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Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~Chapter 47

Translator: Nightnote

Editor: Totoro

The Reward 2

The Lord had intended to listen to Rodan’s herioc tale, but something went wrong with the story. Gerda continues the story.

“We discussed what we should do. We talked about going back to the village we came from.”

 ”It would take us two days to walk back to the village we came from. We thought of taking the rest of the food and going back to the village and try again in the next spring. And the second time, we would build a strong fence to prevent the Boars from coming in. That’s what we talked about.”

“However, we are serfs who originally came here because we had a hard time making a living. No one welcomed us back.” Gerda added.

 Gerda and his family, as well as the people of the original village, had secured food for the winter on the assumption that the settlers would not return. Of course, they were not welcome, nor did they know if the food would be sufficient if they shared the food.

“There were many who said we would never return.”

“I see.”

 Then the Lord looked at the village mayor. The mayor bows his head deeply while looking uncomfortable. Although the mayor knew, he had not reported it to the Lord.

“It was then that Rodan told me about the plan for our living. He wanted to hunt the Boar and use it as food to last the winter season.”

 It was Gerda who told us that Rodan was truly a hero. He tells the story of how he took a plotter, a spade, and a pickaxe, and united a group of men to hunt Boar.

 They didn’t split into three groups like they do now. It was all about dedication. The story goes that they were so lucky that they happened to find only one Boar at the time, and that they were lucky enough to get a good hit on its neck with a pickaxe.

“And he hunted the Boar successfully. Isn’t that a wonderful story? Why are you not proud of that story? Look at Allen, he looks as if he’s never heard it before.” 

 The Lord said it was a wonderful story that he should be proud of his child.

“I’m sorry. But it’s not a wonderful story to tell your child. I lost one of my friends at that time…”


“We were hunting a dangerous Great Boar. It was a desperate hunt. Many of us were seriously injured. But we still hunted desperately. If we could defeat it, the gods would reward us for overcoming the ordeal. God would reward us with life. He would heal all our wounds.”

“God gave me a reward for going through the ordeal. But one of my friends did not survive the ordeal.” Rodan spoke softly, with a low tone.

 The story was that one friend of Rodan had died before the Boar was defeated. Closing his eyes, Rodan spoke up.

“It was a decision we all made together, but Rodan somehow feels responsible for it. I keep telling him it’s not something he should be worried about.” Gerda said.

“And back in the village, those who had participated in the Boar hunt and those who hadn’t, ate the Boar meat equally. Thanks to Rodan, we survived the winter.” He added.

 ”Many of us were mortally wounded. Because of the deaths and wounds, the number of participants was halved to nearly 20.”

 ”And Lord, that’s how we started Boar hunting” Gerda concludes.

(I see.)

 As he listened to the story, Allen remembered. It was two years ago, when Rodan came back seriously injured. He had risked his life to protect a young commoner. Even though he had a family of his own, he prioritized the young man’s life and was seriously injured.

 The first time Rodan hunted a Boar was when he was 15 years old. He must have been about the same age as the young man. He looked at him like the friend he had once lost. I think his body moved subconsciously, forgetting that he had a family.

 Rodin turned his head and became silent. His hands were trembling as he knelt down, as if the memory of that moment had come back to him.

“I’m sorry about that.” The Lord expresses his submission.

“No, no…”

 The hall fell silent.

“I won’t tell this story to His Majesty. Well, hmm.” The Lord spoke.

 Then, the Lord ponders. There was another silence in the hall.

“How can I help you, my Lord?”

 The butler reacts to the Lord’s silence.

“No, Sebas. This is not enough. I take it that what you say is true. If so, then Rodan’s work was enough to save the village.”

 The Lord said that Rodan was a great contributor to the development of the village.

“It would seem so, sir.”

 The butler did not deny it.

“Rodan, I have one more reward for you.”

“What? A reward, sir?”

 The Lord had already given us a reward equivalent to 50 gold coins. And he wants to give us another reward? 

“It is the duty of a Lord to reward the work of his people. The reward can be anything you want. Is there anything you want?” The Lord offered a reward to Rodan.

“Any reward?”

“Yes. You can tell me whatever you want.”

(What Father wants. What is it? All I can think of is alcohol.)

 Rodan didn’t seem to have any wishes. Also Allen had no idea if Rodan wanted anything.

“So, my Lord, I do have one request.”

 With his head still bowed, Rodan spoke.


“I would like to ask you if you would allow my son Allen to work in your house.”



“My son Allen is a clever boy, unlike myself, and I’m sure he would be of great use to you, my Lord.”

“Oh, you want him to work for my household?”

(Wait! Wait, Father, no! This is not good!)

 I panicked, shock rising from my face.

“Yes, it doesn’t matter whether he is messenger or whatever. Please let him work in your house.”

“I see.”

 Then the Lord looked at the butler.

“I don’t mind. I’m sure he’s a smart boy.”

 The butler, who is in charge of the Baron household servant sector, did not object.

(Hey! You have to oppose it! If I don’t do something, my dream of being the greatest Summoner will be taken away.) 

 Allen loves hunting more than anything. And he loves to level up. Being forced to work in a Lord’s house is the exact opposite of what he wants. Living in Lord’s house with no freedom, maybe it’s even more frustrating than being a serf.

 I have to do something to break out of this situation. I desperately tried to think.

“A messenger, hmm… No.”


 Apparently, I cannot be a messenger. The Lord spoke as he tweaked his shaved mustache. Rodan, who had hoped he would be listened to, looked disappointed.

(Oh? You’re refusing? Yes, you’d better say no.)

“You did an excellent job guiding us on the hunt and serving us the day before. You are indeed the son of Rodan. You’ve raised him well.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Allen shall be a manservant of the House of Granvelle.”

“Manservant, sir? Are you sure?”

 Rodin’s voice turned upside down in surprise.

(Hmm? Is there a difference between a manservant and a messenger? No, no, no, this is not the time to be thinking about that!)

“Yes, Sebas.”

 The butler replied that he had no problem with the Lord’s question.

“Allen, my Lord says he will take you as his manservant!”

 Forgetting that the Lord was in front of him, Rodan was happily squeezing Allen’s head. He was so happy that tears were welling up in his eyes.

“I’m so happy for you, Allen. The Lord is allowing us to do what we could never do as serfs.”

 Gerda joined in, telling Allen how great it was that he was so astonished and stunned.

 He made a fuss in front of the Lord, but the Lord said nothing and stared at the father and son. Rodan, who had done such a good job, was reminded of his dark past. Rodan, who had done so much work, was happy with a big smile on his face.

 And then he tells me.

“Allen, son of Rodan. Be my manservant and join the ranks of the Granvelle family.”


(Is it possible that if I say yes, I’ll lose my fun life as a summoner?)

“What’s wrong? What’s the matter?”

 The Lord expected an immediate answer, but Allen, who froze, seemed puzzled.

 Rodan tells him that he probably didn’t know how to reply.

(What should I do?)

 I looked at Rodan. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. He must have been very happy, because I didn’t think I’d ever seen my father cry before.

 Rodan, who had raised me for eight years with all his might, was crying in front of me because of happiness. Before I came to this world, I was 35 years old, older than him, but I respect Rodan’s way of life regardless of that. I have always felt lucky to be Rodan’s child.

 For the sake of his family, he works tirelessly in the fields and risks his life in the fall to hunt Boars. Rodan’s love for his friends has impressed him to his fellow serfs.

 Rodin was in tears, and he was happy.

“I’m looking forward to it.” Allen, who was frozen, finally spoke.

(It’s impossible. I can’t say no to this.)

 Thus, Allen became a manservant of the Baron Granvelle.


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