When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 79

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Hundred flowers honey reappears

This is embarrassing.

The devil master is silent for a while, and comforts him: “This is not the only trick, we can use other methods.”

Kong Ba has lost his self-confidence. “No, my father is too good. Not even for this, I dare not.”

The devil master frowns. Since this kid can’t do it, he can only use other methods.

The next day, Kong Ba sees Kong Wuying and Kongbao coming together, and tries to show a smile, pressing closer shamelessly, “Father is here!”

After yesterday’s business, Kong Wuying is already very calm in the face of Kong Ba. He gives a quiet hum and walks forward with his Kongbao.

Kongbao gives Kong Ba a vicious look. He didn’t know until he came back yesterday that the kid dared to poison his master. Humph! Never letting his guard down around this kid again.

The Chu Huang competition’s first few levels have examined the various qualities of the alchemists one by one. If you want to be a good teacher, luck, eyesight, and ability to match equipment are very important, but the most important thing is the alchemy ability.

More than one hundred pill masters arrived according to the serial numbers they have. Alchemy equipment and medicinal materials have been put up there, and there are ten pill materialss.

Let’s announce the rules.

Elder No. 1 says: “The fourth test is to evaluate your alchemy ability. You have ten pill materials in front of you. For a limited time, you are to refine a pill from these pill materials. Of course it doesn’t matter if you don’t finish, our Huang Tang elders will score according to the quantity and quality of the elixirs you have refined, and the points will be accumulated into the total points.”

“Oh.” The elder looks at an unsightly person in the crowd and adds kindly: “The furnaces you use to refine the pills were all selected by you yesterday. Whether it works or not depends on your own eyesight.”

Hahahaha, call this boy arrogant! That’s right, this clause was added temporarily for his sake, but no one can prove it. Who made that kid pick out trash? He deserves it after all. 

Sure enough, after listening to this sentence, countless sympathetic eyes turn to Kong Wuying. Yesterday everyone saw it. That kind of equipment is impossible to use. 

In the sympathetic gazes, Kong Wuying seems very calm and his mental quality is excellent. 

The test begins.

Everyone is busy working, and the ranks of these pill materials are not low. There’s no time to use all of them. 

Kong Wuying looks at the pill materials and then asks for Hundred Flowers Honey…

Although the drug boy is a little strange, there have always been strange people who have added ingredients in the exams, so a nearby helper goes to get the honey.

Every move and every action falls in the eyes of the judges. There was no way to be subtle now, Kong Wuying is too obtrusive after pulling so much aggro before. They really had to pay attention to him.

Looking forward to his failure!

The Sword King observes Kong Wuying, and says with interest: “He seems to have some secret pill materials!” Although the Sword King isn’t a pill master, his basic common sense is still there, and the furnace really is quite bad.

As for this person, to be honest, the Sword King is really getting more and more interested, even Lord Lin Jinying would step up for the contestant, he’s not as simple as just being Ah Zi’s secret lover.

After listening to the Sword King’s words, the Elder No. 1 smiles scornfully. “My experience can not be said to be one of the best in the whole alchemy world, but it can also be regarded as rich. This old man dares to use his entire alchemy career to guarantee; that furnace will definitely cause him to fail!”

The Sword King doesn’t quite understand but seeing the Elder No. 1 is firm, and the other elders are also in favor, he only nods slightly. “So it is.”

Seeing the approval, Elder No. 1 becomes even prouder. “This furnace causes conflict with the heating flame’s attributes. It may be slightly relieved after being mixed for five or six days, but because of the difficulty of manipulation, it’s unlikely to even work. And what about him… hundred flowers honey? Honestly this material, I can’t see any benefit except for when it’s in candy! Look, he i …”

Now there are many outstanding pill masters on the competition field. Although the alchemy has just begun, the flow of clouds is enough to show their extraordinary strength. Unfortunately, no one looks at them at all!

Everyone’s eyes are drawn to Kong Wuying.

Because after pouring all the honey in, he then throws in all the pill ingredients into the stove without hesitation! That casual attitude is even rougher than cooking!

“Oh my god, is this kid an alchemist? Ten herbs and he threw in all of them! This medicine is made of particularly conflicting ingredients, does he want to die today? When the furnace explodes, he’ll affect the other talents!”

Everyone agrees with Elder No. 1’s claim, because after emptying all the herbs into it, Kong Wuying’s furnace begins to tremble at a speed that is visible to the naked eye. 

Just when everyone thinks a shocking explosion is about to happen, the vibration suddenly stops. It turns out that the fire was extinguished by Kong Wuying…

Elder No. 1 yells, “So he isn’t completely brainless.”

The Sword King is a little puzzled. Just now, the pill furnace was shaking so much but the man could control it. This manipulative force is by no means ordinary.

Although the vibration of the furnace has stopped, Kong Wuying looks a bit upset. He never thought that the furnace selected by the system would actually have the function of automatically adsorbing medicine, and the honey was poured too early. 

The sweetness is not enough, a failed pill!

Although a bit annoyed, Kong Wuying says to the jury, “I’m done!”

Jury: “…”

After a pause, Elder No. 1 asks his colleague, “What did he just say? Am I wrong?”

Elder No. 2 hesitates a bit: “He seems to say that he… finished?”

A golden light suddenly flashes, the sky suddenly dipping to a deep red while countless gold threads gathered from all sides, forming a dazzling dot in the center.

Then… the dots explode, scattered into countless thin silver wires, and rain from the air. Silver silk penetrates into the people’s skin and brings unprecedented vitality, as if many old injuries and aches have disappeared.

“This is .. there is a vision, and the pill is born…” Elder No. 2 stares at the vision dully and swallows. The properties of the elixir are unprecedentedly high!

After five minutes of silver rain, it disappears.

Then… again. Repeated ten times. Only half an hour later, the vision gradually disappeared, and the sky returned to calm. During this period, the other contestants stopped refining, because they were all stunned by the vision.

When the vision disappears, they return to earth, and they turn pale from shock – immediately turning to their previously uncontrolled furnaces, expecting to see them explode. 

However, nothing happens. Even if they didn’t bother to operate, the pill furnaces are still burning very calmly. When they start to re-enter the alchemy refining, they find that it’s much easier to control than usual!

Elder No. 2 looks at Kong Wuying below, and sighs. “One furnace and ten pills, all peerless. Is this person… the Emperor Chu’s reincarnation?

The long-awaited Elder No. 1 burst out into a roar: “I don’t believe it! He must have cheated! He must have cheated!”

Everyone ignores him. The vision proved it, what else could be doubted?

However, a message passes quietly among them: “Did you see the secret of his great alchemy?”

“No. To be honest, he was too strange. I only laughed at him at that time.”

“And it’s fast. Almost two yawns and he’s done it. What’s the secret?”

“Did you notice that he added ten jars of honey before the alchemy?”

“You mean the secret is the honey? But it doesn’t make sense. It seems that the honey isn’t special except when in dessert. What is the principle?”

“No matter what the principle is, the secret of the Great God, just write it down!”

“Yes, yes, note it down!”

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