The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 55

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55. Katariona Attends the Princess’s Tea Party

After the magic attribute judgment, we ascended the steps to the royal palace. First, I went to the Prime Minister’s office to greet my uncle. 

I knocked on the door of the Prime Minister’s office. The door opened and I was welcomed by the Prime Minister’s aide.

“The Prime Minister has gone to visit His Majesty the King. He’ll be back shortly, so please take a seat on the sofa and wait.”

The Prime Minister’s assistant is Joseph Marcus Wright. He is the son and heir of the Marquis Marcus Wright family and is an excellent candidate for the next Prime Minister.

After a while, a knock was heard on the door and my uncle walked into the office.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I’m glad to see that you all look well.”

“I’m glad to see that brother-in-law seems to be in good health.”

After a short chat with Mother and Father, uncle turned towards us. 

“Sieg and Rio are also looking well. It seems like you’ve both grown taller. And this pretty angel over here is May, isn’t she? Want to come to Uncle?”

Uncle reached out his arm to me. He probably wants to hold May. “Au” May said, staying with me. 

“Then, how about this?”

As a result, I ended up seated on Uncle’s lap while holding May. My uncle was very happy to be able to hold his two nieces.

“This time, it’s a tea party hosted by Her Royal Highness Princess Christina. Was Sieg invited?”

“No, I was not. I’m simply escorting Rio to the venue.”

I had asked my brother to escort me to the tea party venue. 

By the way, Leon has disappeared. He promised to meet the Crown Prince with Brother later. So, I guess he’ll show up at that time. 

“I shall head to the hall now, so if you’ll excuse me, Uncle.”

Climbing off my uncle’s lap, I entrusted May to Mother.

“Brother, please escort me. I shall be going now.”

Curtseying to everyone, I left the Prime Minister’s office.


The venue for the tea party was Chris’s private garden. 

The seats in the garden were arranged by grouping in threes or four people per table. I was guided to a table with four seats. Chris, Tria, the second daughter of Marquis de Ashbury, Angelica-sama, and me. Angelica-sama was one of my friends who I was close to in my previous life. Her honey-colored hair and green eyes gave off a harsh impression, but she has a refreshing temperament that makes her easy to get along with. Her magic attribute is Fog Magic, a part of the water attribute.

“Say, what is the name of that orange flower? It has a very nice scent.”

“That is called a Kinmokusei (Osmanthus). It’s a plant that was presented to us by the Eschen Empire.”

Angelica-sama, who was attracted by the fragrance of the Osmanthus flower, asked, with Chris then answering. The fragrance emitted by the Osmanthus flowers is very fragrant. Chris and I are doing some research to see if we could turn it into a perfume.

“By the way, everyone. Have you all decided which teacher you want to study under?”

Chris asked. In this kind of situation, it’s good manners to answer the question starting with those of the highest rank. So, Tria answered first.

“I’m going to have a teacher from the Magic Academy.”

Chris and I became friends with Tria during the magic attribute assessment. Tria seems to have become quite familiar with us and responded in a dignified manner. It was my turn next. My family has the highest prestige amongst all the Marquises.

“I’m going to ask for a person from a distant eastern country who uses Earth Magic.”

I’m talking about Kikuno-sama. Of course, I was spouting pure sophistry, as the reality is different.

“I want to join the knighthood in the future. I’m not going to have a magic teacher.”

Come to think of it, the Marquis de Ashbury family is a military one. Angelica-sama has two sisters. Her older sister is supposed to succeed the Marquis. As the second daughter, she can choose to marry or choose her own profession, and she said in her previous life that she would choose the path of a knight.

Tria and Angelica were friends in the past. When they heard I was falsely accused, they believed in my innocence until the end. So I was told. But I guess they couldn’t openly take sides in order to protect their homes.

“Does becoming a knight mean that you are practicing with the sword?”

“Yes, Your Highness. I practice sword fighting with my sister every day.”

“That’s very encouraging. Would you be willing to work with the Sword Saint of the Wind one day?”

Chris smiled mischievously.

“My! Does Your Royal Highness know the Sword Saint of the Wind?”

Angelica-sama’s eyes sparkled. Tojurou-san is an idol for those aspiring on the path of the sword.

“Yes. Rio’s brother is a disciple of the Sword Saint of the Wind.”

“Is that so? I’d love to have the opportunity to meet him.”

As the four of us were chatting about swords to Sandorion dresses, I saw the Crown Prince walking towards us. My brother and Leon are also with him.

And for some reason, my uncle is standing in the shade of a tree. He may think he’s hiding, but I can see him from my table. His long eyes gently narrowed behind his monocle.

“How do you do? I hope you ladies are enjoying yourselves.”

The young ladies buzzed as the Crown Prince smiled his refreshing smile while taking a gentleman’s bow. In my previous life, I had been chosen as the fiance of the Crown Prince at this point. But, since his fiance hasn’t been decided yet, some of the ladies may be aiming for the position of Crown Princess. All at once, their eyes turn to that of hunting for prey. I’m not interested, but……

“Hello, Chris. Your tea party seems to be going well.”

The Crown Prince came to our table, so we stood up and gave him a curtsy. Chris snorted. He seems to be in a good mood. 

“You can sit down. Victoria-sama, Katariona-sama, and Angelica-sama.”

(TL: Should I say Miss instead of -sama when they talk?)

I was relieved that he didn’t call me by my nickname since this was a public event.

“Brother. You didn’t have to bother to show your face.”

“That would not have been possible. Since it’s my little sister’s big day.” 

“Right?” he said, grinning at me. His smile was ambiguous.

“Rio, aren’t you afraid of the Prince kid?”

Leon asked, speaking in telekinesis.

“I’m fine. I don’t think about it anymore.”

“Umu. I see.”

I’m glad that Leon was worried about me.

His Royal Highness proceed to the next table to greet them. All the ladies that were spoken to blushed, their faces being dyed a shade of red. His face was well-rounded, and his status as Crown Prince is attractive. “I must be the Crown Princess as future Queen!” Is probably what everyone is thinking about.

The incident occurred when the Crown Prince went to greet Charlotte’s table. As she stood to curtsy, Charlotte’s teacup fell over, the tea spilling out.

“My! How rude.”

“You’re the daughter of Baron Campbell, right?”

“That upstart baron?”

Charlotte’s face turned red as the ladies around her started criticizing her.

And for a moment, Charlotte’s eyes that glared at the ladies accusing her were tinged with hatred. I was horrified to see those eyes.

Those eyes were the same eyes she had shown me in my previous life when she came to visit me in prison. They weren’t aimed at me right now, but I had a bad feeling.

Without blaming Charlotte for spilling the tea, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince gently asked her, “Are you okay?”

Looking at this scene, I had a feeling that fate would connect them once again.

TL: What are the odds that she purposely spilled that drink~? Do you think she was originally corrupted at a young age or is she maybe reborn? Mm? Anyway, those are just some speculations. Hope you enjoyed!



  1. i sure as hell hope it’s fate so they can both get ruined together
    on a side note since the prince is of higher status than the ladies i think “miss” fits better than sama

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