The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 57

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57. Katariona Realizes the True Identity of the God of Creation

Leon’s words took my breath away.

“What!? May is the reincarnation of the God of Creation? So she’s become a human in order to nullify the Forbidden Magic?”

Leon nodded in affirmation to my question. 

“Wait a minute! If that’s the case, why didn’t May, the God of Creation, do anything when Charlotte activated Plundering Magic in Rio’s previous world before she came back in time? May was also executed, too, right?”

Chris’s question was justified. I wondered the same thing. 

“This is a story I heard from the God of Creation some generations ago.”

The God of Creation, who had transformed into a human being long ago, has been reincarnating for a long time. 

Unlike the eternal and unchanging gods, human beings have a limited lifespan. 

This means that even if Forbidden Magic is activated after many reincarnations, it often takes time for the memory of being a god to come back. 

“So, what you’re saying is that in my previous life, May was executed before her divine memory was restored?”

“That’s correct. If her divine power had been activated, Charlotte’s Plundering Magic would’ve been nullified. 

May was only seven years old when her life was cut short. She is the God of Creation who will continue to reincarnate until her soul as a god is exhausted due to humans using Forbidden Magic. What a tragedy! Anger rose within my heart at the greed of human beings. 

I ran to May and hugged her. 

“This time, I’ll be sure to protect you!”

“Rio, calm down. This is our divine opinion, but we believe that it was the will of the God of Creation that caused Rio to come back in time.”

Leon leaned in close, trying to appease me. 

“Fluffy-kun. What do you mean?”

“I’ll take it from here and explain-pinpororin.”

The God of Time, who had been silently listening in the corner, flew to the center of the room.

“As I was examining the reincarnation belt, I found three tears. These did not occur naturally, but were deliberately opened -pinpororin.”

Three? One of those tears is the one I fell into. Then, who are the other two who fell in?

“One is Rio, and the other is Marianne-pinpororin. Only the God of Time and the God of Creation can interfere with the reincarnation belt-pinpororin.”

“So, the God of Creation intentionally created a rift for May and I to travel back in time?”

The God of Time didn’t interfere with the reincarnation belt, so the only other one who could create a tear beside himself is the God of Creation. 

“That’s how it is-pinpororin.”

I looked down and saw May, reaching for my head saying “Ah”. May. You’re the one who gave me this chance to start over? Before I knew it, tears were trickling down my face. 

“May… does she have the same memories of the previous life like me? Did she reincarnate with those painful memories?”

“I don’t know. May’s memory might be sealed until she is old enough to remember, or she might have memories of her previous life as a baby.”

Leon started slurring his words, but it’s probably the latter.

“I’ve decided! I’ll put an end to Forbidden Magic in May’s place.”

As long as Forbidden Magic continues to exist, the God of Creation will continue to reincarnate as a human being. Even at the expense of exhausting his/her soul……

“But, it’ll be difficult to identify the owner of Forbidden Magic. Are you going to appraise every human being in the world?”

“I’ll still do it!”

The gods looked at me in astonishment. Due to being in their cat forms, their pupils narrowed. Normally, a cat’s pupil would narrow in bright lighting, but in the case of the gods, their pupils seemed to change when their expressions changed.

“May, will you help me?”

May, who had her fingers in her mouth, burst into laughter as she raised her hand saying “A~u”. She probably said “Okay”. (TL: I still don’t understand how you interpret a baby’s “A~u” or “Ah” into any discernable words)

“Hey, May. Don’t forget that your sister shares your painful memories. If you’re sad, it’s okay to cry.”

“Oh my. May’s family is here, too.”

Before I knew it, my family was huddling around me.

“Let us share it with you.”

“I don’t care if you’re a god. May is an important family member.”

That’s right. My family is warm and kind. I’m sorry that I called you barbarians yesterday. (TL: lol)

After chatting for a while with my family, I heard the cute sound of someone clearing their throat.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your family reunion, but who is the other person who fell into the breach in the reincarnation belt?”

Chris’s words startled me. Remembering it now, the God of Time mentioned that three tears had opened.

“I don’t know-pinpororin.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

Chris grabbed the God of Time, shaking him. She had no mercy for a god. I’m sure the gods in this country don’t mind, but I should probably stop her. The God of Time’s were spinning.  

“I was able to confirm that they fell at the same time as Rio, but I can’t identify who it was.”

Leon began to explain in place of the God of Time who’s eyes are still spinning.

“What is the possibility of it being Charlotte?”

“If she had her memory, she would’ve already robbed someone of their light magic, but she hasn’t.”

“What about Tria or Angel?”

Angel is Angelica’s nickname. We got to know each other at the tea party yesterday and decided to call each other by our nicknames.

“I don’t think so. There was nothing unnatural in what they said or did.”

“Do you recall anything around you that was different from your previous life?”

I thought about it, but I couldn’t think of anything. Shaking my head, Chris nodded ruefully. 

“I guess we have no choice but to steadily investigate the other person who fell into the rift.”

Leon sighed. Flare-sama pressed Leon’s head down.

“After this discussion is over let’s have a drink……eh an after-party!”

You were about to say drinking party just now, weren’t you, Flare-sama.

“By the way, Brother. What happened to Charlotte after that?”

After knocking over a cup at the tea party, Charlotte started crying. She was escorted by the Crown Prince and Brother back to the waiting room.

“She hugged the Crown Prince and cried the whole time, which was a shameful act for a noblewoman. I tried to remonstrate her, but let it go because the Crown Prince was okay with it.”

Has he already been affected by Charlotte’s skill “Demonic Enchantment”?

“That girl. Charlotte-sama gave off a sickening feeling. If I were to give an analogy, it felt like I was being coiled around by a giant snake? Maybe that’s her skill.”

“I was also horrified when I saw the look of hatred in her eyes that she showed for a moment.”

“Eh? Chris, you saw it, too?”

As I was talking about seeing those eyes in my previous life, Leon, who had been drinking with the gods, sneaked up on me.

“It’s like a grudge passed down from her ancestors.”

“Leon, you reek of alcohol.”

The smell of alcohol drifted from Leon. If you look closely, you can see that his odd-eyed cat eyes were slightly bloodshot. A sign of drunkenness. 

“I haven’t had that much to drink.”

Then, what is that sake barrel behind you?

“Fluffy-kun, regarding what you said earlier. What is a grudge?”

“Charlotte’s magical power isn’t that great. However, the price of Forbidden Magic is the soul. Because of her inherited magic, the souls of her ancestors are also contained in the (∞). That’s why hereditary forbidden magic is so troublesome.”

He was drunk, but his thoughts were sober. Leon spoke fluently.

“You can even pay for the memory of your ancestors. By the way, does Plundering Magic allow you to take more than one spell?”

“No, only one. That’s why you typically see it aiming for powerful magic.”

Leon, who had been sitting on the table, jumped onto my lap and curled up, and began to breathe lightly. 

“Oh? Fluffy-kun has already fallen asleep.”

“Leon’s a good sleeper.”

Chris and I looked at each other, laughing mischievously. 

When Leon woke up the next morning, he looked in the mirror and yelled, “What the hell!? What is this!?’

Yesterday, after he had fallen asleep, Chris and I dressed Leon up by putting fashionable ribbons on his ears and tail.

“Rio. Is this the work of you can Chris?”

“What are you talking about?”

Leon turned to me, half-eyed and grim, but I pretend to be ignorant. 

“Well, I have to go back to the territory the day after tomorrow, so I have to go pack.”

Saying so, I went to help Marie with her packing, leaving behind Leon who looked as if he was about to complain.

“Are you sure you want to leave Leon-sama alone?”

“It’s okay. Let’s get this done quickly.”


There was a letter from the territory. 

Kikuno-sama has returned to the country and is waiting for us to return with Tojurou-san.

“It’s time for us to leave.”

The carriage began to move slowly. 

Chris, who would accompany us to the territory this time, looked at the streets of the royal capital from the carriage.

“It will be three years before we come to the capital again.”

“That’s right. I’ll be staying in the capital after that, so I should enjoy my freedom for a little longer.”

I smiled at Chris’s words and thought about the list of souvenirs I had bought yesterday.

I went with Chris to buy souvenirs for Tojurou-san and Kikuno-sama. We had a good time looking around the various stores and having tea at the café.

In three years, my life at the magic academy I will attend will be different from my previous life.

I couldn’t help but pray that Charlotte would never activate her Plundering Magic.

TL: Lol. Loved the prank. Anyway, hope you enjoyed~!



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