The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man Chapter 57

Demon God VS Investigator (Brain Monster)

I opened my eyes and found myself floating in the air. 

I looked around and saw everyone staring at me.

“Grey-dono!……Is that you?” Lucia asked as she wiped the tears off her face.

“Of course it is.”

“So it really is you” Aquido replied, his face twitching as he knit his eyebrows and looked around.

Some of them were staring with their mouth wide open, some looked surprised, and the others were dumbfounded. Was I missing something?

I lowered my gaze to make sure that I looked the same as usual. Hmm! Did I become younger? The bounciness of my skin made me think that I was in my teens.

“Wait a moment!”

I couldn’t think straight after having just woken up. I was really confused to be honest. Well, let’s start over once more. My name is Grey, and my body is 13 years old. However, my bone structure makes me think as if I’m closer to seventeen or eighteen. Moreover, I have absolutely no recollection of where this birthmark on my right hand came from.

This meant that –

“I’m in a younger form of when I was Sagami Shirabe.”

It was probably due to Liberation.

I had both Grey’s and Sagami Shirabe’s memories. These memories layered up in conflict and gave me a peculiar sense of unease.

But that wasn’t all,

I looked at the black-haired girl who held the blue-haired girl’s neck in her grip, then turned to Kurama, who seemed to be the most level-headed person here and asked “Is that the extermination target?”

Kurama closed his gaping mouth, “I think that’s the person who created this space.”

“Judo, go ahead and return for now.”

“What about you, Grey-dono!?”

I lightly pat Lucia’s head as she was clinging to me and replied with a smile, “I’ll return once I finish up some business.”

Judo nodded and resumed casting teleportation.

Now then, it was time to exterminate this bug.

I created giant invisible spherical spaces which covered the entirety of Silke. Looks like I can use my abilities. Since Grey’s memories were overlapping with mine, I found that I could also use this mysterious power known as magic.

“Let’s start, shall we.”

As soon as I stored the space between myself and the blue-haired girl, the world around me distorted, and I found myself face-to-face with the black-haired girl.


I grabbed her by the wrist, “You can have this back.”

I released the space I had stored just a moment ago at her.

An enormous volume of air instantly appeared out her wrist and sent her flying back.


The black-haired girl let out a strange scream as she was blasted away and crashed into the ground.

The wrist that was gripping the blue-haired girl’s neck turned to dust and she began to fall so I pulled her up.

“Master……is that you?”

“Hmm, does that mean you’re Sylphy?”

Damn, it hadn’t even been that long since we had last seen each other, and now she had shrunk. Well, I didn’t really care about how she looked. 

“I am ashamed” Sylphy’s head drooped down in frustration.

I handed her off to Judo, “Please take care of her.”

“Boss, please explain afterwards.”

“Yeah, I’ll handle it.”

I wasn’t positive, but that shitty clown was also participating. I’d soon forget about this mission and whatnot after the fight.


And with that, Judo completed his teleportation and all of them disappeared.

Since Hachi was no longer here, I began to fall.

I stored the space several meters in front of the falling demon. My view distorted once again and the black-haired girl glared at me as she flicked away the fresh blood on her wrist.

“Food, what did you do?”

Is she an idiot? Did she really think I’d give her a rundown of my ability in the midst of battle?

“Give it up, you can’t run anymore.”

I wasn’t putting on airs or anything; it was simply the truth. She wasn’t up against Grey, but me, Sagami Shirabe, so her end was unavoidable.

“Run!? Me, Run?!!” Several veins began to bulge on her beautiful face as she roared and began frothing at the mouth.

Her severed arm began to reform, and all of her limbs began expanding and developing. Her face turned from that of a beautiful girl to a dreadful looking man.

He created new clothes to wear and transformed into a young man with red hair wearing hunting clothes. 

Two horns sprouted from his head. Those, as well as his sharp canines and claws, made me feel like this was his original appearance. 

He drew a beautiful blade from his waist and pointed it in the wrong direction. Then, the top of the largest government building in Fort Silke began sliding, having been sliced diagonally. 

After it crashed into the ground, the demon smirked. “So?”

“What do you mean ‘So’?……”

Constructing that building had taken quite a lot of resources and manpower. I found it disturbing that he would just destroy it on a whim and wished that he hadn’t.

“It’s an electrifying slash with enough power to cleanly slice a building in two! Didn’t you see? I get it. I get it you know. You’re afraid!! Despairing!!”

What? This happy-go-lucky nobody was……this wouldn’t even be a fight at this rate. 

“Alright, I’ll face you. So hurry up and come at me.”

I cockily taunted him with my hand. His eyes flared with a dangerous glint, but soon curled upwards with a smile as he kicked off the ground and instantly closed the distance with his katana.

He certainly had enough strength to boast about.

“Woah” I turned my right shoulder towards him and dodged, while at the same time, took out the dagger from my item box and stabbed it in his stomach.


My dagger burst into shards.

What a brittle weapon, that’s not good.

“Oh, lesser lifeform, have you finally begun to realize? I can’t be hurt by a piece of scrap metal!”

“Or so it appears”

If I didn’t have a weapon, then I could just make one with my ability.

I grabbed a spare dagger, iron, and steel from my item box, and stored them into the ‘Eternal Workshop’. I’d put everything into making it as sturdy as possible. It didn’t matter if it could cut or not; its sharpness had no effect on my winning chances.

The words “30 seconds” appeared in front of my eyes. Well, that’s fast.

“Then cry all you want!” Shuten-douji shouted, and came charging towards me with a katana in both hands.

His katanas carved a strange trajectory, but I twisted my body and jumped up, dodging his attacks.

“I won’t let up!” 

Thankfully, his sword skills were crude, his hopes were shattered as he cut through the air.

I heard a pleasant ding in my head.

Looks like it’s done.

I took out the fresh sword from the ‘Eternal Workshop’ and began analyzing it.

〇 Way-Too-Tough Sword: A sword specialized only in durability and strength. Basically, it cannot cut.

〇 Rank: B

What a literal name. Well, it’s fine, I’d just beat him to death with this; so it was more than enough.

“It will be the same no matter how many swords you pull out!!” Shuten-doji mocked. He swung his sword down diagonally, which I easily blocked with my Way-Too-Tough Sword.


While he was dumbfounded, I swung sideways at his stomach. 

He groaned as my sword sunk into his stomach and blew him away. He slammed into the wall behind him and collapsed.

“Ah, shit. I should have considered how much power I put in.”

I put the sword on my shoulder and jumped towards where he had been blasted back.

“Urgh……” He vomited all over the ground while crawling around in pain.

So even demons can vomit. 

“Reflexes, muscles, endurance and skill. You’re lacking in everything. Sorry, but there’s quite a few people of your level here,” I said, smacking his chin upwards with my sword.

He flew upwards before gravity made him fall back down.

As he fell down, I casually swung at his face as if playing baseball.

My slash, which was severely lacking in cutting power, landed a clean hit on his chest.

With a boom, he was blasted back and crashed into the cliff, sending out clouds of dust.

“Damn youuu!!!” He screamed. His eyes turned bloodshot as he wrenched himself out of the cliff and shot towards me.

Once he got close enough, he swung at my neck, but I blocked his sword with my Way-Too-Tough Sword and palmed his face with my other hand.

His nose caved in and he bounced backwards several times before coming to a stop.

“You’re ill-prepared, in more ways than one. You don’t think when you act, and you’re not strong enough to kill me.”

“Kill……Kill! Kill! I’ll kill you!!”

“That’s not something you should say before you can actually do it.”

I pointed my sword at him and he froze. Then, he flushed red with embarrassment. 

“I’m done playing now!”

Suddenly, he pointed at me. A chill ran down my spine and all color and sound suddenly disappeared as time seemingly grinded to a halt.

I could see the individual beads of sand dancing in the air. This wasn’t anything as grand as the enemy’s attack or my ability; they were just my natural instincts. 

Ever since I had stepped foot into hell as a child, my visual acuity drastically shoots up during times of crises. 

“So this was his ability……”

A ray of light coming out of his left index finger slowly drifted towards my temple. The amount that my visual acuity increased was in proportion to the strength of my body like agility, so right now his movements are akin to a still mosquito’s.

With my senses in this slow-motion world, I have no doubt that the red beam coming towards me is dangerous. I’ve started to get a little interested in this ability, what with how confident he is on top of everything.

However, I wasn’t as foolish as to stoop low enough to analyze my own body.

I guess I’ll enlist his help.”

I stored his entire right arm, sword and all, into the ‘Eternal Workshop’ and combined it with the Way-Too-Tough Sword to create an entirely new one.

At the same time, I released his right arm in the path of that red beam.

The red beam illuminated his arm and gouged out a large piece that teleported over to his left hand.

I see, teleportation between two points. So that’s his trump card.

But adding that useless illumination makes it useless for battle.

What a waste, it could have been a powerful ability if he didn’t mess it up like that……

“Ahhhhhhh!!” He gripped his right arm. “Y-y-you. What did you do?”

“Ah, my ability?” I then stored his left arm and released it with his hand raised.

“Guhiiiiii!” he screamed. And while writhing in pain, he looked at me with an intense fear in his eyes.

“Do you finally understand?”

“Ugh……” he moaned as he tried to step back.

“Hey” I had stored the space between us so now we were face to face.

“Eeeek!” he shrieked, falling on his butt when I heard a ding. Looks like my specially-made weapon is done. 

I took out a sword shaped like a katana from the workspace. It had a transparent blade seeped in red with geometric patterns constantly wriggling about.

 〇 Demonic Sword Muramasa: A demonic sword with its own will. It will use the wielder’s HP and MP to produce a special effect. Grows stronger by sucking up the souls of enemies.

〇 Rank: S

So, it grows stronger. His sword must have already been quite a famous one. 

“Sorry, but I can’t leave a man-eating demon like you alive.”

I raised Muramasa in the air, and a torrent of red light began rushing through the blade.

“Uwaaaaaahh!!” He turned his back towards me and ran with everything he had, but I simply swung down.

Then, with a thunderous crackle, it blew everything above ground and drove itself deep into the clay-colored ground.

The light erased the building, which was now in tatters, Shuten-doji and all.

“Geez, it’s finally over.”

Time was almost up. As my consciousness was fading away, a smiling black-haired girl appeared before me. 

“Thank you.” She bowed towards me before disappearing into smoke.

“Have a safe trip.”

And with those final parting words, I once again fell unconscious. 



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