The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 50

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Jpkuroneko-chan

50. Katariona Wants to Spend Time with Fluffy God

In the forest not far from the lord’s mansion, there was something that I had been secretly creating without telling Leon. 

That is the building in front of me. 

From the base of the building to the furniture inside, I had created it from scratch. 

“Is this a cabin?”

“Yes, it is. It’ll be a place where I can enjoy my hobbies.”

I invited Leon into the wooden hut. 

“Did you make this, Rio? When’d you do it?”

“I managed to make this in about 10 minutes.”

Putting some wood into the woodstove, I started a fire.

“To make something of this stature in only ten minutes? You’ve grown.”

Leon looked around the cabin impressed.

“Thank you. Today, I wanted to spend some time with you, so I brought a lot of stuff.”

The fire in the woodstove burned brightly. It’s time to put the food onto the iron plate.

I took out a plate, some bread with dishes from my basket I brought, and put the plate and bread onto the stove. 

“Putting the plate with bread directly onto the stove, won’t they break?”

“The plate is made of the same material as the clay pot, so it has excellent fire resistance.”

The dish I’ve prepared is baked vegetables and meat with cheese on the top. I used the kitchen to prepare the tomato sauce on top of the boiled vegetables and roasted the meat. All I have to do now is to put cheese on top of it and bake it slowly over the fireplace Once the tomato sauce comes to a simmer, I sprinkle the cheese on top. 

“Smells good. It’s very appetizing.”

Leon said, sniffing the food with his nose.

Once the cheese melted and the vegetables and meat were slightly browned, it was done. The bread was also baked to perfection. 

“It’s done. Let’s eat.”

To avoid getting burnt, I grabbed the plate with a thick cloth and carried it to the table.

Leon jumped to the table in his small beast form. He wrinkled his nose at the steam coming from the food. 

“If you eat it as it is right now, you’ll burn your tongue.”

Letting the food cool slightly, I took a wooden spoon and placed it onto a bread plate, and presented it to Leon. 

Leon stuck his tongue out to check the temperature of the wooden spoon. Then he took a bite. 

“Delicious! You’ve improved your cooking skills again.”

“Really? I’m glad.”

After eating our meal, I spent the evening fluffing Leon and reading a book.

“It’s nice to relax like this once in a while. By the way, is there something you want to talk about?”

“Yeah. Everyone else became stronger through their god’s trials. Even though I can use higher-level magic from the beginning, I still feel like I have no way to attack…”

“Did that bother you?”

I nodded.

“Rio, you have a very large amount of magical power as you are now. So much so, that if you were to use all your magic power to attack, this country would disappear entirely.”


Being told how much magical power I have specifically was astounding.

“That may be, but I don’t feel like I have that much magical power.”

“You’ve always been very good at controlling magical power. You only feel this way because you are unconsciously controlling your magical powers well.”

He changed into his lion form and stroked my head with his large paw. The touch of his paw on my head is very comforting. 

“Do you feel confident now? Anyway, it’s going to get dark soon, so let’s head home.”

Far from being confident, I instead feel a little afraid of myself. 


The snow that has been falling every day for the past few days has come to a halt, and for the first time in a long time, the sun was shining. 

With the arrival of a full-scale winter, the trials of the gods have been suspended until spring. 

“Let’s all go play in the snow.”

After breakfast, we decided to play in the snow that afternoon at the casual suggestion made by Chris.

“What are we going to do?”

“Since there’s so much snow, why not make some snow sculptures?”

A snow statue? Sounds fun. What should I make? 

As I was wondering what to make with the snow, I started shoveling the snow.

“What are we going to make, Rio, Chris?”

After discussing with everyone, we decided to make snow statues in pairs and have them judged to see whose is the best. The pairs are Chris and I (with a special Leon), Tojurou-san and Brother, Toruka-sama and Kikuno-sama, and Flare-sama and Daaku-sama.

The judges are Father, Mother, the head butler, and Marie. 

“ “ Leon [Fluffy-kun] ” ”

“What!? You’re going to make a snow sculpture of me?”

After consulting with Chris about what kind of snow sculpture to make, we agreed on making Leon in his lion form.

“That’s right. Fluffy-kun, you can pose there.”

Reluctantly, Leon turned into his lion form and sat down on his haunches.

“I’d like the pose to be more dynamic. Leon, why don’t you try to spread your wings a little and pose for me.”

“Mu. Like this?”

Leon stood up, spread his wings, and posed.

“I think it’s good. Alright, let’s start with the foundation.”

Hardening the snow, we shaved it into the shape of Leon.

“The fluffiness is quite difficult to achieve.”

“The wings are also quite difficult.”

We’ll make it through trial and error.

“Aren’t you guys being a little too elaborate? And, I’m getting tired of holding this pose……”

“ “ Leon [Fluffy-kun], sit still! ” ” 

Groaning, Leon held the pose and solidified like a statue. 

The time limit came and it was time for the judging. 

Tojurou-san and Brother made statues of warriors in Hinoshima. Toruka-sama and Kikuno-sama made statues of water lotuses floating in a fountain. And, Flare-sama and Daaku-sama made statues of themselves.

“This……everyone’s is a work of art.”

“It’s hard to pick a favorite.”

When the four judges stood in front of the statue Chris and I made of Leon, they all gasped.

The dynamic feeling as if it would start to move at any moment…”

“Such precise details….”

“Even the fluffiness…”

“I think we’ve got a winner here.”

Our masterpiece won the competition overwhelmingly.

“ “ We did it! ” ” 

Chris and I jumped up and down rejoicing. 

“It was good. But why is it so much different from the pose I made?”

The statue, which is more dynamic than the pose Leon took, will be displayed in our garden until winter is over. 

TL: The whole time I thought they might’ve accidentally buried Leon in the snow, which made it look so life-like. I guess they’re just really good at ice/snow sculptures. 😛 Anyway, enjoy~!



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