The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 54

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54. Katariona Undergoes the Magic Attribute Ritual (Part 2) 

“Then, Princess Christina Elaine Vin Findalia! Please come forth in front of the magic attribute judgment ball and place your hand over it.”

The judge called, and Chris stepped in front of the magic attribute ball.

Chris held her hand over the magic attribute judgment ball and let her magical power pass through, and it glowed a bright blue color. She also has the earth attribute, but I asked Flare-sama to cover it up because having two attributes would mean that we would have separate classes in the Magic Academy.

“Princess Christina Elaine Vin Findalia is Wind Magic.”

As applause rang from the audience, Tria was called next. Tria possesses two attributes, Water Magic and Earth Magic. But, the water attribute doesn’t appear until after entering the Magic Academy. At this point in time, she will only be judged to have Earth Magic.

“Next is the daughter of Marquis de Grandeur, Miss Katariona Yurie Grandeur! Please hold out your hand in front of the magic attribute judgment ball.”

It’s finally my turn. Taking a deep breath, I walked up to the magic attribute judgment ball and held my hand out front. Just like Leon warned me, I gently released some magical power. It’s important to note that Sacred Magic shouldn’t appear in the magic attribute judgment ball, so there shouldn’t be any problems there.

The magic attribute judgment ball shone brightly and was dyed a darker chocolate color than the shade for earth magic.

Did I pour too much magic? Not good!

“This seems to be…… the earth attribute, but there is the possibility of a dark attribute. It’s not clear, so I will judge using my Appraisal Eye.”

The judge is appraising me with Appraisal Eye. Calm down! It’s okay! It’s not like Daaku-sama gave me Dark Magic, so there’s no way that I have the darkness attribute.

The judge looked away from me and looked straight ahead to face me. (TL: This part was a little confusing)

“The daughter of Marquis de Grandeur, Miss Katariona Yurie Grandeur is an earth attribute Plant Magic.”

Good! The appraisal’s result was as expected.

‘You seem to be capable of using powerful plant magic. Depending on your training, the environmental department of the Magic Academy may recruit you.”

The judge secretly murmured to me as I left. The environmental department of the Magic Academy is the department that investigates magical plants and ventures to rural areas to observe if the environment has been destroyed.

“I’m honored,” I replied smiling at the judge as I walked backstage.

Any profession other than the position of a Crown Princess candidate is welcome.

I’ve finished my magic attribute judgment, but there’s something that has been worrying me, so I moved to the box seat where my family was waiting.

“Rio, thank you for your hard work. I broke into a cold sweat when I saw the magic attribute test ball shine so brightly.”

Father seems to have truly been given a fright, as he wiped his forehead with a handkerchief. 

“I also broke out into a cold sweat.”

May, who was being held by Father, reached out to me so I took her into my arms.

“May, have you been a good girl?”

“Au” she replied making a gesture of raising her hand. She seems to have been trying to say “I was a good girl”, how cute.

Even though we’re in box seats, the skill “sound insulation” has been used to prevent our conversations from being overheard.

This is one of Daaku-sama’s skills, who is currently hidden in Marie’s shadow.

Since it’s magic used by the gods, it won’t be detected by the Magic Academy.

“I warned you, but you still ended up pouring too much magic into it?”

“No. I did as I was told and only let out a small stream, and it suddenly started to glow.”

“Maybe your magical powers have increased more than expected.”

Leon pondered with his arms crossed.

“Is it Charlotte’s turn?”

“Baron Campbell’s position is the bottom rank in the aristocratic hierarchy, so I think we’ll have to wait for another seven more groups.”

This year, there is 1 royal family member, 1 duke, 5 marquises, 8 counts, 8 viscounts, 10 barons, and 18 commoners, which sums up to a total of 51 people. Since the 3rd group just finished their magic attribute judgment, we’re now onto the 4th group. Charlotte’s group is the 7th group. As expected, Big Brother is good with numbers. His calculation was quick.

I was wondering if Charlotte’s magic attribute had changed, so I asked my family to check yesterday.

Chris was probably watching from the royal seats. I don’t want to make eye contact with the Crown Prince, so I’ve tried to be careful in keeping my eyes away from that direction.

It’s finally Charlotte’s turn. She seems to have grown a little taller from when I last saw her in the royal capital. But, her face doesn’t seem to have changed much from her original childish face. What about her magical attributes? Let’s appraise her.

“Leon, what about you?”

“Umu. No change.”

The result is still “non-attribute (∞).”

“That’s good. If it had changed, I would have frozen her heart here and now.” (TL: Eek!)

Mother let out a laugh, revealing a dark smile. Scary. May seems to agree with Mother letting out an “A~u”.

“If her heart stops beating, I’ll decapitate her with Wind Magic.”

Brother still has the same refreshing smile as usual. But, I’m scared because it doesn’t change!

“After that, Father will use Fire Magic to burn her until not a trace is left.”

Yes, yes. After that, the whole family and all our servants will have to flee before they got cau…..ght!! No! My family is scary! They’re more like barbarians than nobles. Just when did they become like this?

“That’s fine. We can rely on Hikoshirou and live happily together in Hinoshima.”

My thoughts seemed to have been communicated to Leon through telepathy. 

“What are you talking about Leon? Let’s not.”

I looked at my family and found that they were all looking at me strangely. Even May had her head tilted as if to say “What?” I couldn’t help but clutch my head in my hands.

Sorry…….I apologized in my heart, not to anyone in particular. Maybe it’s because I’ve spoken out about my past life. But everyone seems to have opened up a new world.

However, if Charlotte tries to do the same thing to me as she did in my previous life, I won’t hold back. I just want to spend this life peacefully with my family and Leon……

TL: Wow, what a note to end on. Looks like if worse comes to worst, they’ll just run away. Honestly, I’d like to see the Hinoshima gods, too. Well, I hope you enjoyed this chapter~!



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