I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 35

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Little Dance

Miaomiao decided to bring only one yogurt bottle. After all, the pack that was at home was quickly running out. Noticing how her mother worked arduously to earn money every day, she decided to bring only one yogurt bottle. 

But she still wanted to give one to Zhou Yuan.

In the end, Zhou Yuan was the one who drank the yogurt, whereas Miaomiao didn’t drink.

Zhou Yuan drank yogurt habitually since Miaomiao used to bring him a large variety of snacks. But after drinking two sips, he discovered that Miaomiao wasn’t drinking hers.

Zhou Yuan found it odd, “Miaomiao, you’re not drinking yogurt today?”

Although Miaomiao shook her head in refusal, her gaze was firmly fixed on the yogurt bottle in Zhou Yuan’s hand. Sucking in her saliva, she replied, “I won’t drink today.”

I brought blueberry-aloe vera flavored yogurt for Zhou Yuan today. It tastes delicious and is both sour and sweet.

With a single glance, Zhou Yuan could tell that Miaomiao wanted to drink it.  

Previously, Miaomiao used to bring two bottles. Each person would drink one for fun. When she handed him one this morning, he instinctively drank it, whereas Miaomiao didn’t.  

When he looked at the yogurt he had already consumed, he felt his embarrassment begin to enfold him. Since he couldn’t give it to Miaomiao anymore, he decided to finish it. After all, he didn’t want to waste it.     

Fortunately, Jingjing and Deng Feng arrived at this time, which attracted Miaomiao’s gaze towards them.

The two little ones lived in the same district, although Deng Feng lived slightly farther away. Therefore, their parents usually took turns sending their children to school, and they often arrived at school at the same time.

Jingjing’s face scrunched up when she entered the classroom. She was displaying a scornful anger as she settled herself into her chair.

As Miaomiao stared at Jingjing, she reached into her schoolbag for some snacks. To cheer up Jingjing’s spirits, she handed her a bag of potato chips made by Mother Hua.

Jingjing loves these chips a lot.

Jingjing received it and declared to Miaomiao irefully, “I will never play with Deng Feng again. Miaomiao, you should also stop playing and speaking with him.”

Miaomiao had no idea what happened. She panicked and grasped Jingjing’s hand, “Jingjing, will you also stop playing with me in the future?”

Up until yesterday, we played a lot together. But today, Jingjing said that she doesn’t want to play with Deng Feng anymore. Will Jingjing say tomorrow that she will no longer play with me?

Miaomiao enjoyed Jingjing’s company a lot. She was smart and revelled in laughter. When they were together, she would be very happy and jovial. She just wanted to laugh and have fun.

According to Miaomiao, Zhou Yuan was a very important person to her. But so were Jingjing and Deng Feng because they were all friends.

My heart would feel uncomfortable if Jingjing didn’t want to play and talk with me anymore.

Miaomiao held Jingjing’s hand tightly as she looked at her with big, teary eyes. She feared that Jingjing would say that she no longer wanted to play with her.

Her reaction stunned Jingjing for a moment. Then, she quickly promised, “No, I’ll play with Miaomiao for the rest of my life. When we’re old, I’ll let my granddaughter play with your granddaughter.”

She could only think about saying that for the moment. She wanted to ameliorate Miaomiao’s fears and anxiety. 

Zhou Yuan was watching this scene and stared at how both of the girls were wearing serious expressions on their faces. Then, he turned his head to look at his first-grade Chinese Language textbook. He was dumbfounded. 

After the second class had ended, Zhou Yuan trekked out to buy a bottle of yogurt. When he returned, he found Jingjing, Miaomiao, and Deng Feng whispering to each other. He couldn’t hear what they were saying. 

There was no doubt that they had reconciled again. Childhood friendships were very mercurial and capricious. Perhaps even the most intelligent or influential stock market analysts couldn’t predict their trend.

Upon returning to his seat, Zhou Yuan learned that Miaomiao’s grandmother would be visiting her. The three little kids were discussing ways to make Miaomiao’s grandmother like her.

Zhou Yuan glanced at the quiet and well-behaved Miaomiao. 

Does she need to find a way to make herself more likable?

Miaomiao whispered, “I don’t know what to do. I know that my great-grandmother had hearing problems, so she speaks loudly. I don’t have to be afraid of her.”

Jingjing, Deng Feng, and Zhou Yuan were all her friends, and she was willing to place trust in their suggestions.

Suddenly, Jingjing excitedly exclaimed, “I have an idea, I have an idea! Miaomiao, I know what to do!”

Miaomiao stared at Jingjing. Her eyes were full of expectation.

Jingjing asked her,” Miaomiao, did you learn the dance in kindergarten? It’s called ‘My country, my home’…”

Miaomiao shook her head. Since she had never attended kindergarten, she had never learned how to dance.

Jingjing frowned, “You don’t know? Every time my grandparents ask me to dance, I do this dance. They always looked very happy when I danced…”

When some guests visited their house, they would ask Jingjing to dance.

Jingjing learned how to dance at kindergarten and was an excellent dancer.

Ironically, Jingjing didn’t like dancing very much, and she especially didn’t like dancing for outsiders. But she danced for her grandma because it made her grandma happy. 

If Miaomiao could dance, her grandmother would definitely love her.

Jingjing came to this conclusion due to her own experiences.

Zhou Yuan: “…”

But Miaomiao had never attended kindergarten, and therefore, she couldn’t dance.

Jingjing thought for a while, “It’s okay. It isn’t too late to learn. After class, we will go outside, and I’ll teach you.”

Zhou Yuan wanted to say that this wasn’t necessary, but he was also curious about how Miaomiao, this sluggish little child, would dance.

So, at noon after lunch, Jingjing quickly pulled Miaomiao outside.

Zhou Yuan and Deng Feng also followed them.

“Miaomiao, you only need to follow my every step. Just do what I do.” Jingjing said as she started dancing.

She performed an easy version of hip-hop.

Miaomiao thought that she must learn earnestly, ‘Jingjing is doing her best to help me. I have to learn.’

While dancing, Miaomiao’s small hands and short feet were uncoordinated, and it looked like she was hitting the air.

Zhou Yuan watched her dance from the side. He wanted to laugh, but after watching her earnestly learning and trying to imitate Jingjing’s every move, he felt distressed for her.

Although many details weren’t disclosed to the public, he had learned about her case. He knew that she had most likely suffered a serious injury, which resulted in a type of sequelae.

It was challenging for Miaomiao to follow Jingjing, but she persisted.

She kept thinking, ‘I have to stretch out my left hand first, then my right hand. The right hand is the one that I use to hold my pen, so it’s my pen-holding hand…’

Eventually, one of two of her movements resembled those of Jingjing’s.

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