Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 19

Translator: Kyat Kyat

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T/N: Gore ahead, but not sure how ‘gore’ it is for you, maybe it’s nothing, maybe too much 😀 nevertheless, you’ve been warned. Haha.  Also, this is still Halt narrating in the body of Haruto, instead of putting [I] or [me] everywhere like the raws, I just put a note here that Halt’s I, me and my’s are in bold to reflect that he’s talking about Haruto. The past conversations are also in bold letters. 😀 Okidoks, enjoy!

Haruto and the Four Heroes (2/7)  

Isekai Kami-sama teleported me to the place where the girl who called out to me— to where Tina was.

Kami-sama’s teleportation felt like running through a black tunnel at ultra-high speed. Everything became bright after a few seconds.

A wolf-like monster stood before my eyes.

It was a War Wolf, and was unguarded, totally open to attacks.

It was devouring the innards of a man lying on the ground. It really struck me then that this wolf was a menace to humans.

Kami-sama had given me a sword, saying it was his service to me. I swung the sword down with all I got at that wolf’s neck.

The wolf’s head dropped to the ground with a muffled thud.

It was the first time in my entire life that I killed an animal, and my entire body was trembling all over.

I soon came to my senses and hurriedly moved when I heard a girl screaming. The War Wolf was a monster around Level 60. Even if it was  a surprise attack, I still defeated it, and thanks to that I reached Level 35.

Most of my wounds healed somehow after leveling up, and even abnormal conditions would also heal, it seemed. Because of that, the trembling and terror somehow lessened, and I managed to move.

A carriage stood a little farther from here, and several mercenaries were fighting against werewolves, as if protecting their cargo.

“That Half-Elf was bought with 100 gold coins, you know!? Protect it with your lives!!!”

A fat guy who looked like a merchant was urging the surrounding mercenaries. However, the monsters surrounding them were overwhelmingly stronger than them.


“T-they’re too fast!!!”

“A-arm, my arm!!!!”

There were seven wolves  in total. I slayed  one, and the mercenaries killed two, but there were still four wolves remaining.

A mercenary managed to block one of the wolves’ attack, but another one bit him on the neck and threw him to the ground. His carotid artery was torn off, and he stopped moving soon enough. That guy was probably the leader. The remaining mercenaries were running around like headless chickens with nobody in charge. They were rapidly decreasing.

Finally, only the merchant was left.

“S-stoooopppp!!!! Go awaaaay!!!!”

 The wolves remained undaunted with those screams, and three wolves attacked him. I tried to erase my presence at that time, creeped nearer, then quietly killed one of the wolves.

Thanks to the sword that Kami-sama gave me, I managed to lop off its head without a sound.

The remaining three wolves ferociously gobbled the body of the merchant. I took advantage of that time and slipped into the carriage. 

Tina was right there, shaking uncontrollably with tears streaming down her face.

“It’s alright, I’ll definitely save you.”

I gently patted Tina’s head, then I slashed the chains that bound her hands. As expected of Kami-sama’s sword, it cut through the iron chains like butter.

“W-who are you?”

“I’m Haruto, you called out to me. Alright, we’ll escape now!!”

I pulled Tina’s hand, then we drew closer to the door of the carriage. I peeked outside; the three wolves were still gorging themselves on the merchant’s body.

I went down first. Just as I was about to carry Tina down the so that we can escape —

There was no way the wolf monsters would let their prey escape, especially with those keen sense of smell and sharp hearing they had. 

With the carriage behind us, Tina and I were surrounded by the wolves. I hid Tina behind me while keeping the wolves at bay with the sword.

Tina was shaking.

I have to protect this child no matter what.

— The moment I thought about that fervently, power came flowing within me.

[ Protector ] ;the one and only skill that Kami-sama managed to bestow to me, was activated. Whenever I had to protect someone, it would double my entire status.

My level was 38 because I slayed  2 werewolves. Thanks to [Protector] being activated, it became the equivalent of Level 76. 

There was no way the wolves would know that, so one of them rushed towards me. Thanks to the rise in status, the attack was in slow-mo.

I parried its claws with the sword, then slid it downwards the side of its body, and the internal organs flew out, scattering all over the place. It didn’t get up again.

Just two more —

I thought that there were only two more wolves left.

— how careless of me.

The pack boss had hidden its presence. The boss shot a fireball, hitting me squarely on my right shoulder. The sword dropped out of my hand.

There were also individuals who could use magic among the high level werewolves. There was no way for me to know about that since I was just teleported here a while ago.

Boss turned his comrades into scapegoats, then he timed his fireball attack so that it was impossible for me to evade it. There was only the boss left as my opponent now, but I was no longer in the condition to swing the sword.

I pressed my pitch-black, burnt right arm with my left hand as the War Wolf steadily sauntered towards me.

No more comrades, but dealing with this wounded prey is a piece of cake – it looked like it was thinking like that as it calmly inched closer.

It’s body was overwhelmingly huge compared to the other wolves. It opened its enormous mouth and snarled at me.


Boss’ eyes widened.

The sword was sticking out the back of its neck — I used my left hand to pierce Boss’ throat. Kami-sama’s sword was for my exclusive use only, and I could summon it anywhere on my body. 

I noticed that this War Wolf possessed a certain degree of intelligence based on the way it hid its presence at first. That’s why I thought it would lower its guard down if I dropped the sword down and appeared defenseless — I bet my life on this plan.

I finally defeated all the monsters somehow.

However, I was also severely wounded. My right hand was rendered totally immobile because of the huge burn I sustained, and the blood wouldn’t stop flowing from the part bitten by the Boss.

Tina was crying.

 She held my head in an attempt to make it easier for me to breathe, and she desperately casted Heal on me.

However, she was still wearing the collar that sealed off her magic, so her Heal wasn’t activated.


Her tears were streaming endlessly.

 It’s alright.

     Tina, don’t cry.

             See, that guy finally came.

                                            It’ll be alright.

I had a blurry glimpse of Sarion as he dashed towards us just before my hazy consciousness slipped away.


T/N: Sorry my bad, it was not werewolf (ウェアウルフ), but War Wolf (ウォーウルフ). Fixed. 😀

E/N: So, the boss War Wolf decided to use all its comrades for a little more prey! That’s absurd..where is its intelligence! Aren’t wolves famous for teamwork? 

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