When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 77

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Eat the soul puppet

The purple-black light blooms, emitting a dim light in the dark room. Kong Ba holds his breath and waits excitedly.

If this technique is true, then he can finally achieve the dream of having father forever!

The light shines for a long time, and then suddenly a “tent” explodes.

From the stone comes the complaining voice of the demon master: “This is not the monarch’s hair at all! You got it wrong!”

Kong Ba subconsciously says, “This is impossible! This was taken from my father’s head by myself, and it is absolutely impossible to make a mistake.”

The magician’s voice comes out quietly from the stone. “Either you got it wrong, or… the person is pretending to trick you!”

Kong Ba: “It’s impossible. I can’t admit it was wrong… that’s definitely my father!”

The Devil Master says, “Although the hair does have the breath of the monarch, it is not the hair of the monarch at all. It must be another person close to the one who tricked you.”

Kong Ba hesitates for a moment, but still denies it. “This is impossible. If he is not father, how do I make him admit it? And he also recognizes me! Who besides father would recognize… ” 

Kong Ba stares off into the distance as his face slowly turns into a scowl. “Dare to mess with me like this! I will make him pay for it!” Kong Ba can’t help feeling angry when he thinks of himself being played.

Then he thinks of another question. “If he is not father, where is father? Didn’t you say I can see my father?”

The Demon Master says, “I can’t go wrong. You must have seen the monarch, but you didn’t recognize him. Think about it carefully!”

Kong Ba thinks about it, but he doesn’t remember any one. Except for the fake and inferior monarch, he really hasn’t found anyone who is a little bit like his father.

Seeing him like this, the devil sighs. This idiot can’t even recognize his own father. So he slightly reminds Kong Ba, “Didn’t the monarch give you a soul puppet before? It will recognise the monarch.”

This is a very smart and efficient plan, but unfortunately it is barely heard.

Kong Ba is stunned slightly. “What you said earlier… I have eaten.”

Devil’s mouth twitches. “… eat?”

Kong Ba: “The taste is not very good, a bit difficult to digest. It is a bit of a father’s taste. Hey… what’s that sound?”

It sounded like something fell.

Kong Ba hurriedly goes out to see, but there’s nothing outside.

At this time, Kong Wuying is racing back to his room. Honestly, Kong Ba is not the most extreme son he has ever encountered – like Kong San who knows his identity and dared to wrong him.

Kong Ba, why are you so strange? Eating human flesh, it’s really too much. 

In the residence, Kongbao waits patiently for master’s return. “Master!”

“I know that the lord is you!”

Kongbao: “…”

“I know you are posing as me in front of Kong Ba!”

Kongbao: “…” The master knows everything, should I escape?

Kong Wuying steps forward and hugs Kongbao. “You’re still the best baby.”

Kongbao who is suddenly held: “…”

He doesn’t understand this logic. When he did something wrong, instead of scolding, Kongbao was hugged. But, regardless, he is satisfied with the master’s hug.

The third match of the Chu Huang Competition began.

This time the game is arranged in the warehouse. Elder No. 1 takes everyone into the treasure house, which really opened their eyes. Huang Tang, as a sacred place that the world’s pill masters aspire to, is indeed well-known.

There should be everything in the treasure house. All kinds of cherished furnaces, tinders, and alchemy equipment are all available. The treasure house is full, and it is so full, it’s dizzying.

Elder No. 1 stands at the very center of the treasure house, watching the expressions of admiration from the audience, and there is a flash of color in his eyes. Because of the mess that happened yesterday, his mood is now recovered.

Facing the crowd, he says loudly, “As excellent alchemists, you require unprecedented luck to obtain various resources as well as strong eyesight and control to ensure the success rate of alchemy. It has been tested in the first two competitions.”

The elder continues, “Today, what we are testing is your sensitivity to equipment: Participants need to be in this treasure house within one hour. Choose the alchemy appliance that you can match and has the highest value in your mind. Then you will be scored by our elders. The score is accumulated into the total points, and the final test will determine the ranking by the number of points. The time starts now!”

An hour may seem like a lot, but it is simply not enough to find a satisfactory appliance from the vast treasure house.

Kong Wuying encounters this kind of assessment, a little dazed. He doesn’t choose equipment, he only relies on his skill. How is he supposed to know what is what?

Just looking at everyone searching, he is the only one idle. Looking around, he sees a pleasing pill furnace, he wants to pick it up. His hand has just reached out, and another hand grabs the same pill furnace at the same time.

The other man looks up at Kong Wuying and Kong Ba immediately jerks back like he got an electric shock. 

Kong Wuying, with the furnace now in hand, watches Kong Ba run away.

Kong Ba is frantic. Why is this person not dead yet? What is Gale doing? Ever since knowing that Kongbao is most likely not his beloved father, Kong Ba is hesitating.

But things are odd… Gale doesn’t fail missions. What happened? Could it be that the lord rescued the man? Then the question comes; what about Gale? Definitely won’t not be killed to eat meat.

Kong Ba frowns and thinks about it, but suddenly he feels someone pat him from behind and he turns.

The smiling face of the fake father: “Xiao Ba, what are you thinking?”

Kong Ba: “…”

Ha ha.

Before he knew that the person was a fake, how did he think that the person felt love? Now he’s sober, this is clearly just playing pretend.

But he still falsely calls, “Father!” 

Kongbao doesn’t know Kong Ba discovered him, so play with him for a while and see what the purpose is for pretending to be Kong Ba’s father.

Although Kong Ba looks as shy as ever, how could Kongbao not see the reluctance inside. So the heart is even more certain that this kid must have complained to the master, but what Kong Ba did to make the master treat him like a snake is still to be explored.

So Kongbao does not reveal he knows, and says falsely, “How did you sleep last night?”

Here are two people who are fully in drama mode, playing father and son so affectionately.

And here, Kong Wuying has arbitrarily selected his equipment, and waits for the prize to be won after the test.

It’s not that Kong Wuying is suddenly confident but because he pats the system and it suddenly becomes useful.

“Leave this to me,” the system cries. “I’m the best! I used to help Chu Chu get good stuff before. I promise to let the host win!”

In this case, Kong Wuying was too lazy to worry about it, and quickly found the appliance according to the system’s instructions. Time would be up soon anyway.

Kong Wuying takes it to the judges. The order of evaluation is still in accordance with the current order of points.

When the elder sees him, his face sinks. Then he saw the equipment almost laughed. “Baixu copper furnace, red bean fire, ground water. Hahahaha this kind of combination can only be imagined! No matter what you make, it will fry! Zero points!”

Kong Wuying hears him say this, and the first thought is: did the system intentionally do this or was it being dumb again?

Everyone is laughing. Kong Wuying looks at Kongbao, and Kongbao looks back at him awkwardly. 

Kong Wuying’s heart sinks. It seems… this match is really rubbish? System, you…

The system refuses to admit defeat, and shouts, “Impossible! This is impossible! My matching is the best. Chu Chu would have told me if I was bad and Chu Chu has never said it, and often uses me… Eh? Damn it! It seems like it’s never been used! Is it really rubbish?”

Kong Wuying: “…”

Poor Chu Chu.

The elder No 1 looks at him scornfully. “Why are you still here? There are so many people waiting, don’t hold up the line.”

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