either adventurers or Goblin tribes.’

He immediately flew towards the fire deep in the forest.

Under the cover of darkness, Amos climbed high above the fire which gave him a wider view, and he also avoided the eyes of adventurers at the same time.

Fortunately, the location of the fire was one of the targets, the Goblin Tribe.

Amos took Willy four or five meters above the Goblin Tribe, then folded his wings allowing himself to be captured by gravity. 

With a loud thud, Amos and Willy landed in the Goblin Tribe while crushing two simple houses.

Sleeping Goblins were startled by the loud noise, and after the initial commotion, they quickly calmed down looking with horror at the two giant beasts in the center of the tribe.

Unable to resist but too afraid to escape. 

Seeing that the effect of his dazzling entrance had been achieved, Amos spoke in common language, “I am the great white dragon, Amos Aldridge! I will graciously allow you to become my slaves, humble Goblins. Present your treasures! Let your leader come out to greet me.” 

The shameful and outdated evil dragon style dialogues left Amos red faced. Fortunately, the scales on the dragon’s face were thicker and the blush could not be seen.

For a long time, no Goblin came forward. 

Amos felt humiliated by the Goblins, as his face changed slightly, and he released his draconic power. 

He stifled a growl, “Dirty reptiles! I’ll say it one last time, offer your treasures, and let your leader come out to see me.” 

The Goblins were shrouded in dragon power, and most of them collapsed to the ground in fright, and the ones standing were left trembling. 

Under the reflection of the fire, looking at the white dragon whose face kept getting worse, one of the few standing Goblins raised his trembling arm and pointed at Amos’s feet, and stuttered, “First… The chief… the wealth… the treasure… are all… in the house.” 

Looking down, seeing the bloodstains in the collapsed house under his feet, he felt very embarrassed.

Most Goblins slept on the ground under open air, and the Goblins who could live in the house were at the top of social hierarchy, and now the Chief of the tribe was almost wiped out by his and Willy’s falling ass from the sky. 

“Cough cough cough, now you are the new chief.” Amos gathered his draconic power and said to Goblin who answered the question, “Now I want you to gather the tribe as quickly as possible, grab your weapons, and follow the great Dragon to a glorious battle.” 

‘Did I become the new chief?’

Goblin was almost knocked unconscious by the sudden happiness, as he hurriedly pinched his thigh, and responded in a lame bow, saying cheerfully, “Nick greenskin is at your service, great master.” 

‘Green skin? The Green-skinned tribe? It was a proper name, the members of the general wild tribe all had their tribe names.’

Looking at the green Goblins all over the place, Amos thought about it wildly. 

Legend has it that these Goblins surrounded by simple animal skins used to be high-level goblins in ancient times and created a glorious civilizations, but because they touched the forbidden realm, provoking the wrath of the Gods. The Gods collectively stepped together and erased traces of the existence of the Goblin civilization. 

To prevent the resurgence of the Goblin civilization, the angry Gods joined forces to curse the Goblins. 

Gradually, they degenerated into low-intelligence beings, and only a small number of the Goblins survived. 

Of course, today’s Goblins didn’t admit that they are distant relatives of those goblins. 

After searching the pitiful gold coins of the Goblin tribe, Amos asked Nick Greenskin of the Kobold tribe for general direction, and then decided to let Willy take the Goblins back first. 

Amos flew alone toward the direction of the Kobolds tribe. Compared to the Goblins who built a tribe on the ground, the Kobolds were cave dwelling creatures, living in underground caves. 

Even if the dragon had night vision, it was very difficult to find a cave hidden in the dense forest during night. 

But Amos had his ways. He spread his spiritual power and used his system to scan for any traces of living things.

This was something that Amos had explored in the last few years. Using the new technique of the system, he could also use the scanning function. However, the spiritual power was easily detected by strong experts. After being discovered by Dragon Mother, he never used this function again.

Amos’s spiritual power could cover a 20-meter radius around him. Within this range, no trace could escape the scanning of his system. Soon, Amos found the traces of the presence of Kobolds.

Then everything was much simpler. Amos followed the footprints of the Kobolds all the way to the cave entrance. 

Amos learned his lesson from the previous time and landed directly in front of the cave entrance, releasing his dragon might. 

Soon, one Kobold crawled out of the cave and knelt directly in front of Amos, as if he had seen his ancestors.

Kobolds were natural followers of dragons. They had lizard-like heads and were the size of a dwarf. They contained a trace of dragon blood that was so weak, it could be said negligible. They worshipped dragons, considering them their ancestors. 

There was no need for Amos to speak, the Kobolds offered the treasures accumulated by the tribe. They were much richer than the Goblins. Amos found four gems in a pile of unprocessed fine gold ores. 

Without a moment’s hesitation, he threw two of the best-colored stones into his mouth, chewed and devoured them like beans. The gem contained abundant magical energy, which was great for dragon growth and development, and besides, if he didn’t eat it now, should he wait for it to be sent back to Dragon Mother? 

Kobolds were natural miners and had a crazy obsession with digging underground treasures.

Therefore, almost all dragons liked to enslave Kobolds and let them help to dig out underground wealth. 

While Kobolds were also eager to follow the powerful dragons.


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