The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 52

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Jpkuroneko-chan

52. Katariona Makes Preparations Before the Magic Attribute Judgment

Looking into the crib, I saw Marianne moving her tiny arms and legs. Her blue-gray eyes that are the same as mine, were innocent and as clear as a tranquil lake. 

“May is so cute. Her eyes look just like yours, Rio.”

“Is that so? Her face looks just like yours, Brother.”

May is Marianne’s nickname. When Mother picked her up from her crib, she squealed and laughed at the sight of Brother and me. 

“Fufu. It’s like she’s the child of Sieg and Rio.”

“Come on, May. Come to Father.”

Father held out his arm, but for some reason, May held out her tiny hand towards me saying, “A~u.”

“My, oh my, May loves your sister, don’t you?”

I picked her up from Mother’s arms and held her in mine. She smiles happily while giggling. She’s so cute.  

“Ahh, May’s so cute. She’s like an angel.”

I couldn’t resist rubbing my cheek against hers. And looking sideways, Father had pitifully sunk into a slump…

As May looked down at Leon, I bent down.

“May. Fluff Leon.”

Leon looks at May knowingly as she raises a small hand to him. 

“A~ua~u,” she said while fluffing Leon’s fluffy fur. I think she’s trying to say “Fluffy.”

My family and I are now located at the townhouse in the royal capital. That’s because it’s time for my magic attribute judgment ritual now that I’m ten years old. 

The family’s opinion was that it would be best for Mother, who is six months postpartum, and May, who is a six-month-old baby, to stay and recuperate at the estate. But, it was rejected. Mother wanted to accompany me on the big day, and for some reason, May was reluctant to leave my side. She clung to me as if she didn’t want me to leave and wouldn’t stop crying. 

It was decided that if Mother and May got sick, there shouldn’t be any problem as long as I used my light-attribute “healing magic,” so that Mother and May could accompany me to the royal capital. 

The magic attribute judgment ceremony is in three days. I came to the royal capital a week ago, so I’m relaxing at the townhouse. Chris came with us to the capital, but when she arrived at the townhouse, she was picked up by someone from the royal palace. At first, Chris didn’t want to go home as soon as she arrived, but His Majesty the King wanted to see her, so she reluctantly went back to the palace. 

Chris and I have been exchanging letters every day. I use the uncensored sealing stamp she gave me to write to her…… Tomorrow, she’ll come to the townhouse. She wanted to try on a dress together that arrived from the royal capital store of Sandorion.

After the magical attribute judgment, Chris is planning to host a tea party at the royal palace this year. Of course, I am also invited. I ordered a dress for the tea party at Sandorion, but Chris said she wanted to wear the same dress as me. Even though we’re best friends, I don’t want to wear the same dress as the princess, so I asked them to make my dress in a different color with slightly different lace patterns and ribbons. 

By the way, my surprise of giving May’s baby clothes as a present greatly pleased my parents. As expected of Sandorion. The baby clothes had a cute design and were soft to the touch. 


The afternoon of the next day, Laura came to visit the townhouse with her usual employees. To my surprise, the three female employees used to serve at the temple of the Goddess of Fire, Miko. It seems that Laura took a liking to these pious women, and so she pulled them out of the temple and opened Sandorion.

Chris had been at the townhouse since mid-morning, so we spent the time researching the experimental greenhouse built in the garden. 

“Rio, Chris, it’s been a while. I’ve brought you the long-awaited dresses.”

When I greeted Laura at the entrance, she smiled bewitchingly. She’s still a beautiful goddess. I once again admire Laura’s beauty that’s different from Flare-sama and Kikuno-sama. 

“Laura, it’s been a while. This will be the first time I’ve worn a dress from Sandorion in public, so I’ve been looking forward to it.”

Chris has been confined in our territory for the most part. It was fine since princesses in our country have no official duties before debutante. 

“I haven’t seen you since I ordered the dress, Laura. It’s been a long time.”

We walked side by side, having a casual conversation as I led Laura to my room. In front of my room, Leon was waiting for me, wagging his tail and flapping his wings.

“Oh my, Leon. Didn’t see you greet us at the entrance.”

“Still as sarcastic as ever.”

These two people. No, sparks fly between the gazes of these two pillars of god. Whenever they meet, Leon and Laura are very poisonous to each other. I’m not sure if they’re on bad terms or not. 

“Well. Anyway, please come into the room for the time being. Marie is preparing tea for us right now. 

I intervened between Leon and Laura, urging them to enter the room while being exposed to the sparks. 

I left today’s tea and snacks to Marie. May had woken up early this morning and wouldn’t let me go. In my previous life, she had been such a good girl since she was a baby, but did history have something different in store for her?

A female employee opened the case and took out a dress to show me. Chris’s dress is a princess-line long dress in royal pink with new lace. My dress was a bright pastel blue with new lace that was different from Chris’s, but also a long princess-line dress. 

“Wow, it’s beautiful. I want to try it on right away.”

“I’ll help Chris get dressed, and you can help Marie dress Rio.”

“Yes, Laura-sama.”

Chris and I can both put on simple dresses by ourselves, but it’s difficult trying to put on a dress without any help. 

Shortly after, Chris and I finished dressing. When we stood in front of the mirror, our eyes widened. 

“Rio, you’re so cute!”

“Chris, you’re too cute!”

 We got slightly different designs, but it’s strange how the same designs look different when using different colors.

“The size doesn’t look like it needs any alterations. You’re both in good shape, so that helps.”

When I work out every day, my body shape doesn’t change much. Normally aristocratic daughters don’t go out and run around so much, so some of them have plump bodies.

“You both look very cute.”

“Thank you, Marie.”

After the dresses were handed over, I asked Marie to prepare tea and sweets, as we rushed right into a girls’ night.

“Change of topic, but Rio, have you appraised May, yet?”

Laura cut to the topic of May.

“Yes. But, it came with “impossible to evaluate”. Is it because she’s a baby?”

“I also tried to evaluate May with my detection skill, but the result was the same as Rio’s.”

Chris has the Detect skill, so she could switch her skill from tactile to visual and appraise her in the same way as Appraisal’s Eye. It’s something she learned from Tojurou-san.

Laura turned to look at Leon, but he looked away in a huff. 

“May is a baby, so I’ve always dismissed the idea, but she got the same results as a god. Do you know anything, Laura and Leon?

“……I’ll tell you when the magic attribute judgment is over.”

Leon was silent after he said that.

“I’ve always thought this for a long time, but…… Leon is so stingy.”

“What! I’m stingy?”

Laura blurted that out and hurriedly took out a handkerchief and held it over her mouth. 

“Fufu…..that’s right. Leon is stingy… fufu. Ahh! It’s so funny.”

“Laura! You’re such a jerk!”

She took a jab and the sparks started flying again. 

“Yes! That’s it! Leon often says he’ll tell you in time, but he never does.”


He hugged his head in his hands on the sofa, feeling that someone had hit him where it hurts. Fufu, how cute.  

TL: Hmm~ I attempted searching up some images for dresses that Chris and Rio might be wearing, but I ended up finding sooo many. So~ I couldn’t choose~ Anyway, hope you enjoyed the chapter!


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