Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 23

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Haruto and the Four Heroes (5/7)

Two years had already passed in a blur since I was teleported to this world. I’ve stopped countless stampedes, and saved innumerable towns and villages. 

I was Level 124 at this time, and if I used my Protection Skill, then I could take a stampede even if I’m alone.

However, that didn’t mean I always made it on time, and that there were no victims at all. The threat of monsters already spread in different places, and countless people had lost their lives because they were attacked by monsters.

Despite this, I still wanted to save all the people I could, no matter what.

With that mentality, Tina and I would rush towards the places where high level monsters appeared or when stampedes occurred.

I was the only one who rushed to Gareth this time, Tina wasn’t with me.

“Oh, you’ve totally annihilated the monsters. Good going, Haruto.”

Takato, the Hero, came from outside the city. Holy Knight Daichi, Sage Kana and Saintess Yuka followed behind him. They have been teleported by the Creator God into this world.

“Yeah, just made it in time somehow.”

“Still, you’re so diligent, Haruto. You’ve been doing this every single time. There’s really no merit in saving the people here, though, you even had to force yourself just so you could jump from place to place, right?”

Takato was a Hero, but he didn’t proactively save people. Of course he would help out if the person was assaulted right in front of him, though.

However, if a large herd of monsters were attacking a far off city or town, he wouldn’t go out of his way to go running to those places. Daichi, Kana and Yuri were the same.

Even though they got occupations such as Hero, Holy Knight, Sage and Saintess, if the assault didn’t happen before their eyes, then they didn’t have anything to do with that.

“It’s fine. It’s something I want to do anyway. Rather than that, did you see that?”

“Oh, yeah yeah! A strong one came, so I leveled up, thanks to that.”

Takato and the rest usually didn’t  do anything even if a stampede occurred, unless they were on the spot when it happened. But now, they went out of their way just to go to Gareth, which was located in a country several hundred kilometers away from where they were. 

The reason was —

“Still, a warlock isn’t a big deal, right.”

Takato was playing with a black horn.

It was probably from the warlock he defeated.

“No, that guy’s blood lust was unbelievable, you know.”

“Yup yup, Takato didn’t flinch because you got that skill, but it’s impossible for us.”

“I…I was scared.”

A few monsters who had abnormal fighting powers were mixed in with the stampede that was about to invade Gareth. And so, the probability that it involved a warlock pulling the strings was really high. Warlocks were under the Demon King. 

Takato already passed level 260. Even if Heroes could easily level up, he was already at the point where his level won’t go up no matter how many ordinary monsters he defeated.

However, a warlock was an individual who possessed power enough to control an S-rank monster, so even Takato could level up if he managed to defeat it.

And so, Takato and the rest of them came to this town in order to slay that warlock.

Honestly, I thought he was already strong enough to defeat the Demon King. He should just hurry up and slay that Demon King so that this world would become peaceful — I thought about that from time to time. 

However, Takato was a moody person. He wouldn’t even lift a finger even if a monster came assaulting the city he was staying in if he wasn’t in the mood. Plus, he absolutely hated being ordered around.

Because of his overwhelming strength, no one could say a word of complaint. If Takato didn’t fight, Daichi and the rest wouldn’t, too.

That’s why I decided to let Takato have the role of killing the warlocks, while I took it upon  myself to slay all the other enemies.

Tina approved of this resolution, so both of us recently flew around the world to defeat the monsters. 

Tina and I had been constantly sleeping and eating together, so I already fell for her before I noticed it. I thought she was adorable from the first time we met, but she had become so lovely during the two years that I was with her.

Every nonchalant gesture of hers was sweet and precious for me. However, I couldn’t confess, being the weakling that I was. 

“Haruto-sama! Are you alright!?”

Just when I was thinking of Tina, she came towards me. She finished treating the vigilantes, it seemed. 

“I’m okay. There’s no casualties, too, it seems.”

“Is that so, that’s truly a relief.”

“Tina cha~n, we’re also here, we defeated the warlock, you know?”

“The warlock…As expected of you, Hero-sama.”

“You’re calling Haruto by name, but why do you always call me Hero-sama?”

Tina’s reply was somehow curt and cold, so Takato was offended. He glared at me as he said that.

Takato liked Tina, so if she had a request, he would surely fulfill it for her, no matter what it was. However, Takato would demand Tina to sleep with him, or kiss him as compensation. Because of that, Tina never asked him to do anything.

I was happy with that.

Vent at me all you want, Takato.

At least, Tina idolized me rather than Takato — that thought alone made it easier for me not to mind his hurtful words. 

Takato would call me ‘Trash Hero’ whenever Tina wasn’t around. Well, he was  not wrong though, so there was  no way for me to rebut that.

Besides, if we fought and it came down to fist fight, I wouldn’t win against Takato even with the Protective Skill activated; his level was  already over 260 after all.

“I apologize, Takato-sama. For the residents of this world, ‘Hero’ is an address that is linked  with the highest level of respect. I did not have any other intentions.”

Takato seemed to be appeased by Tina’s words. He was called a Hero, and yet I wasn’t. Tina also considered me as a failure deep within her — he might’ve interpreted it as such.

Afterward, Takato took Daichi and the rest of them with him, as they entered the city.

“Haruto-sama, did I offend you?”

Tina called out to me when Takato disappeared. 

“About how you won’t call me a hero?”

“…Yes. But if Haruto-sama desires so, I will call you Hero-sama from now on, though.”

“I want Tina to call me by name.”

“Is it truly fine with you?”

“Yup. Besides, you do not consider me as a failure of a hero, right?”

“T-there’s no way I would think that!!!!”

“Yup. Then there’s no problem, then. Alright, shall we go grab some food?”

“Yes. Where do you want to go…..”

The safety of Gareth was already guaranteed, so the people also started to return.  A few restaurants were already opened, too. 

Tina and I walked side by side as we looked at the town’s lights that were lit once again, rejoicing the fact that we saved this town.

T/N: Here’s a photo of Takato! Still…isn’t that armour too… impractical? Lol. And this is Haruto (Halt)’s original face from the manga! 😀 pretty hot, huh… Well, at least better than Takato. XD Well, prolly better than Halt, too? 😀 This version of Haruto is a bit more likeable, prolly because he didn’t look like a kid, lol. 😛

E/N: Lmao what is up with that huge armour. It’s not a fashion show, Takato. Seriously he can’t insult creatively (calling Haruto literally trash hero) and has a terrible fashion sense…. oof who made him a hero…

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      1. Yeah he does. But he would take the top spot from takato… Imagine him being 250 and protecting someone lol

  2. I think it’s supposed to be heavy armor with logs of angled surfaces to deflect impacts, horribly impractical in reality but I guess it works if you have hero tier strength stats?

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    Also, that’s the legendary Main Character haircut!

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