The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 51

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51. Katariona Rejoices at the Birth of a New Life 

The trials went smoothly, and now it is the second autumn since I have arrived back in time.

On this day, our family received good news. Mother was pregnant with a new life. I can finally meet Marianne. My precious little sister died at the young age of seven in my previous life. Your sister will protect you in this life! I thought, resolving my determination. 

“Rio. You knew, didn’t you? You hid this child’s existence when you spoke about your previous life.”

Mother said, squeezing me close while stroking her belly. 

“That is…….see! Shouldn’t we look forward to these things?”

“That’s right. So, Rio, who knows both the gender and name of this child, will you be the godmother of this child?”

Eh! What do you mean by “so”? Aren’t parents supposed to name their children?

“Father agrees. When this child is born, you should be the one to give a name.”

Father was overjoyed to have his first child in ten years. Mother exclaimed “Hey!” as Father patted Mother’s belly, and smiled. When Marianne is born, he’s going to spoil her like crazy. It was the same in my previous life. My brother and I both spoiled our cute younger sister, and yet Marianne grew up to be a good, angelic child. 

“By the way, Rio. Can you tell me the gender of this child just for your father?”

Father secretly asked.

“No! You’ll have to wait until after the baby is born.”

I could foresee that if I told him it’d be a girl, he’d be ecstatic. Knowing that he couldn’t get me to tell, Father gave up. 


“Hey, Rio, you know, don’t you? The gender and name of the child we’re going to have?”

“That’s…… I know.”

While having a tea party with Chris up in the treehouse, such a topic came up. Not that the trials of the gods are over, all that’s left is to wait for the magic attribute judgment. So, I spend my days studying with Chris, researching plants, and spending many fulfilling days as we wait. 

Kikuno-sama left for Hinoshima six months ago to propose diplomacy between this country and Hinoshima. The next meeting will be after the magic attribute judgment. 

The trials are over, but Big Brother and Tojurou-san are holed up, training up in the northern mountains.

As for the gods, they still come to visit us from time to time. In fact, they are holding something akin to a cat meeting located in the cat tower that is installed in the treehouse. Everyone was dressed as a cat except for Toruka-sama and the God of Time. And Marie was taking care of the cat gods in a dutiful manner.

Chris seems to be staying in our territory until the time of the magic attribute judgment. I asked my uncle if it’d be all right for the princess to be absent for so long, but he said it wouldn’t be a problem since she hasn’t had her debutante yet.

“By the way, is it a boy or a girl?”

Chris is very tight-lipped. The gods already know, and particularly Leon and Marie also know. It wouldn’t be a problem to talk about it with the people here.

“It’s a girl. Her name is Marianne. She has platinum hair and blue-gray eyes just like mine. She’s so adorable.”

Marieanne is as lovely as an angel. Oh, I can’t wait to meet her soon! As I was thinking about my sister who has yet to be born, I noticed that all eyes were on me.

Huh? Why’s everyone looking at me like I’m crazy?

“Rio, you. Not only are you a bro-con, but you’re also a sis-con.”

Chris said, sighing with her cheek propped up on the table. 

“You think so?”

I was aware of it myself. However, when someone points it out, it stung. 

“So it’s a girl? How about giving clothes as a surprise gift?”

I nodded in agreement with Laura’s suggestion. I hadn’t thought of giving baby clothes as a gift. Since the gender of the baby is not known until it is born, it is common to prepare baby clothes with a simple design. But if you know the gender, you can prepare a baby suit that matches the gender.

“That’s a good idea. Since we know it’s a girl, we can prepare some cute baby clothes.”

I had no reason to disagree, so I took Laura up on her offer. I decided it’d be best to leave the design and color up to Laura. I know that Sandorion’s products are wonderful. I’m sure they’ll make cute clothes that will suit Marianne. 


That day, the entire mansion was filled with tension. A tense atmosphere enveloped the area.

 Mother’s labor pains had started last night. I knew the baby would be born safely, but I was still worried, so I waited in the room next to my parents’ room, wrapped up in Leon. Incidentally, my brother and Chris seemed to feel the same way, and they came in the middle of the night to the room where I was waiting.

 Leon took the form of a lion to calm us down, saying, “You can fluff him as much as you want.” So the three of us leaned on Leon and chatted while we fluffed him gratefully, but his fluffing was so comfortable that I fell asleep before I knew it.

 I was awakened by the sound of a new baby’s voice echoing energetically from my parents’ room. My brother and Chris seemed to have also been lulled to sleep by the comfort of the fluff. They woke up at the same time as I did.

“It looks like the baby has been born.”

At first glance, my brother seemed calm, but his face looked happy.

“Big Brother. Chris. Let’s go and see!”

“Wait a minute. Wait until Marie comes to call you.”

I was in a hurry to run out of the room when Leon stopped me.

“What! I can’t wait to see the baby!”

Chris glared at Leon in displeasure.

“Birth is hard. It’s not over when the child is born. There’s something called post-processing.”

“What’s post-processing?”

Leon explained to us about childbirth.

“…………childbirth is very difficult.”

Leon’s explanation was shocking. Childbirth is life-threatening.

“You sure know a lot about it, don’t you, Fluffy-kun? Have you ever given birth?”

“Of course not! I’m a man.” (lol)

Leon’s a god, so he must’ve encountered the birth of life before.

For a while, the three of us waited in silence, when there was a knock on the door and Marie came in. 

“The birth was successful. It’s a pretty young lady. The madam wants to see you, so please come to the next room.”

Prompted by Marie, I stepped into my parent’s room.

I thought Mother would be tired after giving birth, but she beckoned to me with a gentle smile. She looked more beautiful than usual. Father was standing beside the bed, crying. He had witnessed the birth.

As I approached the bed, I saw Marianne energetically creaming next to Mother.

“Rio, do you remember your promise? Give this child a name.”

“Mother, may I hold the baby?”

Mother nodded, so I gently picked up Marianne. She stopped crying.

Looking at Marianne’s face, did she just smile? No way. She hasn’t even opened her eyes yet. It’s probably my imagination.

I stroked Marieanne’s soft cheek.

“You shall be Marieanne Marina Grandeur. Thank you for being born. I’m so glad to see you again.”

We finally met. My precious little sister Marianne. I couldn’t help but shed a few tears. My crying father wiped away his tears and took Marianna from my bosom.  

“Your sister gave you a good name, Marianne.”

As expected, by the third child he is a master at this. The way Father held her was quite a sight. 

“You held the baby as if you were used to it, Rio.”

“I’ve done it before. Would you like to try holding Marianna, Chris?”

Hmm~ Chris thought about it while crossing her arms. Brother was fearfully holding Marianne with the help of Father.

“I’m… a little scared. I feel like she’d break.  But she’s so cute.”

“It’s okay. SHe doesn’t have a fully developed head, so you have to hold her while supporting her neck.”

I explained, using my arms to make gestures of how to hold the baby. With a gulp, Chris lifted Marianne fearfully from out of Brother’s bosom.

“She’s soft. And very warm.”

Chris’s expression softened, but she still felt like she’d break her. So she gently laid Marianne down next to Mother.

When I looked back, I saw Leon, who was quietly behind me with eyes wide open in astonishment. 

“What’s wrong? Leon?”

“N, no. It’s nothing. You’re right, she’s a cute baby.”

Leon nodded his head, but I could sense that something was wrong.

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