When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 78

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Poison my father

This… is really embarrassing.

Kong Wuying scolds the system in his heart, and then hurries away. Kongbao steps up to comfort him.

Kong Wuying slaps the system’s stone into Kongbao’s hand. “A gift.”

System: “…”

Baby who receives a gift from the host:      ^ _ ^

The system screams angrily in Kong Wuying’s mind. “Host, you can’t do this! I made a little mistake! Do you not remember the hard work I have done for you for so many years?”

The baby wonders: “… oh, why do I seem to hear a sound?”

Kong Wuying relentlessly shifts the topic. “Let’s go.”

Abandoned completely, the system cries. “Wuwuwuwu…” Why was it treated as a treasure by Chu Chu, but now as trash by the new host?

( ^ wuwu = crying sounds)

Kong Wuying abandons his golden finger, and takes zero points to enjoy life with his own soul puppet.

On the other hand, Kong Ba looks left and right amongst the crowd, not seeing his father. Father… which one are you? No, there must be something that Kong Ba neglected, think again.

If the devil master is right, the father is indeed here. Even if Kong Ba doesn’t recognize his father, his father should have seen him. So why hasn’t father come to greet him yet?

Something flashes through his mind, but it’s fleeting. Where did Gale go? The mission failed, and Gale also can’t come home?

Kong Ba seems to sense the presence of Gale, but the tiger is ignoring him? Wait… the tracing seems to lead to an outside gazebo?

Kong Ba stares at his majestic war tiger acting as if it’s a small kitten playing under someone’s feet like an ordinary pet, not to mention how happy it is.

Kong Ba then sees the person sitting on a stone bench, leaning down to tease the massive tiger. He walks closer in a daze.

Naturally, there is not only one person in the gazebo, but also Kongbao. When he sees Kong Ba, the baby smiles. “Good boy, here you are!”

Kong Wuying: “…” Although he knows that Kongbao is pretending, he sees the smile, and it still feels so subtle.

Kong Ba doesn’t even think about the baby, he steps up in front of Kong Wuying and stares at his eyes, not missing any possible expression on him. With a hint of confusion and caution: “Are you… father?”

The expression on Kong Wuying’s face disappears. He quickly gets up and runs away.

Although this behavior is a bit off, but with a pervert son who loves human flesh, Kong Wuying has nothing to say!

Seeing the master flee, Kongbao smiles happily, walks over and pats Kong Ba’s shoulder: “Poor thing.” Then happily chases the master.

Gale: “Meow…” It glances at the owner, and looks at the direction where Kong Wuying left, and finally decides to follow his heart’s longing. Abandon the owner without hesitation!

Kong Ba, who is left alone by himself, stays there for a while, then bows his head lightly, and lifts a hair from the place where Kong Wuying had just been sitting. This length, this gloss… it should be the father’s, right?

Kong Ba quickly fills with happiness! He carefully holds the hair like a baby, and then rushes to find the devil master.

Through the stone, the devil master senses the existence of this hair, and his voice brightens. “You finally found the right one this time.”

Kong Ba is excited and looks forward. “Is this technique real? With this technique, will my father really fall in love with me?”

“Of course!” The decisive voice of the devil master replies, and in the distant Yeying continent, he bursts into a proud smile.

The stone exudes a faint light, burns for a long time, and condenses into a pill.

The voice of the devil master comes from the stone: “Trick the monarch into eating this elixir, and he will gradually fall in love with you, and he will never die.”

Kong Ba grabs the elixir and looks at the little black pill. “Is this really so amazing?”

The devil master says: “This is the undeclared secret of Shadow Pill Yeying Witch Tribe. It’s recipe had disappeared for thousands of years.”

Thinking of the tribe full of legends, Kong Ba is full of confidence, and goes with joy.

Kong Ba is soon knocking on the door and then pushing it open, box of food in hand. “Father, you must not be used to the food here. Come and taste our Yeying food!”

As soon as Kong Wuying sees his son, he wants to close the door. He looks at the food box. “What’s in it? Human flesh?”

Kong Ba: “… no, not human.” Blame him for being too simple, he revealed his true face to his father too early.

Kong Wuying has no confidence in Kong Ba at all. “I don’t eat human flesh.”

Kong Ba shouts pitifully: “Father!” 

His call immediately makes Kong Wuying think of the boy’s childhood. At that time, Kong Ba, who was still a little bun, followed his coattails like this, screaming eagerly, “Father!”

Kong Wuying softens for a second, then says without hesitation: “No, get out!”

Kong Ba: “… doesn’t my father love me anymore?”

“No love at all, just get out of here.” This sentence is not Kong Wuying’s. Kongbao passes by and closes the door.

Kong Ba: “…”

Kongbao intercepted his love rival smoothly, which is a triumph. Turning to Kong Wuying: “Master, don’t get angry, have a cup of tea.”

Kong Wuying drinks the fragrant tea handed to him frowns at Kongbao. “Why are you so happy?”

Kongbao’s awkward face: “How can I…”

Kong Ba, who is locked out, shows a smile of victory. Put the medicine directly in the food he brings? No, do you think he’s stupid?

This food is just a cover for attracting the attention of his father and the counterfeit bastard baby. The real poison was given to the maid he bought out and put it in the tea he sent.

Kong Ba waits outside for a long time, and then knocks on the door again after the cheap puppet leaves. The door is opened by Kong Wuying.

Kong Ba smiles. “Father, what do you think of me now?”

Kong Wuying: “…”

Kong Ba stared at his father intently, and finds that there’s a touch of movement in Kong Wuying eyes. Kong Ba’s heart lifts. The devil master really did not bully him. The elixir really worked, and it seems that he can soon take his father home.

Kong Wuying: “… Are you sick?”

Kong Ba: “…” Well, this reaction is not right?

Is it not yet effective?

He doesn’t hesitate, and continues to ask, “Father, look again, look at my face, do you feel very emotional?”

Kong Wuying: “…!”

What is this son talking about?

Kong Ba insists for a long time, but sees his father has no response at all, and he’s completely disappointed. “Didn’t you drink tea?”

Obviously Kong Ba just heard Kong Wuying drink it.

Kong Wuying replies, “I did. Why? You put poison in it?”

Kong Ba: “Uh…” 

Since drinking, that should not be the reaction. Did the devil lie to him? But the words of the devil master have always been 100% accurate.

Kong Wuying looks at Kong Ba’s expression and guesses: “Was it the treasure of the ancient Wu clan, the poison of the Yeying Witch Tribe?”

Kong Ba: “…”

How can a father know this!? He’s a god!

Kong Wuying looks at the silly son in front of him, so angry he almost finds this funny. “My kid is really making progress. You know how to find such an ancient recipe, and the method of poisoning is also commendable. But how much do you know about the poison?”

Kong Ba: “…”

Kong Wuying educates his son: “The Witches were mysterious and unpredictable in Yeying, and then they disappeared. Do you know who made them disappear?”

Kong Ba: “…”

“Your daddy took three hours – two and a half made up from the trip to find them.”

Kong Ba: “…”

Kong Wuying: “Don’t make a mess when you play with your little friends, you could hurt yourself. You go back to sleep now, it’s getting late.”

Kong Ba: “…”

Kong Ba staggers back to his room in a daze, opens the stone and looks for the devil master.

The Devil master: “How’s it going?”

Kong Ba lost his heart and says, “Father said that I should not play like this anymore, so now I’ll go to sleep.”

The Devil master: “…”

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