I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 32

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Acting Like a Baby

Mother Hua quickly figured out the ins and outs of the matter.

She felt relieved and amused at the same time.

Compared to the children from my childhood, these children are different.

With a very serious tone, Mother Hua said, “Don’t be afraid of him. He’s in the wrong for bullying you in the first place. If he bullies you again in the future…”

Mother Hua pondered for a moment, and then she embraced Miaomiao on the bed, “Tell me and the teacher. You’re too young to beat your classmates.”

This time, Miaomiao wasn’t hurt since Zhou Yuan was present, along with Jingjing and Deng Feng. 

“Jingjing, Deng Feng, and Zhouzhou are all good kids. You should get along with them well,” Mother Hua said with sincerity.  

Thinking about her friends, Miaomiao nodded in earnest. 

During the night, Miaomiao felt a little thirsty. When she woke up, she discovered that her mother no longer slept beside her. 

The moonlight illuminated her bedroom, so she could still see her surroundings. Miaomiao slowly traversed out of the room. 

Standing at the doorframe of her room, she noticed light emanating from the study room that was next door. 

Miaomiao approached the study room and gently pushed open the door. When she entered, she saw her mother, whose head was resting on the table.   

Miaomiao hurried over to her side. She saw her mother’s head resting on the drawing board. She was fast asleep.

She knew what this board was. Every time her mother drew a picture, she would then turn it into a dress, which could be sold for money. With that money, Mother Hua could buy some savory food for her.

That was how her mother explained it to her, anyways.

Miaomiao also recalled her mother telling her that her uncle was always very busy. He had to go to work and earn money to buy delicious food.

Now, my mother wanted to make money on her own.

Tears began to fill her eyes as Miaomiao gently pulled her mother, “Mom, let’s go to bed. Let’s go to sleep.”

She always fell asleep when she did her homework. Then, her mother would hold her and say, “Miaomiao, let’s go to bed. Let’s go to sleep.”

Mother Hua woke up and saw her little daughter, “Baby?”

Miaomiao hugged her, “Let’s go to bed.”

Mother Hua hummed in response, and then she glanced at her design, which was almost complete. This was the busiest season for the company. Everyone was busy, and she was no exception.

Then, she carried Miaomiao back to bed. Covering themselves with a quilt, she uttered, “Let’s go to sleep, now.”

The next day, Mother Hua, as usual, brought a bottle of yogurt and some fruit for Miaomiao. Then, she put them into her schoolbag. She also slipped a ten yuan note into her bag.

It would inconvenience children if they didn’t have any money with them.

After all, children also had friends to socialize with.

Her mother retired to another room to change her clothes, so Miaomiao took advantage of her brief absence. She took out the money from her schoolbag and slipped it back inside her mother’s bag.

Mother Hua was one of those very scrupulous mothers who cared about every detail and did things with meticulous precision. The adults paid with their mobile phones, but Miaomiao didn’t know how to use them; therefore, she kept a special money bag at home.

In the past, Miaomiao had never used any of the money that was given to her. It was usually kept safely in her language textbook. But the other day, she used the money that she had saved up to buy some shiny bracelets for Zhouzhou, Jingjing, and Deng Feng.

Since their house was close to school, they could easily walk there. This was the most convenient way to travel there; they no longer needed to take a car. After dropping Miaomiao off to school, Mother Hua was about to take a taxi to go to her company. 

When she traversed out of the school, she noticed a very familiar car parked near the gate. The car window rolled down, and she saw Father Hua’s haggard face.

Mother Hua frowned, “You didn’t go to work today?”

Father Hua replied, “I’ll drop you off at your company first.”

“No, you should head back home to rest.” Mother Hua said with a sigh, “Your condition isn’t very good. You should ask for a leave of absence. The hospital should agree with your proposal.”

He had such a special job. It would be impossible for him to perform surgery in such an unhealthy state.

Father Hua said, “Honey. I sent that kid back last night. Could we talk about it?”

Mother Hua looked at him, then pulled the car door open, “Don’t drive. Let’s just talk in the car. I’ll take a taxi to the office. You go back to my house and sleep for a while.”

Contradictions, conflicts, and discords between them had nothing to do with each other, so there was no need to be cruel to him. 

Mother Hua sat in the car. 

When Zhou Yuan arrived at school, he glanced in a particular direction. Father Zhou noticed his son’s behavior and jauntily teased him,” Are you looking at your wife again?”

Zhou Yuan didn’t respond; therefore, Father Zhou continued teasing him. 

He said in an ebullient tone, “You worked so hard to make some money, and then you spent almost one thousand yuan for your little wife. Your start-up capital…”

That day, Zhou Yuan didn’t tell Father Zhou what he had spent the money on. 

What did he do with that much money?

Father Zhou became uneasy, and then he recalled his son reading some books about economics during that time.   

Maybe he bought some stocks?

The more Father Zhou dwelled on this possibility, the more he believed it to be true. So, he quickly looked up the bill. He mainly wanted to see which stocks Zhou Yuan had purchased so that he could also purchase the same ones. 

After reading the words ‘Little Genius Watch’ on the bill, his eyes began to twitch.

Although he could understand why other kids would spend their money on a smartwatch, he didn’t know why his son would purchase one.

He became very curious. As soon as Zhou Yuan had returned home, he looked for the smartwatch on Zhou Yuan’s wrist, but he didn’t see one.

Eventually, Zhou Yuan revealed that it was for his deskmate.

Father Zhou couldn’t believe it.

In fact, he still couldn’t believe it. He knew that Mother Zhou wouldn’t allow Zhou Yuan to get a job, so Father Zhou secretly assisted him by giving him some work. Zhou Yuan never touched a penny of his savings. It was all meant for his start-up fund.

Now, he used all of the money from his start-up fund to buy a smartwatch for a little girl. This cost him over a thousand yuan. It was too extravagant…

Father Zhou couldn’t resist teasing him about it. Because he saw his son’s solemnity, he continued to tease him over and over again…

Zhou Yuan glanced at his father and said, “If adults could only focus on getting things done correctly and less on gossip, then maybe, they could make up for their lack of IQ to some extent.”

Father Zhou: “…”

Zhou Yuan walked into the classroom very quickly. He looked very sophisticated.

Upon entering the classroom, he found Miaomiao’s schoolbag atop her desk. But the person was nowhere to be seen.

Zhou Yuan found it a little strange; nevertheless, he took out his homework sheets from yesterday and began writing.

After a few seconds, Miaomiao returned to the classroom. Her eyes lit up when she saw him. Then, she sat quietly in her seat and waited for him to finish his homework.

Zhou Yuan often finished his homework within ten minutes, and he did this every morning after he arrived at school.

He could complete his homework within ten minutes, whereas it would take Miaomiao at least two hours to finish it, even with the aid of her aunt.

Last night, Miaomiao couldn’t sleep due to her concerns. After every dinner, her mother would be able to focus entirely on her work if Miaomiao could finish her homework by herself without the aid of her mother. If she could get good grades by herself, then her mother didn’t have to stay up all night to work on her designs in order to earn money.

While working on his homework, Zhou Yuan felt an eager gaze on him. He finished writing his final words, signed the paper, and then he turned his head, “What’s the matter?”

First, Miaomiao took out the fruit and yogurt, then she placed it on Zhou Yuan’s desk and said, “Zhou Yuan. Is there a way I could use to become as smart as you?”

Zhou Yuan: “…” Well, this is a little difficult.

Of course, he didn’t say it directly. He asked, “Why are you suddenly thinking about such things?”

Miaomiao sighed like an adult, “Mom helps me with my homework every day. She’s also very busy with her work…” It’s all because of me.

Because of me, my mother wants to separate from my father.

Because of me, my mother has to work even harder.

Miaomiao’s nose turned sour when she thought about this.

For a moment, Zhou Yuan was stunned, then he asked, “So, are you hoping that you can finish your homework quickly like me?”

Zhou Yuan contemplated for a while, then he said, “You could try telling your mother that there’s no homework today. Then, every morning, after you arrive, you could do it here.”

Miaomiao nodded and decided to give it a try. 

Soon, Jingjing arrived. After coming to school, Jingjing was very concerned about Miaomiao’s situation that involved her parents’ divorce. For children of such a young age, divorce was a huge issue.

Jingjing’s desk was behind Miaomiao’s. She patted Miaomiao’s shoulder from behind, and Miaomiao turned her head in response. Jingjing’s small head leaned to her ear, and she whispered, “How are your parents today?”

Yesterday, my father didn’t come home, and my mother stayed up all night working to make money. I think my father isn’t getting along with my mother.

Miaomiao didn’t dare entertain these thoughts further since they made her feel uncomfortable. 

Jingjing immediately figured out the situation. She gently held Miaomiao’s hand and said, “Don’t be afraid. We’ll figure out how to reconcile your parents.”

As soon as Jingjing said that, a light bulb suddenly went off in her head.

After listening to them mutter for a while, Zhou Yuan turned his head to observe them. 

Immediately afterwards, he saw Miaomiao tugging on his sleeve, “Zhouzhou…”

Jingjing’s plan was to beseech Zhou Yuan for help…because he was the smartest person she knew. He possessed a high IQ; therefore, he should be able to come up with a solution.

Miaomiao didn’t know how to ask. So, Jingjing recalled how she would beg her father to buy her ice cream. Then, she told Miaomiao, “You have to sound pitiful. Make sure to use the ‘you’re the best in the entire world’ line.”

Jingjing didn’t ask him herself because…Zhou Yuan wouldn’t cooperate with her.

Miaomiao was a little abashed after she had tugged on his sleeve and uttered his name. She couldn’t muster up her courage to ask him for assistance.

Zhou Yuan stroked her little head, “What’s wrong?”

His memory was good; therefore, he remembered Jingjing’s routine with clarity. She usually did this to the little fool Deng Feng so that he purchased snacks for her.

I…inexplicably…really want to hear Miaomiao tell me that I am the best…person in the world. 

Although Zhou Yuan was trying his best to resist, he somehow desired to hear Miaomiao declare that he was the best person in the world.

He’s falling for it…he actually cares about these foolish titles…like a kid would.

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