When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 76

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Poor Huang Tang Mountain

Long silver hair, exquisite mask, wide-sleeves flowing like waves, looking like an angel. Everyone is taken back by his peerless posture for a moment.

The Sword King looks slightly sullen, standing up and calling out, “Lord Lin Jinying!”

The elders of Huang Tang only feel a shiver go down their scalp.


Haven’t they already served him dedicatedly? What other dissatisfaction does this lord have to come out and hit them like this?!

In particular, when Emperor Chu had just refined a miracle pill and sincerely invited all parties to come and see it, this lord came over and then left with one word: “Garbage!”

Later, Yeying fought with Mingguang. All parties were on the battlefield, because Huang Tang Mountain are alchemists, their bodies are weak and often hindered the battle. So this cold evaluation again: “Garbage!”

Because it was so insulting, after that they went to Chu Liying for some help, but this person looked at them all: “Trash!”

As a result, Emperor Chu went off to find Yeying’s monarch to duel to prove himself, and even died.

To say who the Huang Tang hates most, in addition to the culprit Yeying monarch, it must be this one. But this one is also a lord of Mingguang so they grit their teeth and bare it.

Therefore, the prevention and damage mitigation of the Lord Lin Jinying became the credo of the elders of Huang Tang.

Now… why are you here again?!

After a brief silence, Elder 1, the grumpiest, says, “Even if you are a lord, you can’t be so insulting!”

As soon as he spoke, Elder No. 2 knew it was bad, but it was too late.

Sure enough, Kongbao sneers. “Is this an insult? It’s garbage.”

Elders: “…”

They knew it.

The blood-like lesson told them that they should never try to talk back to the lord, otherwise the result would only be… their humiliation.

The elders are scolded one by one like children and still dare not to say a word. All the players who came to the competition are stunned.

Although the Lord of the Mausoleum has a distinguished position, he also has a bit of hot blood.

It’s just Kongbao’s patience that lets him insult them verbally. In truth, he can’t wait to kill these guys who dare to bully the master.

So Kongbao then reaches out and grabs into the void.

Suddenly, a little boy, seven or eight years old, appears in his hands, his expression stunned. “What are you doing?” It is Zhenling.

Kongbao hugs him condescendingly. “Say, how many differences are there?”

Zhenling pouts. “This… needs statistics.”

Kongbao: “Was he right?”

Zhenling: “… not necessarily, statistics are needed.”

Kongbao: “How many differences are there?”

Zhenling: “… Okay, he may be right, I’ll count again.”

Kongbao: “How many differences are there?”

Zhenling: “… Okay! He’s all right, all right!”

Kongbao is satisfied: “Was that so hard?”

Zhenling: “…” 

Kongbao looks at the dull elders, claps his hands, and smiles under the mask. “Everything is obvious now, isn’t it? Obviously it is your own problem, but you don’t reflect on it, and you blame someone else. Who is garbage, hmm?”

The elders fall into deep silence. Today, Huang Tang lost face. Not only were they scolded, but in the end they had to admit that someone like this was right.

Still in the presence of so many people, how can there be authority in the future to command the alchemy world? Ouch, it’s embarrassing.

Elder No. 1 looks at Kong Wuying with his lips pursed and says, “That Ning Zhao …”

Turning his head, Kong Wuying sees the ‘tears’ gathering in the elder’s eyes and kindly says, “Don’t cry, I forgive you.”

Elder 1: “…!”

Who cried? Is that the mist of water that eyes automatically secrete when a person is old? Also, who said he was to apologize! He originally wanted to “forgive him” to forgive this bastard’s negligence.

Elder No. 2 comes out and rounds it off. “Since then, continue the game. Since the formation is broken, then everyone is qualified. Let’s start the third match tomorrow. Everyone go back to rest!”

Such a decision is obviously a little unfair to Kong Wuying. After all, everyone is watching, and he answered more than a thousand points. But the current situation can only be the case due to the anger still simmering.

After elder No. 2 announces this decision, he carefully glances at Kongbao, after all, in his mind, this is the dangerous big brother.

Kongbao doesn’t wait for him to speak, just turns and leaves.

And then, that’s it.

Everyone has their own thoughts as they go back to rest.

Kong Wuying goes back alone, and no one dares to talk to him. This man who was scolded even by Huang Tang and scoffed at it, they couldn’t provoke him.

On the contrary, Kong Ba has raised an eyebrow. The man who severely struck him that day was really Lord Lin Jinying. No wonder he’s so powerful!

But… what about father?

Kong Ba searches the people at the scene, but he can’t find his father. At this time, Kong Ba suddenly feels someone pat him on the back. Surprised, he turns around and finds the kind face of his father.

The grown-up father smiles and says to Kong Ba, “Little eight, the most obedient of my many sons, I’m glad to see you.”

Xiao Ba is shocked when he hears his father’s affirmation. For so many years… Father finally… feels he is well? All these years of hard work haven’t been wasted!

Then he hears his beloved father say to him, “I want to exchange accommodation with you, you shouldn’t have any opinion on such a trivial matter?”

Kong Ba: “…”

Not to mention the feeling in his heart at this moment, although this is Kong Ba’s beloved father, when the man says that, Kong Ba wants to hit him for some reason.

Kong Ba’s face is dark and he squeezes a few words out of his throat: “Of course… no problem!”

Kongbao pats his shoulder with a look of relief. “Father did not raise you for nothing!”

Kong Ba: “…”

Kongbao goes to the room to look for his master with a touch of guilty conscience and excitement. However, he doesn’t find his master at all.

At this moment, Kong Wuying is facing a big crisis.

Kong Wuying looks at this “big crisis”.

The big crisis is a three-meter-long tiger with blood-red eyes and a white spot on the forehead. At this time, facing Kong Wuying, it bares its teeth. The cold light glinting off those fangs, not knowing how much human flesh had been swallowed already, was uniquely murderous.

A terrible monster!

Even if it is a ninth division martial artist, they would be afraid to belittle such a monster. Not to mention Kong Wuying, who is a frail alchemist.

The big tiger is using his big eyes like a copper bell to watch Kong Wuying, inwardly complaining. Why did the master come to a broken place like Mingguang! Even the snacks are so thin they can’t be called a meal.

However, the master’s order cannot be executed at this time. The big tiger roars at the target and rushes towards the sky!

Kong Wuying whistles for the tiger.

Then the aggressive tiger. . falls out of the air! The fat body hit the ground heavily.

Then, the big tiger quickly strikes Kong Wuying with an agile speed, sticks out its tongue and licks Kong Wuying.

“Meow …”

That’s right, meow.

The war beast of Prince Kong Ba… is cutely calling out, a bit like a cat. In order to maintain majesty, Gale generally doesn’t act like this unless it is in front of a very familiar person. For example, its owner.

Kong Wuying pats its head. “Little Gale, who asked you to attack me?”

Gale: “Meow.”

Kong Wuying: “Speak properly.”

Gale: “… It was master.” Sorry to the master, but I still have to betray you when it matters.

Kong Wuying’s face is heavy, and he turns to go to Kong Ba.

However, there is only a Kongbao in the room when they arrive, and his face is cheerful. “Master, I changed rooms with Kong Ba.”

At this time, Kong Ba is sitting in Kongbao’s room, facing a stone. “I’ve got my father’s hair, is that technique really useful?”

The voice of the Devil Master comes from the stone. “You put the hair on the stone.”

Kong Ba carefully takes out a bag, which contains his carefully collected hair.

The hair is placed on the stone and glows purple-black.

Quest activated!


Tutorial quest activated: Have 5 people comment on the newest chapter.

Reward: Extra chapter on Tuesday.

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