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I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 36

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Great Failure

Jingjing’s dance moves were very dynamic. When she jumped, she would leap into the air while energetically moving her hands and feet together. 

In comparison, Miaomiao’s dancing had more similarities to radio gymnastics*, as her moves were slightly rigid.

Eventually, Miaomiao managed to learn several moves. She felt very happy. From the bottom of her heart, she found Jingjing to be very helpful and kind. After learning how to dance, Miaomiao believed that she could become as likable as Jingjing.

When the bell rang, everyone went back to class together.

Miaomiao regained her spirits and tried to answer some of the questions during the afternoon classes. She managed to secure another little red flower.

After class ended, Zhou Yuan told Miaomiao, “Don’t act so shy around your grandmother when she visits your house. Call her Grandma. Hold her hand and answer any questions that she asks you.”

Zhou Yuan was cognizant of Miaomiao’s insecurities; therefore, he had to ease her concerns to make her feel comfortable. 

Miaomiao stared at him and nodded soberly, absorbing everything he had just said. 

The afternoon arrived, and class ended. The teacher said, “Miaomiao, your mother is here to pick you up.”

When Miaomiao started to recognize Mother Hua as her mother, the teacher also decided to switch her style of address and recognize her as Miaomiao’s mother.

Miaomiao carried her schoolbag and departed the classroom. Within her mind, she repeated what Zhou Yuan had told her, ‘I should call her grandmother, greet her properly, and hold her hand. After all, she’s my mother’s mother.’

When she strolled out, she saw an old woman standing next to her mother.

When she noticed her strolling out, the old woman called out to her with a smile, “Miaomiao.”

Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. Call her grandma.

Miaomiao mustered up her courage and greeted her, “Grandma.”

Grandmother patted her head and commented, “Good girl.”

Mother Hua carried Miaomiao, “Let’s go home. Great-grandma is waiting for us.” 

Miaomiao stared carefully at her grandmother. She wanted to hold hands with her for a while.

Grandmother called Miaomiao to her side and her chin gently so that she could see her face. Then, she commented to Mother Hua, “Miaomiao’s eyes are big and round, exactly similar to yours. Our Miaomiao is a little beauty.”

Miaomiao could hear her grandmother showering her with compliments, which made her feel embarrassed. She thought that she should say something in response, but she didn’t know what to say. This gave her anxiety, and her eyes turned red. 

Seeing Miaomiao’s face, grandmother thought that she had frightened her. To calm her down, she quickly announced, “Grandma brought you a jar of honey-dipped fruits. Grandma and great-grandma made them by ourselves for Miaomiao.” 

When conversing, Miaomiao was incognizant of how to continue a conversation when someone brought up a topic. Therefore, she preferred to use the question-answer mode. She only needed to answer what others had asked her. 

Grandmother thought that this was the first time Miaomiao had seen her, and she believed that Miaomiao wouldn’t be pleased if she kept asking questions. Nowadays, children didn’t like it when adults continuously hounded them with questions.

Miaomiao was at a loss for words after grandma finished talking.

She was anxious because she couldn’t clearly remember what Jingjing and Zhou Yuan had taught her.

I can’t perform the dance Jingjing had just taught me. I can’t hold grandma’s hand when mom is carrying me, and grandma isn’t asking me any questions.

She believed that crying would just compound the situation.

If I cried, grandma might think I didn’t like her. Then, grandma would certainly dislike me even more.

In reality, her grandmother’s thoughts didn’t focus on this at all since Mother Hua had already explicated everything to her before her arrival. 

Miaomiao had an introverted personality. She was shy and dreaded strangers. She would hide behind a veil of reticence, but as one conversed with her more, she would slowly unfetter the shackles around her heart, and then she would begin speaking more. 

Of course, grandma knew about her predicament. 

While they were on their way home, Miaomiao’s disappointment began to consume her. She believed that she made a terrible first impression on her grandmother.

Soon, they arrived home.

After Mother Hua unlocked the door, they entered the house.

Miaomiao saw her great-grandmother sitting on the sofa. She was watching TV.

“Mom, we’re home.” Grandmother announced.

“Grandma, we’re home.” Mother Hua also declared.

Finally, Miaomiao knew what to say.

“Great-grandma, we’re home,” Miaomiao proclaimed in a similar manner.

Great-grandmother turned her head towards them. She spoke with a loud voice that was full of energy and exhilaration, “Miaomiao, you’re back from school? Are you hungry?”

“I’m not hungry. I ate a lot of food at school today…” 

I also helped Zhouzhou finish his food. Although this time I didn’t have to finish as much as last time, since Zhouzhou ate a lot as well.

After she finished speaking, Miaomiao realized that her voice was too low, and grandma would have trouble hearing her words properly.

She gathered up her courage, raised her voice, and repeated, “I’m not hungry. I ate a lot at school.”

Grandma nodded and said, “You must be hungry. Come and eat some of the canned fruit I brought for you. Which fruit does Miaomiao like the most?”

Miaomiao blinked her eyes. 

But I just said that I wasn’t hungry.

Mother Hua crouched down next to her and told Miaomiao, “Your great-grandmother and grandmother brought you some canned fruits as gifts.”

Miaomiao thought for a while and believed that her performance was terrible today.

She instantly feared that they would dislike her.

Miaomiao quickly held great-grandma’s hand, “Great-grandma…”

“Miaomiao wants the canned fruit, right?” Grandma proceeded to open up a can of oranges. 

She then fed Miaomiao some of the fruits.

Miaomiao took a bite.

It’s sweet, very sweet…

Miaomiao recalled Zhou Yuan’s comments, so she gave the jar to her great-grandma and said, “Great-grandma. You should eat it too.”

Great-grandma was stunned, “What a good girl you are.”

Their interaction surprised Mother Hua; she didn’t think that Miaomiao would get along with the two elders so quickly.

Originally, she believed that Miaomiao would need some time to become accustomed to them, but Miaomiao had exceeded her expectations. She never expected Miaomiao to sit next to her great-grandmother and share some food with her.

During the evening, Zhou Yuan and the others called her to do their homework together. 

Great-grandma turned off the TV after learning that Miaomiao was doing her homework.

Once the video call connected, Jingjing immediately asked Miaomiao, “Did you dance? Does your grandmother like you now?”

With her face almost buried in her homework sheets, Miaomiao answered, “No…” 

*Radio Gymnastics are warm-up calisthenics performed to music and guidance from radio broadcasts. They are popular in Japan and parts of China and Taiwan.

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